my half of the toonblr oc blind date thing for @toontownmeat !! we both actually ended up picking farm animals which was a rlly funny coincidence,, we’re CONNECTED bruh

anyways this is Juniper the donkey!! originally a con artist and petty thief, she now uses her sleight of hand skills as a magician and performance artist! she’s a drop gag specialist and can make things like grand pianos fall right out of her hat,, all her other gags suck tho aside from her toonup

some facts about her: 

  • her hair is naturally black, she dyes it to look cooler in her performances
  • she teaches conway different coin tricks; she’s basically conway’s idol?
  • loves salty foods and will pour unhealthy amounts of salt on everything
  • juniper is very observant, analytical, and one of the best at multitasking
  • is really good at disguising and faking her emotions; you’ll probably never see her angry or upset unless she wants you to
  • mild mannered but has a really wild and intense stage persona

Dark Pit, now in Grape Flavor. Or the alternative title: I Drowned My Main in Grapico.

Messing around with palettes, ended up finding that palette meme list. I believe this one is “What I Gain I Lose” …. I need to find that again for reblogging and linking purposes.

[Edit: Found it again: ]

Hey, Charlie, can I give you a makeover?


Just… transform you. Make you look a bit cooler. I just want to see! You can take it off after I’m done.

Well, okay… Why not.

She ditched his glasses for the ones she only wore when she didn’t have contacts in and lined his squinty, legally blind eyes with black liner.

Do you think these would fit you? 

She threw some leather pants at him and they magically did. She used a bit of product to slick up his normally trim and proper hairstyle, and put a jacket she never wore on him.