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kay, week or so ago i asked you about writing a fic based off some stuff on ur blog? its done, i just gifted it to you on ao3 (i hope that's not weird! i just felt like i should since i only got hyped enough to write it after reading your headcanons and your fics!) it may or may not be written a little wonky, but i think it's about as good as its gonna get rn. :)


I just checked my gifts because of this message, and lo and behold, here is the fic. Summary:

Nohr is different than Ylisse in all the wrong ways. The sky is dark even during the day; shadows fall even where Laslow expects there to be light.

Wars and the empty spaces that they leave behind.

This looks great, I’m already screaming, and I’m gonna read it right now!!

You did good Chris. 

You gave an entire generation a shining star in Steve Rogers. Not only in strength, but in courage. In valor. In getting back up every time you fall, in fighting for what’s right even if everyone is against you. In being kind, being selfless, being determined, being loyal. 

It was never about the super speed, strength, and shield for me.

Steve is hope, inspiration, a friend during the darkest of times, a beacon of light when the world is against you. Steve is adjusting in a place you don’t feel like you belong, loving so fiercely you become almost reckless, sorrow so painful it makes you ache, smiling despite it all and holding yourself tall. 

Thank you Chris for taking on this role even when it terrified you. Thank you for embodying this character, for not only portraying his ideals, thoughts, and behaviors so perfectly, but for adopting them and working towards being a better man. 

I’ll always believe we deserve a more Steve central cap 3. Maybe one day we’ll get that.

But for now, I just wanted to say, Captain America won’t disappear even if Chris is done playing Cap. Even if someone reprises the role, there’s only ever going to be one Cap. Chris is an iconic Steve Rogers. Even if A4 is the last time we see him on screen, he has a place in our hearts that ensures his legacy, his love, his story will always be there. 

That little guy from Brooklyn who was too dumb and too brave not to run away from a fight, I’ll follow him forever. 

Thank you Chris Evans for being our Captain. Thank you for bringing Steve Rogers to life. 

what vld could have/should have done differently:

they should have started off ep 1 with shiro, sam, and adam on the kerberos mission instead of shiro, sam, and matt. i’m sure adam was much more qualified, not to mention matt had seemed like he just graduated and was still relatively young, while adam was the same age as shiro. it just makes more sense overall for adam to have been on that mission instead of matt.

we could have seen shiro sacrifice his chance at survival by purposefully going into the area first in order to protect his fiancé, someone he loves with all his heart. we could have seen shiro and pidge working side by side in order to find two people who meant the world to both of them, instead of everything revolving around only pidge.

we could have had an actual reunion, with adam becoming a vital part of team voltron, or at least a forerunner in the rebel alliance. we could have had explicit rep in the show, and shiro wouldn’t have had to hear secondhand about how someone he would travel across galaxies to protect, died in a fiery explosion that meant nothing.

we could have had it all.

actual friendly reminder that adam parrish canonically calls people ma’am, lets his southern accent slip when he’s emotional, looks like a sepia photograph, considers a magical forest his friend, compares his crushes to heart attacks, basically adopted a dream kid with his boyfriend, is a train wreck of a bi mess, will do literally anything to protect his friends, and is too stubborn for his own good but nobody could ever doubt that he cares

The Power of the Ascendant

Aries/Mars in the 1st House: Born with the drive to make things happen. You have a pioneering spirit and aren’t afraid to get things started. Your personality is fearless, bold and can be intimidating to those that do not know you. Your temper is strong, appealing and demanding; never one to hide what they are feeling inside. This can either make or break you if you are in a leadership role. The Ascendant personifies what you will be able to achieve, and the world is a playground for you, because the Ram can easily make the impossible possible. You dream big and your dreams will be achievable.

Taurus/Venus in the 1st House: There is a larger than life quality to you that people cannot understand. You will be popular amongst friends and will charm those potential partners. Ruled by Venus, it is most likely that you will be gifted with beautiful features. Even if you do not feel that you are beautiful or attractive, others will see it. The Taurus Rising makes you the Hollywood Movie star that we all would like to be. You are the action star or the femme fatale. Your presence is commanding, you will be graceful to others and your sense of style might be envious. Of course, we must analyze the entire chart of the native, but generally, this placement is packed with positives that will allow you to take on the world.

Gemini/Mercury in the 1st House: Will be remembered through their creativity and intellect. This placement fuels the native with a drive to become recognized, even if they will change their mind the next second. Deep down you are powerful and imaginative but will also seem shy and reserved. There is a dichotomy when it comes to this ascendant, because it is hard for them to remain focused on one thing at a time. However, once they have certified what they want in life, the sky is the limit.

