zacharielaughingalonewithsalad I am going to have to bow gracefully out of Chicago AU in favor of sitting in the corner, casting Guys and Dolls. Pauling!Sara? Scout!Sky? Zhana/Soldier as Adelaide/Nathan? I just get all squishy inside at the thought of Soldier insisting that they’ll get married when he’s put enough ears on that necklace. It’s been 14 years. Heavy as Harry the Horse. Medic for Big Jule. Engie and Demo as Benny Southstreet and Nicely Nicely Johnson. Pyro as Laverne. Eeeeeeee.

The unlucky are nothing more than a frame of reference for the lucky. You are unlucky, so I may know that I am not. Unfortunately the lucky never realize they are lucky until it’s too late. Take yourself for instance; yesterday you were better off than you are today but it took today for you to realize it. But today has arrived and it’s too late. You see? People are never happy with what they have. They want what they had, or what someone else has.
—  The Rabbi, Lucky Number Slevin

Now that I finally own RotG on bluray, I couldn’t resist watching it. Holy crap DreamWorks! Yep, these are four of my absolute favorite movies.

Tag Game: Star Wars Edition!

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Name: Fia

Time: far too late - I am the dreaded night blogger

Age: much too young to feel this damn old

Favorite book: None of them. :P I don’t do EU. I suppose this is as good a time as any to add that my policy on the new EU is exactly the same as my policy on the old EU.

Favorite film: Return of the Jedi. I have written reams of meta on this subject, and will probably write more, so. But basically, redemption narratives are my absolute favorite of all the narratives, everyone in this movie is on point, Luke and Leia have both grown and developed so much since ANH, and I find Han at his most likeable in this movie. Plus the final showdown between Luke, his father, and the Emperor, and the aftermath when Luke removes Anakin’s mask, is probably one of my top five scenes in any film.

Favorite episode/art from tcw: I haven’t watched TCW in ages, but my faves were all predictable: Cham Syndulla, rebel clones, snarky existentialist battle droids. Quite possibly my all time fave from TCW is Slick. There is always a soft spot in my heart for traitors.

Favorite Star Wars character: You can’t really expect me to choose here. But okay, if I can only pick one, it’s got to be Luke.

What fictional universe would you live in: I don’t understand? I thought this was only a Star Wars meme?

Okay, I’m gonna say this means what planet, and in that case: Naboo, probably. (I love Tatooine something fierce but I also know myself, and there’s no way I would survive living there.)

Jedi or Sith: Neither. :) But if absolutely forced to choose, I’ll stipulate Luke’s Jedi, and only Luke’s Jedi.

Clone trooper or bounty hunter: Clones because I enjoy thinking about horrible dystopias.

Jango or Boba: Tbh I really don’t care that much.

Any headcanons: Ha. Ha ha ha. H a h a h a. Have you seen my blog?

Okay, here are a few that won’t get super long:

  • Jar Jar is a teenager in TPM. Anakin and Padme aren’t the only ones who grow up between TPM and AOTC.
  • Luke and Leia are both names from the Tatooine slave language. Luke means “free.” Leia means “the mighty one,” an epithet of the slaves’ “elder sister,” that is, Krayt Dragon. Padme named her children for her hopes - for them, for the galaxy, and also for their father.
  • Han was raised by Chewie. When he’s grown up, people tend to assume that Chewie is his sidekick, and usually it suits them to let people think that. But Chewie is closer to his father than anything.
  • Anakin made some modifications to his own mechanical limbs during that twenty-odd years on life support. But he never actually received any significant medical treatment after being sealed in his iron lung. He’s still walking around with (heavily modified) Clone Wars era tech.
  • Palpatine was tested for his midichlorian count just like every other child born under the Republic. His results came back just under the cut off point that would have sent him to the Jedi. He has always been incredibly amused by this. The kid who apparently wasn’t strong enough in the Force to be a Jedi became the greatest Sith Master of all time. (Because hey, he’s many things, but humble isn’t one of them.)
  • Mon Mothma is the leader of the Rebellion’s spy network. That’s why her part of the briefing in ROTJ is specifically about the intelligence the Rebellion has gathered. I don’t think there is one single leader of the Rebellion - they have a leadership council, and she’s one of several members. (I also think that “Bothan spies” is the name of a spy ring, and not necessarily a species.)

Millenium falcon or Jedi starfighter: The Falcon I suppose, but tbh kid me always thought the Executor was by far the coolest ship.

