Gryphons and Dragons are Gravity Falls canon, and already they fit like a glove around the monsterfalls au. Gonna kick the fun off early with our favorite sphinx getting into a cat fight.

Olicity Coffee Shop AU

She comes into his coffee shop every day, buys a skinny vanilla latte, and sits by the window. Oliver Queen is too nervous to talk to her. After all, he just owns this quirky little coffee shop, and she’s, well, she’s a gorgeous writer. He can’t help but smile every time she walks in.

Felicity Smoak, on the other hand, never intended to come back to this coffee shop in the middle of the city. It was a place to go when her internet was down. But as it turns out, there’s a really really hot barista who may or may not own the place. And as she keeps working on her novel, she realizes that her lead man looks and sounds a lot like the barista…a completely unintentional mistake. 

He knows her order. She knows his smile. And sparks might fly if these two ever get the courage to talk to each other. 

What about, Sherlock jumping off the roof of st. Barts and John being left alone to grieve.

But instead of Sherlock running around the world to destroy Moriarty’s network, he gets caught early on and tortured and brainwashed and conditioned to kill John the moment he sets foot back in London. 

Imagine John being so relieved and happy that Sherlock is back, only to be greeted with a gun pointed at his face by the man he loved and mourned for years.