Cancer/Moon in the 1st House: This placement brings familiarity to the native. People will be comfortable around you, even if the Cancer Ascendant is introverted. The Cancer Ascendant is affectionate, confident and witty. In this position, you are generally adored and loved by everyone because you are genuine, and it is easy for people to trust you. Being a Cardinal sign, you enjoy taking the lead in environments that you are already familiar with. Not one to be afraid to speak your mind or take a cause that you are passionate about. The Ascendant is an enigma because multiple emotions can run through them in an instant and we will never know what goes through their mind.

Leo/Sun in the 1st House: Life is a challenge and you go about things differently than your fellow fire signs. What you see, is what you get, and you enjoy pushing yourself to the limit, as long as you have a close group of friends to cheer you on. This is an ascendant that does not back away from leadership roles or being in the spotlight for too long. They thrive when they achieve public recognition because it allows them to exert their will and power. The native should focus on using their powers for good to make much needed changes and to keep that beautiful ego in check.

Virgo/Mercury in the 1st House: Mercury is expressed in a more reserved way than that of Gemini. Here we see a native that is focused on improving themselves and the world around them through their skills. They enjoy bringing the problem solvers and do not mind lending a helping hand to those that need it. It can be hard for them not to beat themselves emotionally, because they want to achieve the highest of standards for themselves. A first-class perfectionist but this is also someone that tends to doubt their capabilities. Believe in yourself, because you are amazing, and the world appreciates your knowledge and good advice.

Libra/Venus in the 1st House: You are filled with grace and diplomacy. The native has a refined taste for things in the world and they enjoy experiencing life in a way that is relaxing. This is the placement for someone who loves to set practical goals and their work ethic allows them to reach to the summit. One of the most admirable things they possess, is a charismatic presence that makes them relatable to all. It is not surprising to see the Libra Rising with a powerful group of friends and usually they are popular.

Scorpio/Pluto in the 1st House & Mars in the 1st House: A powerful placement that makes for the brilliant tactician of the zodiac. The native is confident and self-assured in their abilities. They know what they want and go for it without fear. Very much like Aries, the Scorpio likes the challenge but will never be vocal about it. They do not like to be underestimated or viewed as weak. If people do see them in an unfavorable light, they will go out of their way to prove to their enemies that they are a force to be reckoned with. With time, they will shine proudly like the Leo and will be remembered for their achievements.

Sagittarius/Jupiter in the 1st House: The philosopher of the zodiac. The Sagittarius rising is the life of the party but also a very serious scholar. They understand the workings of the world, since their heart is constantly traveling through the spiritual plane and occasionally they will literally be traveling all over the world. This is a native that fits seamlessly everywhere, because, like the Gemini Rising, they want to learn a lot about everything and everyone. Religious texts, philosophical theories and people all are of great interest to them.

Capricorn/Saturn in the 1st House: Reliable and hardworking from an early age, this placement makes for someone that is very afraid to lose control. They try their best to abide to the rules and the law, they understand what it means to be responsible from early on and tend to apply it to major aspects for their lives as they get older. Here we have Saturn expressing itself in a way that will feel restrictive to the native. With time, they will learn to loosen up and have fun because life is much more palatable when you take breaks and breathe every once in a while.

Aquarius/Uranus in the 1st House & Saturn in the 1st House: An individual that enjoys expressing their ideas and their sense of style. Nothing deters the Aquarius ascendant because they have the ambitious drive of Saturn dominants with the visionary aspect of Uranus. They were created to alter, shift and help transform the collective. Aquarius is an individual, charming and resolute and will be remembered by everyone. You wear many masks as a form of protection or maybe you just enjoy the deception that goes along with it. Many wonder who you are because there is an air of mystery that goes with you. When people want someone to express the thoughts that they fear to disclose, you do not mind speaking out and sharing your true feelings.

Pisces/Neptune in the 1st House & Jupiter in the 1st House: You carry the incarnations of your past life in your shoulders. The weight might seem unbearable, but you always find a way to be optimistic even in the darkest times. Getting lost in your thoughts is a nice past time for you and it’s no surprise you might be a great story teller because your imagination can reach places not many people know. The guilt and burden might come out of nowhere, so you have to learn to forgive yourself more since you can be your own worst enemy. The world might see you as weak, but there is a resilience there that you need to tap on, because you are filled with exceptional abilities.

