I just wanted to sketch something self-indulgent with my two favourite waterbenders (+ one of my favourite animal species in the Avatar world) for a change since I was thinking about some of my old fics last night (and trying to come up with a more specific idea for a new fic based on the 2nd sketch).

In the first sketch, they’re in the stables located on the western side of the Republic City Hospital. Katara is feeding Mamoun some bread while Kya is busy brushing his mane. The ostrich horse is clearly enjoying the pampering (note the wagging tail, pricked up ears and lifted leg; also, his nails have been clipped so he wouldn’t accidentally hurt anyone while on duty). After all, it’s not an easy job running around town, pulling a heavy wooden ambulance carriage filled with equipment and healers and patients almost 24/7. I headcanon this is something the girls would do, based on my fanfic “Bring your daughter to work day” (as well as my longest fanfic to date, “Call the midwife”, where Mamoun is first introduced).

The second sketch is sort of/almost like a redraw inspired by “Playing healer”, a story where Katara lets Kya use her stethoscope to listen to her own heartbeat for the first time. I imagined Kya’s a year or two younger here (so like.. 1-2+ years old?) and a bit more timid of her mother examining her. She tries to brush her mother’s hand away, but Katara won’t let her and simply holds her close so she wouldn’t fidget so much (nor feel so scared). She wrapped a blanket around her daughter since she has a fever, hence why she’s shivering, too.