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“I remember coming into it with the notion of ‘The purpose here is just to create intimacy,’” Johnson says. “How minimal can we go? And what is the simplest way of clearing everything out, so it’s just like you and me having a conversation in a room?” The answer arrived at by Johnson and the brain trust was simply to intercut between Ridley and Driver as if the actors were in the same room. “The idea of it being pure cinematic language - just intercutting and doing nothing else to it - that solution saw through all the way to the finished product. I think it works.”

- Rian Johnson on creating intimacy for the Force connection scenes between Rey and Kylo, The Art of Star Wars: The Last Jedi


Haikyuu!! Poster Calendar 2018

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Yuzuru Hanyu | Scan/Edit | Because I wanted my own random “Then and Now” post :)