Yo I finally finished this 3d model of my friend @sierrasketch‘s lil duck character Sprout! (i started it for her birthday last year OTL) So yeah this is my first attempt at 3d animation and lemme tell ya… its really difficult when you’re trying to learn off youtube tutorials….

All modeling and texture done in Blender, renders/gifs made in photoshop.

Blocking for my next shot in 3D animation class. He is a villain who’s about to beat someone in a children’s card game.

Do y’all like it when I post my animation schoolwork? It’s usually quick exercised or work-in-progress things like this. Let me know!

Rubber Hose animation inspired me to want to animate when I was in middle school. I feel like I’ve come a long way since then…  

Watch it on my Youtube Channel as well!

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I need advice on creating a portfolio for uni. I'm applying for a course in graphic design and I have no idea how to display my art. I create mostly phanart and I'm not sure if I should include this in my portfolio?? Is it a bit strange having loads of drawings of Dan and Phil in my work? I have other work that's not dnp related but there is a lot less of this work, and I'm unsure on how to display it all

when I submitted my portfolio, I did have a variety of work and not just D&P (maybe thats because I wasn’t really inside the phandom at that time)
but still it consists of a lot of fanart material.

Its definitely better to display your work that is related to what you want to study or what job that you would like to apply for.
I want to be an illustrator; concept artist/character designer but I am studying animation so I showed both my artistic and animation skill in which the university/job will decide which I am more suited for.

Here are some of my pages of my portfolio:-

So in conclusion, you should have both professional work related to what you want to do and some work that you’ve done in your free time.
A portfolio is just a space to display what you can and like to do.
It also really depends on which university/job you apply for and you need to do research and fit the criteria that they are looking for!


Soni-chan is alive!

3D modelling and simple UV texturing is entertaining (I need to get good at painting to make something like the models you see made by actual 3D artists), but making the rig can be such a chore if the model has not-very-good topology (This kinda had) and I spent a lot of time making sure her vest works and looks OK.

I’ll get better at it if I make more models, and there’s one on the works.



my final animation for 3D animation this semester!! I’m not a big fan of animating, but I loved making the rig for this character and I had a lot of fun with this voiceline (I did a Morticia line from Addams Family Values)