thelittlesiren-xd  asked:

What did Daniel steal from Brody? And why?

He stole an old toy that was in Brody’s car. The reason he did it was because he liked the toy and Sean (in my game) has stolen before so Daniel thought it was okay.

Here’s the conversation that happens for more context:

Sean: “What’s that?”
Daniel: “It was in Brody’s car.”
Sean: “He gave it to you?”
Daniel: “Uhhh… well… yeah!”
Sean: “You stole it from him?”
Daniel: “I dunno… it looked cool and… you stole before, so I thought…”

Then you have two choices, saying “Stealing is bad.” or “Should be careful.”, I picked the first one.

Sean: “No, man… stealing is bad. We only do it if… we really need it. Okay? Plus… Brody was super nice with us…”
Daniel: “If it’s bad, then… why did you do it?”
Sean: “Hey! We had to. It was different! I don’t want you stealing around, understand?”
Daniel: “Yeah. Okay…”