Obviously I love Queer Eye for all the LGBTQ+ and diversity reasons but also for how much love they spread, and how they normalize sharing your feelings. If a show makes me want to call everyone I know and tell them how much I love them then that is a good show.

dan younow oct 9, 2018

he’s so pale, he looks like a vampire

he missed us

he’s missing bakeoff bc of doing a live show

everyone is sick and tired -‘you’re all dying… get some vitamin c"

someone is not his mum - or step daughter teaching him how to use the internet

bts are in london - fantastic memes

tired from being on tour

first weekend off

everyone will be able to see ii

it’s not over yet (tbc?)

11 angles discourse again

he’s an “anal perfectionsts”

commentary - behind the scenes and waffles, arguing and bants

when and where - info in a phil video next week

LA audience was funny

hasn’t slept for 2 weeks

dan hasn’t seen his family since may

went home, colin content

he went full stealth mode

colin is an emotional dog - quiet and respectful but emotional

he gives you 100% of his heart and connecting with you - everyone talks about him at home

roast dinner

spoke to his grandma finally


-haven’t listened to trench yet

-kero kero bonito recommend

-christine and the queens album - icon

-brockhampton new album - he relates to the lyrics

-troye sivan & chrlie xcx (he’s a stan)


shane series - haven’t watched

he has never watched a jake or logan paul vid

he doesn’t want to watch something that makes him angry

new vid - soon - needs to be in the vibe

“this year was an album cycle”

it was not about him and exploring the depths of his personality

world mental health day tomorrow:

daniel and depression one year anniversary

it makes him happy - donating to young minds charity

on tour people talking about daniel and depression and the existential crisis video

“embrace the void and have the courage to exist” - some real shit, people got it tattooed on themselves

since 2013 he wanted merch with it

tomorrow new dan merch - proceeds will go to young minds charity

big black flag with baskerville font

didn’t want it as a t-shirt because it would look like harry styles’ merch

maybe limited edition

plenty of merch ideas - maybe after making a video

TBC DATES - will talk about it

going home is fun because there’s food

he wants to step up the game aesthetically (but wants to stay authentic)

SPACE TRIP was amazing - very pj, and good comedy with bertie, dean and chris, also sophie

filmed gaming videos

dan vs phil not forgotten

phil will ask us about games??

pinof - will happen

he doesn’t feel bad about not uploading

he’s an entertainer and being creative and making content on youtube, not a rush

“a male entertainer” - accurate

“you will be here to watch it anyways, because you’re nerds” (thanks dan)

every baking is a dan vs phil

he wanted to say something mean about ukuleles, but didn’t

weird incident in the middle of london:

-teenager skated up to them - hi dan and phil

-totally casual, what are you up to?

-techwear ig story

-it’s not courage - he talked like they knew each other

-dnp were shaking after

they weren’t like that when they were 14 - maybe it’s just london - locals found them

going on tour - comparing their younger selves to us, they were a mess

doctor who - hasn’t watched, also walking dead

wear nail polish - SIKE

has glittery nailpolish already on o.o

how to paint nails with wrong hand?

american horror story - amazing - because of coven characters

“infinity war wasn’t good” said someone - be unique

shoutout very emo rats gc - relatable

a star is born - only lady gaga stans or really good?

has to listen to top

younow will be on 2nd channel again, but it’s on tumblr

he’s hungry - only had breakfast

hasn’t listened to dodie’s new stuff yet

*face massaging*

if he could make it through life until now so can we

phil younow on thursday?


things that have been confirmed to happen in vld but didn’t happen in season 6, so will most likely happen in s7 or beyond:

