When I talk to you, I feel like a whole different person. I can be myself. I’m more confident. Talking to you makes my day a million times better. Getting to know you is great. Knowing that you like to talk to me too is the best feeling.
—  talking // excerpt from a book I’ll never write #22
Controlling (Reid X Reader)

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Title: Controlling

Request: uuuhHHHHHH REID X READER WHERE THE READER IS A TOTAL BADDIE?!?!!!!!!!!!!!! Literally do anything else I just gotta read about Reid w a baddie 😤😤😩

Pairing: Reid x Reader

Triggers/Warnings:  Smut

Words: 617

A/N: Lmaoooo I love this, sure thing babe! I hope I did this alright and I hope you like it! Keep em’ coming! Xoxo

A/N 2: If there is any piece I did that you want a sequel to, let me know and I’ll try my best! Xoxo

A/N 3 : This isn’t great in my opinion, please don’t shit on me for it lmao


The flashing neon lights burned your eyes and the thumping music was making your ears ring, but it didn’t really matter to you. You twisted your hips and rolled your body around the dance floor, making even some of the most attractive guys at the club look at you and wink. Your best friend was in the middle of dancing…well more so grinding on some guy. It was quite entertaining to watch her lure him into a sexual trap.

A couple seconds later, she pushed him away and gripped your arm. “Hey Y/N,” she screamed over the loud ass music and into your ear, “Let’s get a drink.”

You laughed as she pulled you away from the noisy room and into the tamer bar room. The place had a bar and stools lined up against the wall and then booths opposite, where only one group of adults sat. There was about seven of them chatting, but you didn’t pay much attention to them and ordered up a cocktail with your friend.

(Reid POV)

Spencer had completely zoned out from anything his teammates were saying. Their laughing and chattering had left his attention. A girl with a golden dress and the most beautiful eyes he had ever seen had just walked in and was now sitting a few feet away. He watched as she laughed with the girl she was with. Her body was fantastic, her curves were literal perfection and just the sight of you was making him hard.

He felt a nudge in his side and turned to see Derek smirking at him. “Come on pretty boy, take a chance.”


Your conversation was put on hold when you felt a tap on your arm and turned to see the cause. A younger man with the most beautiful brown eyes was staring at you. He was so pure and innocent looking that it just made you want to pounce.

“Hey there,” he awkwardly spoke. “I’m Spencer.”

He had the cutest smile you had ever seen. Your friend had slipped off back into the dance room, leaving you with the extremely handsome stranger. Being the wild partier you were, you grinned back and tightly gripped his sweaty hand. You stood up from the bar stool and dragged him out the EXIT door into the back alley, ignoring the curious stares and smirks from his friends.

“Um…Miss…I,” he tried to speak, but you instantly cut him off with a kiss. His lips were softer than ever and your slightly drunken self was already worshipping him. He surprisingly didn’t hesitate to kiss you back, slipping his tongue deep into your mouth and cupped your ass in his hands.

He lifted your left leg, cradling your entire body as you two continue to making out in the midnight summer breeze. Your pussy was throbbing for him and you wanted him inside you so bad at that moment, but you had to play it cool.

Pulling away, you kissed the tip of his nose and brushed your hand against his crotch, making him grunt in sexual frustration.

“See ya round handsome,” you whispered in his ear as you turned on your heel and headed back inside.

highlights from my lunch

some boy i know, placing his lunchbox on his head: meditation!

*the wind kicks up and knocks everything off the table and the lunchbox almost hits me in the face*

everyone outside: *actually dying*


someone: drown your demons!

me: i can’t drown my demons

me: they have floaties


me: just, the more angsty the song becomes, the more hellish it gets

crush: yea

me: how could this hAPPEN TO MEEEE


me: *so much laughing*



Gone Too Long (Prentiss X Reader)

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Title: Gone Too Long

Request:  How about an Emily x reader where they get into a huge fight and Emily leaves and acts really mean to the reader like making as many sly comments as she can and then the reader gets taken by the unsub for a few days and Emily is so so guilty and like crying all the time and tries everything to make it up to the reader once she’s safe? Sorry it’s so long haha I love your blog

Pairing: Prentiss X Reader

Triggers/Warnings:  Cussing

Words: 813

A/N: Hi this is really shitty, but I worked on it for like 2 days. Thank you for the kind words lovely! Keep em’ coming! Xoxo

A/N 2: Next piece coming out will be a Reid X Reader Xoxo


You were absolutely exhausted. You’d been on your feet all day, running around the office, typing shit up; a pretty boring day. You were ready to drop dead in bed. Dragging yourself to your room, you fell into your bed and almost instantly fell asleep. However, your little slumber didn’t last too long. A knocking at the front door caused you to jump to your feet and groan in annoyance.

You stomped towards the door and yanked it open only to see your girlfriend Emily standing there, with a bright smile on her face. “Hey Y/N,” she spoke cheerfully holding up a bag, “I brought you some Chinese food.”

You forced a fake smile, “Sorry Em, I’m just too tired right now.” Emily rolled her eyes, “Y/N come on, you’re always tired.”

That irked you a little as she knew how hard you worked every day. “Yeah because I have a hard ass job,” you snapped, crossing your arms in defense. She cocked an eyebrow in surprise and scoffed, “I have the same fucking job as you Y/N. You’re not the only one.”

You opened your mouth to reply but she held up a hand, “Forget it, I get it. You’re tired.” She said; acting so bitchy. You didn’t want to deal with this shit right now, but she turned around and starting fast-walking to her car.

“Bitch,” you grumbled to yourself. Emily turned around and stuck her middle finger in the air, obviously hearing you. You gulped back tears and slammed the door shut, not wanting to do anything else right now, but sleep.


The next day at the office can only be described as awful. Emily was so snippy, shooting daggers at you anytime you looked her way.

At one point you accidentally bumped into Reid and she of course made a snarky remark saying, “Oh Reid, always tripping over trash.” Reid shot her a confused look and yet kept on walking. You rolled your eyes and stomped back to your desk.


This was one of the most boring meetings ever. Hotch was delivering a case about some serial-robber. It just didn’t seem as exciting. At you least you thought so, for now.


You woke up to a dark, small room. The tight area had made you sweat and your hair was stringy and damp. Your wrists and ankles were banded together with a sharp, silver wire, disturbing the blood flow. All you could taste was the metal flavor of blood. An ear-piercing scream escaped your lips, praying in your mind that someone could hear you.

You weren’t sure how long you had even been in this wretched closet for, but it had been long enough. Staring into complete darkness gave you some time to think about things. About Emily. She had been so catty and so bitchy, yet you knew she missed you. In her eyes, you saw anger and hurt, but love.

Screaming and frantic yelling in the distance distracted you from your thinking.


You sighed in relief and laughed out of joy. Thank god. The door was kicked open and Derek Morgan’s flashlight burned into your eyes, making you yelp.

“IN HERE,” he screamed. “Hey, we got you baby girl.”


The cold wispy air left chills on your neck as you stood outside with the rest of the team. They were practically babying you, making sure you were alright and had everything you needed.

You weren’t even sure what happened. The case was in Arizona in a small town called Flagstaff where a man was kidnapping women and holding them hostage for ransom. You had been walking around in the woods behind the most recent kidnappe’s home and everything had gone black.

As you tried to remember the rest of the details, you felt an arm snake around your waist.

“Hey, Y/N,” Emily’s gentle voice in your ears made you feel at ease. “I’m really sorry…for everything.” She began sobbing into the crook of your neck. You held her tightly against your chest, combing your fingers through her hair, listening to her cry on and on about how much she loved you.