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Unpopular opinion time:

The only reason I would conceivably go to the states right now is for the cons.


DarkiPuppet - Crack Theory
  • Since Mark is called Purple Guy in "Warfstache Interviews Markiplier", does this mean our body is the Puppet, and Damien, Celine and ourselves are the crying child, who were killed by purple, whose souls got stuffed into the puppet?.. Basically is Dark FNAF's Puppet? What do you think?.. Also would Wilford be anything?.. Foxy maybe?... Does this make any sense or am I reading to hard into this? Also would Chica jumpscare Mark? ;)
Mark was poisoned...

Now someone tell me, what is that and if it is a bottle, what it’s doing there?

Also, why this was an actual scene? There was nothing in there besides the broken wine bottle, Why this scene existed? 

To show us something of course, the poison bottle. (and that we drinked a lot of wine of course) 

Anyway, this is just a theory.

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Thx @markiplier and @therealjacksepticeye for giving me the inspiration to make Videos again. Have fun!


gotta have music on while cleaning

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Running couple doctors
That feeling when you finish a video game and now you want to draw a happy ending for the bad guys that weren’t really bad and didn’t deserve to die.