my queue me keeps you company

*Avengers Compound: 4am*

Peter: Dad. Dad wake up.

Steve: Tony, your son wants you.

Tony: At four in the morning that’s your son.

Peter: Perfect, you’re both up!

Peter: So, I know that you guys already said I can’t go on missions. Cause, you don’t want me to die, or whatever. But-!

Tony: Nope. Too early for “but”.

Peter: BUT do you know how I’m statistically most likely to die at my age?

Steve: At the hands of your fathers?

Peter: An accident!

Tony: That’s how we’ll make it look.

Hey friends, just letting you all i have little surgery planned for tomorrow. It’s not really serious, and i have a good queue of fics to keep me company during recovery.
Basically what this means is a) i’ll probably be late in answering asks/messages b) i might not be around as much and my blog queue might run out, and c) it’s very possible that i’ll complain over here or on twitter, you might see some groggy/drugged up posts and you’re not allowed to make fun of me for them.
That seems about it? I’ll probably give this a reblog in the morning before i go as well. ✌🏻

queue names

i haven’t been able to find a really long list of queue name recently so i made one :)

  • the general has queued his armies
  • there is a queue for tickets
  • that’s what people queue
  • queueing for looks
  • long live the queue
  • avenue queue
  • queue is better than one
  • that’s just what girls queue
  • roses are red violets are queue
  • this is how we queue it
  • winnie the queue
  • i’m right here for queue
  • queue queue ca choo
  • queen of the queue
  • praise be the queue
  • fuck queue is what you were invited to
  • that would be my queue to run
  • if i believe in one thing i believe in this queue
  • ain’t got a queue in the world
  • saving posts queueing things the tumblr business
  • it’s called queuecraft shortbus
  • ain’t no me without queue
  • queue can keep a secret
  • an unexpected queue
  • thank god i queued it
  • oh don’t be such a sour queue
  • gone with the queue
  • queue are my sunshine
  • this queue is made for walking
  • a more profound queue
  • hey MTV welcome to my queue
  • please leave a message after the queue
  • i prayed to queue every night
  • i wanna queue bad things with you
  • if queue’ve got my back i’ll go on
  • there are no bargains between queue and men
  • the world is not a queue making factory
  • queue is at four don’t bother knocking
  • she’s queueing a stairway to heaven

these are ones i have previously used:

  • the taming of the queue
  • queuelification
  • you have got to be queueing me
  • i can’t keep my eyes off of queue
  • i think some company is overqueue
  • it’s just queue and me and all other people
  • you’ve got claws i’ve got a queue
  • i bid you aqueue
  • the parisians do not know how to queue
  • you can’t run from the queue now can you
  • the friendly neighbourhood queue
  • only the strong survive the queue
  • the school is in but the queue is out
  • q

i tried to avoid the really obvious fandom ones but you can always go for those if you prefer :)

Travel/moving abroad hiatus

ok folks, I’m chasing my dreams and moving to Italy! 

It means that the next 3-4 weeks are going to be a bit crazy. I might lurk a bit and check the messages but I don’t expect to be here too often. I’ve set some queue to keep you a company. Sadly, there won’t be any art from me in the near future - my tablet will be arriving later, when I actually have an adress for all my stuff to be delivered to. 

See you next level month! ;)

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nice note to brad: thanks for coming down to the voidfish chambers to keep me company every once in a while dude. it gets lonely down there and i really appreciate you continuing to visit and trying to cheer me up. i know i dont seem any happier, but it really does make my day - johann



alright  the  time  is  nearly  here  when  i  must  get  some  sleep  and  leave  you  all  until  sunday.        there’s  a  bunch  of  things  in  my  queue  and  they  should  keep  posting  solidly  now  until  i  am  returned  home  and  keep  you  all  company.       i’ll  be  around  on  mobile  though  highly  more  likely  to  be  on  discord  than  i  am  here.       if  we  are  mutuals  you  are  welcome  to  add  me  at  eeyore is my bae#3315 .          see  you  on  the  flip  side  kids.       i  will  look  through  any  new  followers  on  my  return. 

