Apparently since we’re in Paris, my brother feels the need to insist on eating baguettes and cheese for every meal. Like I need something with a little more substance. Give me some meat.

pinkfreud17 said: I love Musee Rodin! It’s my favorite museum in Paris. 

It was definitely one of my favorites, too. I loved that it was mostly outside!! Here, babe: a candid shot of me in the gardens that one of my classmates took of me. I’m helpless to the scent of roses, I always have to stop to smell them.


Hey taylorswift my post card from Paris is on its way!! (I had to choose this card because well… Cats, plus they look like mer and Olivia if you dunked Meredith in bleach). Paris has been a dream, I’m not ready to leave but Sunday I head off to bruje!! I can’t wait to see you in Cologne, both nights!! Plus hopefully I can meet up with some cool tumblr people before hand! staringatthesunsetbabe16 noitsswift13 wonderlandsswift bxautifullyinsane tayre13 julienandmatthieu


soulffles tagged me in the six selfie thing goin’ around, so i figured i should get around to uploading some. i’m sorry in advance, friends.

Who the fuck wants to be tagged in this? 

shamejob-prente psychadelicrose minnesota-jake honeykise the-witch-from-heaven sakura-petal91 s-h-i-i-n-a laurentarzan apinkhairedpyromaniac the-dragonslayer-natsu or if you see this go ahead and post some selfies - but make sure to tag me so i can see! ^w^

Only post something if you’re comfortable! But if you want to post something that’s not your face, go ahead and post six pictures of your bookshelf or your pokemon cards or your goddamn waifu. Let’s go.