  • lance using his altean broadsword (?) maybe (?) the writers probably forgot about that tbh it’s been two seasons
    • lol jk jeremy has confirmed multiple times that we will see lance and his broadsword in the near future
    • jeremy also said keith will be shocked and surprised when he sees lance’s broadsword for the first time (:
    • when referring to lance’s skillset in future seasons, including both his sword skills and miscellaneous skills, jeremy said “[lance has] some aces up his sleeve. he’s a man of many talents and tricks” 
  • lotor’s voice actor in the recording booth with the rest of team voltron’s VA’s VERY RECENTLY (only a few months ago. the time between recording and season release is 1-2 years)
    • aka. lotor ain’t dead
  • blake michael joining vld and whatever mysterious role he will play
    • traveling back to earth will be hard, since the castleship is no longer there, which means they cannot create wormholes anymore
    • it will be a long trip getting back, so “don’t expect an immediate arrival, but it’ll definitely be an interesting journey”
    • jeremy confirmed that lance has at least 5 or 6 siblings on earth brb im crying thinking about a reunion
    • lance also has a large extended family, with tons of aunts and uncles and cousins and even nephews and nieces 
    • his family gives lance character, but such a big family will make it hard for him to stand out
    • lance will be excited for his space family to meet his earth family
  • jeremy saying keith’s sacrifice/suicide attempt at the end of season 4 will be acknowledged in the future
    • so does that mean lance’s sacrifice will be acknowledged at some point as well? (i mean… he died)
  • jeremy promising that the keith / lance relationship that is currently set in place will evolve into more of a mutual respect with less bickering and will lean more towards friendly jokes instead
    • they will continue to interact in season 7 and beyond, building on their relationship
    • season 6 was just really packed with tense situations and all the characters did not have much time to interact. the keith/lance dynamic that has grown in the past hasn’t and won’t go away!
    • we will see keith supporting and encouraging lance in the future
  • the episode kimberly accidentally let slip where the team will “all sleep for, like, a really long time?”
    • she thought this episode had already aired, which means they recorded it a while ago. it will probably be in the next season
  • new arm for shiro! hopefully a kickass altean one designed by hunk and pidge!
  • the promise of us being happy surrounding lgbt rep (: i’m waiting…
  • lance will have a very emotional scene in an upcoming season. jeremy said this scene was one of the hardest he’s ever done because he had to make sure the crying was realistic but also not too much
    • this scene will most likely be in s7
  • matt and lance will start off with a little bit of bickering but will turn into better friends as time goes on
    • they will be working together on earth at some point
  • full-team battles both in the lions and on the ground
    • there will be fights where everyone is on the ground, fighting together and without their lions, all working as a team and “going ham on some people”
    • so expect some epic ground shots of the whole team fighting back to back with their bayards
  • keith’s teleporting wolf has a name but we wont find out until the next season because of potential spoilers
  • we’ll see lance being supported by teammates/friends in the future and his compassion he has shown in the past will be returned to him
    • he will start to feel less isolated and more connected to his team
  • when referring to relationships, lance now feels he is “worthy of love from another person” but this romantic love will not come from allura (at least, not right now. the future is still unclear)
    • allura doesn’t want to suddenly turn to lance in a romantic way after her horrible heartbreak since “it would do a disservice to both characters”
    • but allura and lance’s friendship will continue to grow and flourish, despite the romance arc turning in a different direction
  • we will be getting backstories of most of the other paladins, with a certain focus on lance’s backstory
  • we will see more lion bonding that we haven’t seen before
  • allura and coran will continue to think about the planet of alteans, but it is not a main focus to return to them right now. they will focus on more immediate things before they act on their knowledge gained from romelle 
  • the honerva/haggar arc will continue to grow and will be expanded, with a greater focus on her in the future
  • there will be more dnd/monsters and mana episodes in the future! 
  • despite going through a lot, shiro’s most emotional moment has yet to come, and it’s coming soon

during the beats 1 interview ariana was asked about “get well soon” and the interviewer brought up manchester and she immediately started hysterically crying and it went on for a few minutes of silence before she just said “I’m sorry I’m falling apart” and she went into a whole speech about how awful and guilty she feels and how terrible things still are :( my poor baby she’s so incredibly strong and that’s just a glimpse of how she feels. she just poured her heart out i love her 

Okay, so Gavin Reed is a 2-dimensional jerk in Detroit Become Human, with no redeeming qualities, but fans have ended up creating this narrative where him getting partnered up with RK900 has him go through a buddy-cop-style character arc that makes him a better person.

And it’s quite amazing.

Gavin in the source material is a jerk who pulls a gun in the middle of a police interrogation, and tries to spill coffee on Connor in That One Scene in the game. He does not go through a character arc by the end of the plot.

Gavin in the “fandom expanded verse” (which I am only just now deciding to call it) is a sweary, hot-tempered cop, but is loyal, ambitious, and is a legitimately skilled detective who can follow obscure clues. A lot of his argumentativeness springs from insecurity and pride.

At first, he absolutely hates getting partnered up with RK900, who resembles Connor. Karmatic punishment for Gavin’s rudeness towards Connor.

But as they solve cases together, Gavin ends up developing a good comradery with RK900. Saving each other from gunfire and both being sharp-tongued enough to banter with each other.

Gavin comes to realise that RK900 is not Connor.

Gavin is a cat person. He has past experience in dangerous, high-tension hostage negotiations. And he got that scar on his nose from a bar fight. He’s still a jerk, but it’s rounded.

And just why oh why are fans able to weave a more complex narrative for this character than David Cage?!

The fandom for this game amazes and fascinates me, because I continually and consistently find the stuff they explore and expand upon more interesting than the source material they are provided with.

The closest thing I can compare this phenomena to is how writers sometimes adapt public domain works and explore aspects of it that the original didn’t touch upon.

So yeah, thank you for coming to my TED talk on how and why I ended up drawing fanart for a side character that appears in like 4 scenes of the whole game.