zacharielaughingalonewithsalad I am going to have to bow gracefully out of Chicago AU in favor of sitting in the corner, casting Guys and Dolls. Pauling!Sara? Scout!Sky? Zhana/Soldier as Adelaide/Nathan? I just get all squishy inside at the thought of Soldier insisting that they’ll get married when he’s put enough ears on that necklace. It’s been 14 years. Heavy as Harry the Horse. Medic for Big Jule. Engie and Demo as Benny Southstreet and Nicely Nicely Johnson. Pyro as Laverne. Eeeeeeee.

The unlucky are nothing more than a frame of reference for the lucky. You are unlucky, so I may know that I am not. Unfortunately the lucky never realize they are lucky until it’s too late. Take yourself for instance; yesterday you were better off than you are today but it took today for you to realize it. But today has arrived and it’s too late. You see? People are never happy with what they have. They want what they had, or what someone else has.
—  The Rabbi, Lucky Number Slevin

I started this sketch months ago and set it aside for a while, but now it’s finally finished! 

I’ve always had a soft spot for The Little Mermaid. It was my absolute favorite Disney movie for a little while when I was a kid (before The Lion King existed). 

I did a pageant once as a kid and there was a part where the hostess asked all the kids what they wanted to be when they grew up and then told the audience as she introduced us. All the other girls said sensible things like “doctor” or “teacher” or “astronaut.” I told the woman that I wanted to be a mermaid. She then, much to my dismay, announced to the audience that I wanted to be “a swimmer like the little mermaid.” I guess mermaid was not an acceptable career choice.

To me, there are few things more beautiful then goyim who have no born connection with Judaism converting to Judaism. Because you are literally able to look from the outside at the turmoil and death and suffering caused to us over thousands of years and you say, ‘yes, I want to be a part of that’. And while it is true that every person’s reasoning for converting is different and their own, that’s how it looks to me. In one of my absolute favorite movies - Exodus - there is a scene where the non-Jewish woman has to choose if she should stay on the boat or leave. She has the option to do either and yet she decides to stay. To me, that’s what conversion is. Thank you for deciding to make this community your home and I want to let Jewish people everywhere - converts and non-converts alike - know that I am here for you and we should be here for each other always.

So, because Twitter’s 140 characters aren’t enough, here’s a lengthier post on my thoughts on Heathers The Musical.

1. thatsthat24 was AMAZING as JD. I did not think anyone could come close to Christian Slater’s excellent portrayal, but Thomas did it. He brought all the charm and danger of JD to life.

2. I didn’t catch who Veronica’s actress was (they announced a few cast changes before curtains, so I believe it was the understudy, Caroline Drage?) She was absolutely adorable! I loved her delivery of my favorite line in the movie (”Lick it up, baby. Lick. It. Up.”)

3. Okay, so, the entire cast was great.

4. I also really liked the use of lighting in the set (like when it was used to create the windows for the church in the funeral scene, and the goal post for the football field.)

5. Major, major props to Ally Gursky.

Amazing show, amazing performances… it was great. I really hope to see a lot more of these people in Orlando productions.  :)

(PS: the ushers lied! They said no one would come out for meet-and-greets afterwards, so I left and missed my chance to talk to Thomas. A little bummed about that, but it’s okay. Maybe one day I’ll have the honor of hearing “Story time” when I’m out somewhere!)


And Snape– I really think I’ve over him. He’s really horrible– it’s only taken about 10 years and 7 or read throughs, but his love for Lily is not an excuse. I’ll probably still sob when Harry sees his memories, though. I can’t help being sad at his past– though his present I can’t stand.

Ginny, oh how I love Ginny, is growing up. She is my absolute favorite. The movies, though… I also appreciate Neville a lot more in this go round– does his magic really improve because he no longer uses his dad’s wand?

Fawkes has really grown on me this go round as well– he’s definitely my favorite magical creature. I’d like to have a phoenix.

Thank you for the tag lovelies bornforcinema and forestpengiun

Before I do this I just wanted to say it was extremely tough for me to do this because I am a huge movie buff and I have ALOT of favorite movies (way more than just 9), but I tried my best to have a variety of movies with different genres, time periods and actors. 

Thullatha Manumum Thullum: Now this one is my ABSOLUTE favorite films. It was a movie that I saw during my childhood and I continue to watch it to this day. I’m not sure if it was Simran’s and Vijay’s amazing chemistry or the directors brilliant script but it manages make me tear up every single time. It’s a heartwarming movie about love, sacrifices and mistakes. If you haven’t seen it your missing out. 

Muthu: Another sad film featured around a servant and his never ending gratefulness to his boss. My favorite thing about this film is the twist! I really never saw it coming. Other than that Rajini’s screen prescence, dialogues and chemistry with Meena make you fall in love with not only this movie but his character Muthu. PS. Some amazing acting by Rajini as well in the scene where he gets kicked out by his boss. 

Varalaru: This is probably one of my favorite Ajith films. Ajith proves his versatility as an actor in the second half where he takes on the role of a male Bharathnatiyam dancer as well as double acting as his own father. It’s also got an amazing flashback! You can never go wrong with a KS Ravikumar film so it’s a must watch! 

Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya: Well another sad love story. I still remember driving home from the theater depressed after seeing this movie! The best thing about this movie is Gautham Menon’s characterization with Jessie and Karthik, along with AR Rahman’s soulful music, this is a film that makes your heart melt! 

Natpukaga: I’m a huge Sarathkumar fan which is why it was so hard for me to choose just one of his movies. I loved Natpukaga because the second half is filled with surprises. It’s also a film that makes you realize the meaning of true friendship. I cry every single time I see this movie. 

Maryan: Maryan was a film that I regretted not seeing in theaters because I found the cinematography to be AMAZING. Dhanush and Parvathy also had phenomenal chemistry that makes you wait for them to get back together in the end. Also AR Rahman’s BGM’s and music was top notch. 

Thandavam: Although Vikram’s character in Thandavam wasn’t as special as his character’s in his other movies, something about this movie stood out to me. Perhaps it was Vikram’s and Anushka’s chemistry, or Santhanam’s comedy or GV Prakash’s amazing BGM’s. Whatever it was this is a movie I love to watch over and over again. 

Friends: Friends is centered around two boys, Vijay and Surya, who’s friendship is destroyed after a secret gets out. As a child I found this movie extremely entertaining and funny! The first half has you laughing your head off while the second half has you tearing up. 

Papanasam: If I enjoyed Papanasam it was definately because of Jeethu Joseph’s brilliantly written script. It was a film that had me at the edge of my seat worrying about the characters and wondering what’s going to happen next. I enjoyed this film so much that I though about it for three days straight! 

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