What word do you associate with Johnny?

Hey guys! So we already collected soooo many words! I made a list with all of them here

  2. Because we have sooo many words already I decided to give you guys a deadline until 23rd of September. You can still send in some words until then. 
  3. And because we have so many words and we had this fear that they won’t fit on just one poster and to make the gift a little bit more handy @ohjacksparrow and I had this idea of giving Johnny a little “card-book” like this ↓ instead of the poster. But we are still thinking about it. If we would choose the “book” we also liked the idea of putting pictures of Johnny as a card too and maybe a card with “We are with you Johnny Depp”. On the other sites of the cards we would write your names, your blognames and your countries. You can let us know what you think about it. But I personally love this idea very much because it is also very unique! ♥
  4. Don’t forget to check out the list of the words we collected: (x)
  5. We will keep you guys updated about the project :) 

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I know that there will come a time where I wouldn’t seek for words outside my world. Instead, I would look within myself. I would search for it across the bridge of my mind, then find it beneath the thread of my thoughts. Words that are clinging to the beating of my heart. I believe someday I will.

C. E.

If I wish upon the moon and the stars✨ then it might come to pass

I love the idea of that practical magic spell you know? So what if-

When he’s a kid and his mom is no longer there to brush the hair from his face and kiss the tears on his cheeks, No longer there to smile and give him snickerdoodles when he can’t sleep since he can’t go to the big bed when dad’s home. He makes the wish.

He’s outside the house dad’s got a friend over and Billy doesn’t like when his dad drinks. So he avoids them and plays outside ‘till the sun is long gone. It’s the full moon tonight and Billy has his fairytale book his mom gave him.

He’s ready. The book too big for his hands, heavy and musty. Old from mom’s mom time. Billy never met someone from mom’s family but he has this, it’s their family’s heritage… whatever that means.

“I wish I had someone that loves me. I wish a nice smile and big eyes like my mom’s and a bigger heart. I want someone that can kill monsters like a knight and likes to hold my hand at night” Billy doesn’t know what else to ask for. Feels pointless but he still says the words like the book says and then writes them on the blank sheet at the start of the book. It’s a book full of magic and impossible things. Using as much of it as possible might be better he thinks.

Billy tears the page off and hides it under a broken piece of glass and buries it with the earth from his mom’s still living lillies. The spell needs a bunch of things that Billy has been hiding for months with his mom’s plants. When the last of the dirt falls on top of the glass and the rest of the ingredients a breeze chases him inside the house. Billy washes his hands and goes to sleep. He closes his eyes and dreams of his mom.

A boy wakes up in that moment when a breeze flutters the papers on his desk to the floor. He gets up to close the window. But when he closes the window the moon outside shines strangely back through the glass. He can still feel the breeze. And for a second he swears he can see an older boy looking back in the reflection. He looks like his dad in the pictures his mom has on display at the living room. But his hair is all different.

He steps back knocking the chair at his desk.

“Steve! Turn off your tv and go to sleep or I’ll take it from you” Sally hollers from downstairs, her boyfriend laughs. Steve scoffs and goes back to bed. He’s gonna tattle on her tomorrow when mom comes with his presents.

“But she’s not smiling! She’d be so much prettier if she smiled.”

Yeah, so tell me again, when you become an amnesiac and you land on Earth in the middle of a space war and realize that Earth isn’t an alien planet but your home planet and you’re simultaneously trying to end a war, protect Earth, and figure your own shit out…are you planning on smiling?

Don’t let Fake Fan Boys tarnish Carol Danvers’ like this.

Reverie over turbid waters

A leaf floats on still waters

Oranges and reds dissolving

In a pool of warm water.


In the silence I find much needed peace

Only for it to be shattered

As a raven takes flight

And I can restrain no longer.


Bring me joy

And bring me peace

I’ll stab you in your sleep

Not for cause

But just to see

What these dreams are made of.


Round and round we dance

Circling a burning bush

And a burning man

While the sounds of the flames grow louder.


And in this same place at a different time

Love was true

life was not harsh

and you were still alive to hold my hand.


But today we lie within the waters

Prepared to pay the debt to Chaac

To bring the cleansing rains and thunder

and cry no-longer.


The leaf disappears

Into the tear-filled turbid waters

and I still see your face upon its broken surface

and my soul drowns for a little longer.

The Tea Cup (A The Hundredth Wife Excerpt)

As part of my 200 follower celebration (Still open for voting btw) I plan to post a bunch of excerpts. I was having trouble with the most popularly requested one rn so I thought I’d post this for now. The Hundredth Wife- A Reveal, as requested by @jess—writes

This is a first draft (unedited) excerpt. I haven’t decided if I want this story in 1st or 3rd person, so I’d appreciate feedback/thoughts on the perspective

He visited me again the next week. No mention was made of the last time we saw each other, of what He had said and done. That it happened at all. But I had learned. Weeks in this castle, trapped in this place, taught a person things. The walls spoke if you knew to listen, and I grew quite adept to hearing their sounds. Though, and I am certain of this, He had no way of knowing what I knew. It was an advantage, those little pieces of knowledge, and I could not afford to lose them. Yet, maybe I had grown too weary of His games, of being used and thrown aside like a child’s doll, because I did something immensely stupid during that visit. 

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when your first love
happens to be an epic failure,
you spend the rest of your life
looking for something that,
in fact, never existed.
looking for something that
was not quite to be called ‘love’.
you’re lost in time and space,
forever longing to find
the same feeling you once felt back then,
looking for love but never encountering it
because we never actually met.
—  love that was lost at first sight.