What if Eren was the one who started the rumor about them being “too close”? (To be continued?)

Thank you all so much for 1k+! I appreciate every single one of you so much! THANK YOU! Thank you for sticking with me and being so very kind to me! You all are amazing and I’m so lucky to have every single one of you. I love you all 💕❤️💖

happy birthday to my dear friend, ashley! ( @eremikadefensesquad )

i drew mikasa (as i pictured her from your description at least) from her fan fiction “Broken Down World” which you should def check out, it made me cry wuhu

but happy birthday ashley. i love you very much! i hope you are having a great day so far, because you definitely deserve that. you mean so much to many people and you are also doing this fandom a great favor. thank you!

so sorry about last year IM STILL WORKING ON IT LMAO


(A VERY LATE) Klance Week Day Six // Hero/Villain

@forsaken-spirits‘ AU where basically Keith has been raised by the Galra Empire/doesn’t know he’s human and Lance, along with Hunk, are taken prisoner (there’s more about it here)

the conversation is VERY abridged, I just wanted to get the idea down first!


Thank you 민윤기 for ‘화양연화’, for letting me realize that I’m already happy with what I have.

Thank you 슈가 for ‘Nevermind’, for teaching me to step harder even when things get difficult.

Thank you Agust D for ‘So Far Away’, for reminding me that there will be an end to all our hardships.