I really hope since my last name is up near the front of the alphabet I’ll get my background check and drug test stuff done fast so I can give my notice. I would hate to not give 2 weeks here and potentially burn a bridge.

But, I’m not giving a notice until I know I have the new position in the bag.

I mean, I really won’t *believe* I got this new job until I’m sitting in the seat at training, and even then… I might not believe it until my 90 days are over and I survived training.

In second grade we were learning phonics or whatever so we were sitting on the rug and the teacher was having us come up with words that end in -ay. Now, me being like 8 I was just going through the alphabet in my head like “h, no we’ve already done that what about a? That’s not a word how about l?” And so on until eventually I got to the letter g. “We haven’t used g yet…” *raises hand* the teacher called on me and (remember, I was an eight year old I had no idea what it meant at the time I just thought it meant happy) I said “gay?” And that ended in the teacher giving us a 5 minute lecture the takeaway being that gay was a word, and while sometimes it was okay to use because it means happy, we had to be careful with it because it meant something else too and it might offend someone. She didn’t tell us what the other meaning was, only that we shouldn’t use the word gay and that’s the story of how little 8 year old me was told that being gay was (supposedly) a bad thing even though I had no idea what it meant at the time.