aka Eris is doing this early bc she doesn’t actually think she’ll get to 400 again anytime soon

           Hiyah! So, I’ve been rping Mallymkun for nearly 2 years, & I’ve had 3 blog
           hops. Last blog I had 700, && it’s really nice to know that about 300 of y’all
           stuck with me, while a new 100 (or, at least, new accounts) have come along!
           Now, I’ll get to the part everyone wants. I’m not gonna do descriptions this
           time since I know they get repetitive, but I really do love each & every one
           of y’all && I hope y’all have great & fabulous times! Done in alphabetical
           order based on my iphones thingy! Also, only one account a person if I
           remember who’s who properly bc laZY

           But super special placement for Chloe bc I wouldn’t be here if not for her!

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           Now with that done, for those who do want more, I just want to point out that no
           matter who you are; whether you’re on this or not, you’re important! You’re
           amazing! The world would not be right if you weren’t part of it! You’re all
           absolutely amazing, no matter how many followers you have or how great your
           skills are with edits or anything, you’re putting yourselves out there! You’re
           writing, you’re doing this big, brilliant, amazing thing, & that makes you
           amazing! Most people are terrified of putting themselves out there, & by writing
           as your characters out in the open like you are, you’re already putting yourself
           out there! You’re amazing, & smart, & wonderful, & I hope you all know that!
           Have a great day, night, or anything you’re doing, & I adore you all! 


Heey so I’m finally posting my 6 selfie thing (it didn’t save in my drafts so then I got lazy to remake it) I was tagged by shineonyoucrazytimelord<33 

 And I don’t know who to tag because I doubt my friends would do it and I dunno who has already done it…umm okay from my mutuals, in alphabetical order, I choooose andthelions armenianishkhanoohi astrikh cescfabregas fashiona101 mongtoropo moon-shaker satkaz vart-lucin

So close to being done with my baby nephew’s alphabet! I’m making a set for him, the first being his birth announcement, now his alphabet, and starting next Friday a calendar. All of them Mario themed. I just need to add the S and T and finish the border, I’ve even signed it for him :) I’m so excited to be finishing this piece and starting a new one Friday. garrettoates redsarah122

lemonsharks asked:

Writer meme #12, 15, and 20 please :)

12. A fix you wish you had written better, and why?

I’m going to assume that’s meant to say “fic.”

I think there are aspects of the end of Variations on a theme that I never quite worked out–it doesn’t seem to have bothered many readers (at least, not that they’ve told me), but I wish I’d been able to sort it out better in my head.

Sometimes I wish I’d done Val Shepard’s alphabet fic in a more chronological fashion. 

Cycles of Vengeance feels a bit rushed to me, and I wish I’d had / taken more time to explore character development and consequences. 

I’ve answered #15 and #20 already! (todisturbtheuniverse, I’ve answered #10 and 20, also, but feel free to ask for something else if you’d like!)