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I hit 500 followers a little while ago so it’s about time I do one of these c: the following is a list of wonderful blogs that I follow and that make my time on tumblr worthwhile. Mostly gaming and anime/manga blogs - a lot of them make really awesome graphics and stuff and they’re just overall a huge inspiration. Thank you all so much for being here and keep doing what you do!

Go follow all these people, alright? I love y’all ♡

A - L

aetheling / alianov / ameliapondered / amy-box / biosshock / bookerdewittless / burialatsky / buymevideogames / cantha / dewittelizabeth / dewitts / drsofialamb / elaenorlamb / elizabethcomstalker / elizabethcomstock / firaja / goldenqueenhen / gristol / harukasmith / helianox / herondales / hydaelyn / joelscoffeeshop / join-the-vox-populi / kammina / kaniehtiio / loutece

M - R

neuraltoxins / nnagisa / ohdewitts / ohlaurdy / princessstabbity / renegons / robertlutece / rrhaella

S - Z

sittingturtleducks​ / ssv-normandy / tenebaum / theblackrosegarden / thefalseshepherd / thelastofsnake / the-lightning-strikes / tylerleehoechiin / vaniccio / verlacwoods / waywarddelsin

Phew! Finally got the banner done!!!
Told ya I’d get everyone - even a few people that probably follow or don’t follow me! Anyway, the purple highlighted/bold text are the people I know outside of the tumblr-verse - heck, everyone’s special in any -verse XD

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i had immunisations today…it was really painful…i cried…a lot
the entire time i was like, just think about Taylor. once it got to my turn (i was first because it was done alphabetically) i was so scared that I completely forgot to think about Taylor
let’s just say I was really scared…so much so that I lost all feeling in my hands

orocana-joka asked:

Ohh my gosh! That ABC drawing thing is amazingly well done! What made you think of something like that? (And, if possible, would it be alright if I also did it, as a way to take away my art slump?? =m=);;;?)

Thanks! Of course you can make your own, I am definitely not the first person to do something like this. I recommend drawing what you like and having the list planned out before to see if it’ll work (because this has happened to me a lot where I plan out half a list only to get stuck and realize the list doesn’t work).

I did an alphabet because I couldn’t commit to a project 365, lost interest in a project 100, and couldn’t figure out a themed 54 piece card deck. Basically a 24 piece alphabet series was the largest amount of commitment I could muster up and actually finish.