A Story of Mars - by kmp78

Okay! Here we go - the ridiculously detailed story of my M&G and the show in Getafe. I decided to write down the events of the whole day and not just the M&G + show as pretty much everything that happened throughout the day was Mars-related anyway. So apologies for the insanely long post, but you did ask for every little detail, and I aim to please, so… ;) Plus I´m including some pics from the show as well, so all will be nicely packaged together!

The girls who keep popping up in the story are my fellow tumblerites mars2803 and ael7979, plus the lovely V - my sisters-in-arms during this fabulous weekend of Mars insanity! 😘👍🏽😊 

Warning: I will be extremely critical of some things - anyone who has been reading my posts will know that’s how I operate. Please keep in mind that these are merely the opinions and observations of a single person. 

I arrived from Madrid to Getafe in the morning to meet up with the girls, and after a leisurely breakfast, a little bit of shopping and a lot of Mars gossiping (I mean… If you put 4 Mars fans together, what else can you expect, right!?), we got to the festival area around 2pm, and oh my fucking God it was BOILING HOT out there! ☀️🔥 Easily +30 degrees Celsius, with no clouds and barely any wind. 

Nearing the entrance through the park, our hearts started beating a little bit faster when we spotted the huge triad already in place on stage! ❤️😀 

But no drums… 😥💔 

There were 2 stages very close together, which meant there would be no overlapping performances. The area itself was surprisingly small: I had expected a huge Coachella-scale area, but it was basically just an outside sporting ground, there’s no way to fit more than a few thousand people in there. 

We saw a group of people lined up by the fence near the box office booths, and decided to ask if they were my fellow VIPers - and yes they were! Yay! The right location had been discovered! 😄👍🏽 

Now that we had a sense of our surroundings, and still almost an hour before the registration began, we walked to a nearby cafe/bar run by a very scary Asian woman, who allowed us to buy a few sodas and use the restroom, but then decided our purchases were not enough to allow us to sit down in the bar, so she promptly kicked us out! Gracias, senora… 😒 

So we took our insufficient drinks and went to the park outside the festival area so we could keep an eye on the VIP line in case there were any developments. There was a bandstand in the park, elevated to such heights that you could easily see over the fence and straight to the main stage! So I’m guessing some people were treated to a free Mars show… 😏 

As the clock neared 3pm I decided to join the queue, and the girls were kind enough to come and keep me company. They were probably a little scared I would be getting into trouble if I was left on my own - and trouble was indeed ahead of us all! 😈 

See, there was a queue forming from the ticket booths, along the fence. Then, for some reason, there was a gap in the queue (maybe 2-3 meters) and a new queue was formed against the next fence. So, we assumed it was all one and the same queue, and the gap in the queue was simply due to the fact that it was in direct sunlight, and perhaps the people in the queue were trying to find shade by the next fence. And since there was also a sign that said VIP, we naturally assumed this was where we were supposed to be! Yeah, not so much… 

We had stood in the queue for maybe 10mins when a woman who was also queing in front of us came over and said that this in fact wasn’t the queue for Mars VIP, but the general Neox Rocks festival VIP, and we should move to the queue which was formed before that gap I mentioned earlier (meaning we were now moving ahead of that woman in the queue - important little fact to keep in mind as this saga continues!). We thanked her for the info and moved to the first queue and everything seemed fine. 

Then after another few minutes an older echelon woman, I would say easily in her 40s, suddenly appeared from behind us and started ranting to us in Spanish - we had no idea what the hell was going on, as none of us speak any Spanish. She was fucking livid! Apparently we had now cut ahead of her in the queue, and she demanded we move to the very end of the other queue. 

Yeah, well, perdón Senorita, but that ain’t happening! We just got told this is where we are supposed to be standing, so nope, not gonna move no matter how much you scream at us in a language none of us can understand. She was having an honest to God meltdown right in front of us. She just would not shut up! She yelled at us in Spanish and we yelled back in English, and no one understood what the other was saying - it was epic, pathetic and funny as hell! 😂😆 

And btw: we had been standing there for a good few minutes before all this happened - and none of the other people in the other queue, who we also apparently had cut in front of, said a word! I know I would say something if a person butted ahead of me in a queue, but since no one said anything (not even that woman who originally came to tell us we should move ahead to the other queue!!!), we of course assumed all was ok! Well, nothing in life was ok for this little old screaming Spaniard. We had pissed in her cereal big time! 