Lightsaber or blaster: A lightsaber that I can throw away Luke Skywalker style. Probably a blaster, because they have a stun setting, so I could actually defuse a situation without permanently maiming anyone.

I don’t tag people really: do it if you want.

Fave things

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I should be studying but…ehhhhhh. I just won’t sleep again.

Colour - Green. I like earthy, warm, medium-value tones. LIKE TIP


Food - I really like veggie meats. I love meatballs made of out cornflakes and soy-based scallops. yum.  

Smell - SAGE AND LEMONGRASS atm. I fell in love with my green febreze. 

Movie - HTTYD and Tangled are my absolute favorite. 

Genre of music - Anything but country, rap, metal, really. I like calm and melodic music, most without lyrics. I can do some country but very very very very very little.

Texture - Soft things.

Time of Day - Night. My sleep schedule is all messed up.

Day of the week - Friday and Saturday.

Celebrity: I don’t keep track of any celebrities. Taylor Swift comes close. 

Drink - peach and unsweet tea~<3

Precious Stone - Rainbow Moonstone. So beautiful!

Animal - dragon

Flower - stephanotis.

Font - Dawning of a New Day

Video game - Twilight princess? I don’t play videogames.

Sound - lullabies. 

Fruit - blueberries.

Vegetable - baby carrots

Shop - Disney Store, Amazon, Dick Blick, Jet Pens…I do most of my shopping online.

Fashion/style - Pretty, flowery, pastel colors and 50s style dresses. Short and puffy!

Pattern - depends on the colors. Cute things.

Workout - Swimming.

Boy’s name - Samuel 

Girl’s name - Esther

Potato chip flavor: lemon

Meal: Snack fruit.

Ice cream flavour - Not really into ice cream. Frozen yogurt, yes. Lychee flavor.

Soda - Tamarindo Jarritos :D

Popcorn - Only without butter.

Season - Fall.

Month - October.

Word - Sniveling.

Disney Princess - RAPUNZEL.

Insult - I’m sorry, I’m sorry!

Eye colour - Dark brown. 

Dessert - flan

Candy - tamarindo spicy candy

Restaurant - Sweet Tomatoes

Language -  Esperanto

Thing about myself - I act stronger than I am.

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Kristy Does College: Ghibli Feels

Spirited Away is, by far, my absolute favorite movie. It has been, since I first saw the film as a 2nd grader in Japan. I truly felt as if my childhood was slipping away when I turned 17, older than Haku.

I love this movie with my entire heart, so when I have friends watch it for the first time, I want them to truly enjoy the experience. Same goes with anything else I’m passionate about. Maybe they don’t necessarily have to dub it as their favorite movie/music/activity/etc, but the intimate activity of me sharing something I value very deeply with someone else- I hope- is an experience they will enjoy. 

Which is precisely why I feel upset when people make fun of Spirited Away. It’s bizarre- I’ll give it that- and it can make you uncomfortable with the appearances of some characters (Do you know how many girl jokes I hear about Haku? So what if he wants to wear his hair long? Making fun of that is only feeding into the traditional ‘masculine’ stereotypes about appearances.), but I don’t think anyone should necessarily hate the movie. Or call it stupid/dumb/boring, etc. 

I think it’s just me being sincere to my friends. If you’re really passionate about Marvel, for example, I’ll sit through a movie with you and not say anything bad about it. I don’t particularily care for Marvel, but I’ll do it because I like seeing my friends happy. I don’t understand why this is such a hard concept to grasp.

This movie will always and forever remain my absolute favorite.

If I ever learn how to sew and cosplay, I will be Belle. This is not even up for debate.

Back to the Future Part II (1989)

As a kid, one of my absolute favorite movies was the original Back to the Future.  (see my post about the first movie here, it’s like going Back to the Future!  Oh, nevermind)

At the end of the first movie, the ending credits displayed a mysterious “To Be Continued” message, which always drove my 7 year-old mind crazy because I wanted to see what happened next!  It would be four LONG years (I was a kid after-all) until Part II was released and it seemed to pop up out of nowhere.  In the pre-Internet age, you basically found out about an upcoming movie when the trailer happened to be shown on one of the 3-4 major TV networks or possibly a newspaper ad.  I know, crazy right?

Nothing will ever top the original movie, but Part II is very good and I still enjoy watching it.  And how fun is it to watch the movie today and try to compare how the predictions of the movie came true and which were way off?  Ha, I just realized they went to 2015 in the movie, perfect timing for this post!

Here’s a fun article if you want to see what predictions the movie got correct and which it did not - NY Daily News