Okay I literally just need a cute boy with big hands to grab my waist then I’ll be happy

Sleep Now Kiss Later

“Come closer, you’re too far”, he mumbles sleepily. His eyes were still closed when he said that to you while reaching for you and taking a small piece of the hem of your shirt, tugging on it softly. You were currently facing away from him no more than a few inches from his body. Your eyes slightly open as you feel his fingers dance on your back. You turn over and scoot closer to him. You feel a little more awake from your nap and open your eyes fully with his face in front of yours. He’s still very sleepy as he scrunches his face and sniffles every once and a while. You can’t help but kiss his cute little nose as it scrunches up. He opens his eyes a little more to look at you while you rest your head against the same pillow he’s using. He groans a little out of tiredness, “mhm why did you kiss my nose?” This time you kiss his lips while mumbling, “because it’s too cute not to kiss”. He kissed your lips with a little more force and pulled you closer. “Mhm well I wouldn’t have enough time to kiss all the cuteness on your face,” he said into your lips while keeping his eyes closed. You couldn’t help but crack a smile causing him to as well. You break away from the kiss to yawn into the pillow and look back up at him. Your action reacted to him and he yawned too. He wanted to kiss you again but you placed your head into his chest, “kiss later, sleep now”. He kept his lips on your forehead, falling back into warm sleep.