my sunshine my everything come back to me

People say there are other fish in the sea..I’m like “Screw you! HE was my fucking Sea!”
—  Till the day i die
Steroline Drabble- Warm Me Up

Prompt from akward-ray-of-sunshine : how about Caroline coming back from a hard day at Whitmore at the Salvatore house and Caroline talks about annoying people at the school while stefan makes a hot chocolate for her. :) (my first prompt)
A/N: Don’t know if this was what you were looking for but I tried my best! Enjoy and send feedback :)


Long classes, boring teachers, annoying classmates who seemed to know just about everything in every class.  Another terrible day at Whitmore.  Caroline and Bonnie were constantly at school and studying hard, and usually they went to visit Stefan and Damon on the weekends at the Salvatore house, but Caroline couldn’t take it anymore.  So she went on that insanely cold Tuesday afternoon to see Stefan.  

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i am, in many ways, a boomerang
and there are many who’ve grown tired
of the catch and release,
catch and release
catch and i am easily frightened
(and i wonder if you’ll still love the rain
if it pours from my eyes)
i pretend to be strong but my insides are soft spiderweb, fragile
but i hope you know
when lead weights tear through my intricate interior, settling heavy in my lungs
i fight to protect the flower inside of me
and the sunshine you planted there
and i can’t promise you everything i know you deserve
but i can promise, if you will wait for me,
i will always come back
to you