Congratulations @danisnotonfire and @amazingphil
for DanAndPhilGames hitting 2 MILLION !! 

Thank you for always giving us top bants and entertainment.
Thank you for always making us happy :)

who knew that dil howlter, the son/sim of @amazingphil and @danisnotonfire, would actually live through all those electric shocks and men in bear costumes to marry tabitha. (honestly i cant wait for when dnp become grandparents oh it will be precious and a disaster)

Please dont be a salty llama and repost thanks!

2015 in review
  • Dan:grew closer to the phanbase, was more open about his friendship with phil, said he'd never been happier, seemed to be genuinely happy in pinof7 and gaming videos, grew more snarky but that only shows how comfortable he's become, helped write a book and the commercial for it, decidedly excited and enjoyed tatinof
  • Phil:loads more puns, love eyes lester came out much more, danced & laughed 10x more, was so happy when dan agreed to the trust fall, interacted with his fans more, became a lot more confident being well-known, stayed kid-friendly and his same self despite his growing popularity, helped write a book and watched dil grow up