Hey dad,it’s been a while since we saw each other huh?I don’t have a pen rn so I’ll just leave this here.I hope you don’t mind.So where have you been?Is it cool there?Mum’s quite lonely you know and grandma’s going crazy,she really does want to visit you or maybe stay with you for,like,ever,I don’t really know…I’m doing okay I guess,exams are finally over and I can proudly say that I did study.I also succeeded in making my first animated character,3d animation rocks dad,it really does,I have to show you one day.Uhm,remember the cactus that was about to die or drown or whatever?well it didn’t,in fact it now has pretty flowers on it,never expected that huh?anyways yeah,I kinda feel the need to apologise for not visiting you lately,I just don’t feel strong enough,I promise you I will though.I also want to say sorry for everything I’ve done (or haven’t when I should’ve),sorry for always being a pain in the ass.Remember how you used to call me every night just to hear my voice and make sure I was ok?yeah,you’d say goodnight,I love you,and I’d be like ‘nightttt’.Like,why the fuck was it so hard for me to express my feelings?I really fucking loved you dad,I still do and I always will.You’ve done so much for me and I cannot thank you enough.Thanks for working your ass off so I could learn how to speak 18374747 languages and play musical instruments and buy tons of clothes and shit I didn’t need.Thanks for buying me dolls and my camera and thanks for taking me to the coolest places so I could take pictures.Thanks for showing me how big the world is and how super duper cool it can be.Thank you for believing in me and for helping me get closer to my dream.I’m trying so hard lately,I want you to know that okay?I’m really tired and sad but I’m still going.I’ll never ever stop.And that’s a promise.Pad and I have been together for 16 months now hah,dad I wanna marry him,I really really do.Will you be there that day?We both want you there…oh I also got a job where I have to talk to people and yeah,it’s hard af tbh but I’ll be ok,never thought I’d do that.Anyway,I’ll just go to sleep,yeah I do sleep lately,even though some days I just cannot miss the beauty of the sky hahah.Yah,so uhm,goodnight daddy,I love you so much and I miss you like hell….say hey to grandpa.

Ps:what happens when you die dad?can you see me?I sometimes feel your presence,are you really here?I guess I’ll see you again one day huh?till then,take good care of your angel self…



My first ever animation!!!!!

I had to do a demo reel as part of my Character Animation final this past spring. I meant to put it up here sooner, but laziness and forgetfulness kinda got in the way of that. =‘D

A lot of this stuff needs to be worked on some more, and some of it will eventually need to be replaced with newer work. Fortunately, I’ll have plenty of time between now and my Portfolio Review next spring to get that done.

lol i have an email from my professor and im just laughing at myself like

“Please Constrain the camera to the character so that we can see the looping walk cycle. Point Constrain only the z-tran of the cameras to the root hip control of the character rig.”

 i am so not cut out for this class i am an illustrator i dont know what im doing or what a lot of this means. why is maya literally the hardest thing for me to learn.


My final project in 3D animation. Wish it could have been longer but time and skill did not permit.

watch in 720HD mode for full quality.