5 ships from different fandoms…

I was tagged by @garglyswoof and am going to do OTP: Trash Romance edition:

  1. Brenna/Judd - Psy/Changeling series
  2. Ellie/Lothaire - Immortals After Dark
  3. Eve Dallas/Roarke - In Death Series
  4. Evie/Sebastian - Devil In Winter by Lisa Kleypas
  5. Jace/Ski - Call of Crows series

I’m not tagging anyone, but if you’re a fan of trash romance, I recommend all the above books.


|| Shingeki no OTP 進撃のOTP ||

~Sashaconnie (Sasha x Connie)
~Aruani (Armin x Annie)
~Eremika (Mikasa x Eren)
~Rivetra (Levi x Petra, btw I ship him with Hanji too)
~Yumikuri (Christa/Historia x Ymir)

((Credit to dreamxxdream, I’m in love with this style, keep going xx))