1) He was nice and sweet like I had imagined. (I walked up really fast and gently put my arm around him bc I didn’t know how hurt he was and said “I hope you get better soon.” And he said “Thank you,” and then we had to do the re-do, and then that was it. My hubby was totally a secret service-man in both poses idk why. Also, my hubby thought Misha wasn’t really interacting with him but I told him that he probably felt less scared around women and he didn’t mean anything by it, and he felt less bad about it.)

2) My hubby totally looks like he could have been Misha’s bodyguard. He was in the Army, too, so that helps. (Also, he didn’t want me to post the pic of him without his glasses but I think he looks handsome.)

3) Misha used a Castiel bobble-head to cover up his lip so we would have a nice picture…well, 2 since Michael forgot to take off his hat and glasses in the first one so we got a re-do. I wasn’t complaining.

4) Misha is hella thin…like what even.

5) Misha is handsome af.

6) I didn’t even freak out. I was just too pissed off at whoever hurt our boy.

7) Feel free to crop or edit if you’d like, just credit me. :)

#getwellsoonmisha #weloveyoumisha

your fave is problematic: MATT RYAN
  • is a cinnamon roll
  • has awesome hair

  • he can sing

  • is a huge nerd

  • loves motorcycles

  • lives in leather jacket

  • looks homeless 99% of time

  • cute af

  • only John Constantine I accept

feel free to add more