Trailer animation for my YouTube channel.


I finally have the guts to post my previous 3D animation assignment of concept work. I never thought he was interesting enough to post since I only created him for the sake of 3D assignment.

Character Info:

Melvin the stork lives in the steampunk era, where he works as a scrapper in the city. Though, he tends to steal public metal to earn extra cash.


Art & Characters © 7-Days-Luck
Created in —- 2015


Where’s the rest of the strip, thus ending chapter 15! Be back soon for the beginning of Chapter 16. If you like what you see here be sure to follow me here or my deviant art page. I’ll be posting regularly in both sites.

Thank you all for reading.

-Axel Doi

anonymous asked:

Hey Ren is it better to learn 2D animation before 3D animation? I want to learn both but 2D seems so time consuming.

I learned 3D animation before I learned traditional animation and for me it’s better to learn traditional first because when I was animating in 3D, the movements weren’t fluid enough because I didn’t know what it was supposed to look like? Like they were too stiff sjrossjdks I animated a lemur for my final in 3D animation and it moved like a robot with a stick up its butt.

why i keep beating up myself because my 3d and 3d animation is not perfect???? i started with 3d exactly year ago. i cannot be super skilled yet. why the fuck im expecting my 3d to be as good as some experienced 3d artist’s stuff?? is it that im used to being on medicore’s better side with my 2d art and now im suddenly far below medicore with my 3d???


Hey Everyone! I’m back again which a new comic strip! We are closing chapter 15 with Lady Maya trying to explain why she was turned in to a unicorn until she accidentally trigger a memory of her past life that she try to bury deep within her heart. Now I need to ponder on what to do with the next chapter!

I’m now posting my previous comic strips in Tapastic! There you can catch with my last volume and all other previous work I done before this series. You can now read my comics from your mobile phone! Yay, advertisement! The Lunar Eclipse in Tapastic 


Software used: Poser Pro Game Dev, Manga Studio, Photoshop CC 2015

@myotparmada Yeah it’s quite a compliment that they’re considering me^^ Apparently I’m the only design student they approached, with a “despite my age” thrown in there too. So I guess they think I’m competent enough. And no, it’s not Stanley Tucci, haha! He was my sound editing teacher, this is my 3D/animation/design teacher who’s in charge of the whole program.

@myqueerass Thank you! I know it’s something I really need to work on. One of my teachers does this thing where he doesn’t let me use any vague words when talking about my skills or a task before me, which has helped a bit actually!

I love being in my major I already am so gucci with my 3D animation studio professor and he told me all about his Dota days in Seattle and all manner of unity tips, and in class he apologized to the 3D film kids in my class (which everyone is except me and one other kid interested in 3D animation to do games) because he showed us SIGGRAPH content and it was the industries’ finest and yet 90% of it wasn’t even movies it was fucking final fantasy 15 and just wow I have had no time outside of my pratt bubble and I feel bad that that’s the case and it’s gonna be that way for a while but at the same time I just feel like my entire life has led up to this point

today marked the rest of my life, the first moment that all that’s left truly is to make games. No more foundation courses or traditional school. Everything from here on out until I die is game design and skills for it

I feel on top of the god damn world tbh