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things you said when you asked me to marry you

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    delilah’s playing in the living room. samson’s settled on nick’s hip as the man walks towards his beautiful everything. simone’s always been the one. after everything they’ve been through together, all the fights and time apart & the times they spent as early adults – children still who’d drink in tric after close until the sun came up. he wouldn’t trade a single thing for the life he had now with his family. how many times had they been here? nick asking simone to be by his side as his wife? somehow, today he knew the answer would be different. “baby, i’m not going to give you some cheesy speech this time.” he starts, his boyish smirk dancing on his lips. with one arm snaked around their son, nick offers his mother’s diamond engagement ring towards the blonde. “let’s finally do this right,” he says, the nervous knots forming in his stomach. there’s no doubt in his mind that they’re meant to be together, but he couldn’t help the nerves. seeing her standing there was like seeing her for the first time all over again. simone was the best thing that ever happened to him and he would never do anything to mess it up again. “so what do you say, you ready to make an honest man out of me?”


//Real talk headcanon time; I can talk for hours on end about how much May loves Wrestling- how she lost her voice watching WrestleMania, how she looks up to them and trains consistently to be like wrestlers, how she knows it’s fake but applauds the hard work and effort put into every match, etc. 

//But nothing will ever compare to how much he looks up to Cedric Alexander. She, herself, is a flier like the cruiser weights, but I would compare her style to Cedric’s. In other words, she’ll jump and fly through the air and still kick your ass nine ways to Sunday.

Maggie: Your mother would be ashamed…
Me: Really? Really Maggie? Would that be before or after Liz Snr. wanted to basically send Arthur, Harry & Henners to the gallows to make way for a boy she couldn’t possibly have known wasn’t some great imposter?

my friend suggested I draw myself as a witch, and it’s fair to say my familiar would be a galaxy rabbit. I mean, what else?