top two: entire bookcase+closeup on the otoge section (aka doujins galore) minus my shelf with all my cds/dvds/BDs (those are on the second to bottom shelf and you can also see my pile of Revolutions cds that I can’t fit there OTL)

middle: about 75% of my figure collection plus 50% of my notorious husband shrine (cries you can see a little sliver of the phone case I can’t use anymore)

bottom: other 30% of my husband shrine+Haruka bc he wouldn’t fit on the shelf and my Kurobas figures are already taking up my dresser (and I wanted to keep Masato with the rest of Starish)

(other 20% of the husband shrine is in the form of all my pillows/plushies/clothing/and the necklace which is in that utapri jewelry box that came out a few years ago)