She and her crew then pushed ahead of us, and that was more than fine with us - at least now she would be happy and would shut her yapping mouth. NOOOOPE! 

For a few minutes she would be quiet and all seemed to be fine, but then all of a sudden she got a new burst of energy and started her rants again. Yeah, whatever - rant all you want, lady. You’re not gonna get to push your denim-clad boobies against JL any faster than the rest of us, so zip it, por favor! 

Rest of the wait was pretty uneventful - we were handed out bottled water which was nice since the heat was pretty overwhelming. Finally it was my turn to get signed in, and it worked out with no problems - got my wristband and tote bag, and instructions on where and when to meet for the actual M&G, which would take place just before the show, and I should be at the meeting point at the side of the stage at 7pm, which meant we now had a good 3 hours to spare. 

We decided to head back to the girls hotel for a quick rest before the show, so we took the metro to Getafe Central from where it would take about 15 minutes to walk to the hotel. Upon arrival at the station we asked two security guards to point us in the right direction since we felt a bit lost, and who better to ask for directions than a local security guard, right?! WRONG! 👮🏽🙅🏼 

After walking for 15 minutes with a thunder storm right on our heels (weather report had said nothing about rain, but who doesn’t love a good surprise!?😮) we discovered that those Dos Bastardos had directed us in the exact opposite direction, aka back to the festival area! Classic… 😖😒 

So, after cursing those morons to the moon and back we had no choice but to travel all the way back to Getafe Central and walk for another 15 minutes in the other direction, and this time we luckily found the hotel. 

After a quick rest we then headed back and decided to grab some lunch on the way. Unfortunately since Getafe is a small and quiet town, and it was a Sunday, there were very few places that actually served any food! And since I had to be inside the festival area by 7pm, and it was now nearing 6pm, I did not want to risk getting stuck at the entrance in case there were huge lines, so I left the girls to fend for themselves and headed out on my own. 

Luckily no lines at the entrance and I was able to just walk straight in. At the actual festival area there were food trucks, bars, a few entertainment booths and a small merch stand. I knew I had to buy a souvenir shirt, and I ended up with 2: A NR festival shirt for 15€ and a Mars shirt for 30€. 

I had almost an hour to kill so I bought a Calamari Bocadillo and watched as people bungee jumped from a construction crane. Nutters! 

By 7pm I was pumped up and ready to go, but 7pm came and went with no M&G. So we waited. And waited. And waited. All we could do was kill time by listening to the other bands (none of them were to my taste unfortunately, and all seemed to be very aware most of us were there simply for Mars), or in my case, by talking with you peeps! 😉 

Reni also mingled with the crowd, and some people asked for a pic with her. Also some other apparently famous/known people were around, judging by the fact some were asking for pics with them too, but I have no idea who they were… Possibly Mars-related workers? 

At 8pm we finally were let in the M&G area, which was basically a small roped off outdoor area backstage, with a red canopy for J and T. We settled in, some of us sitting on the concrete floor (my poor ass was crying after 10 minutes😢) while others decided to stand. There we probably 50-60 of us in this small “room”. I noticed some were actually crying - I just felt excited! 

The noise was pretty bad, as the stage was right next to us, and at that point I realized why we were kept waiting for an hour: there was no way anyone would hear a thing if there were bands playing on that stage nearest to us! At around 8:15 whatever band was playing finished their set, and Reni checked the mic so we could hear over the general hoolabaloo and background noise at the festival. She also explained the rules to us, and the very first thing she said was “Please, please, please, please, be respectful, no personal and private questions”. No one said a word, as we all knew what, or who, she was referring to. 😔😥 

She also gave instructions on how to line up for our pics after the Q&A (the pics will only be 1 person at a time because there have been incidents where couples have done a duo pic, and then broken up a week later and demanded a new pic, which will not be provided btw. And apparently once in France a mother and son were doing the VIP, and the son took his pic first, and when the mother was getting her pic taken he jumped back in the pic, and the mother was super pissed her son was also in the pic! Jfc… 😂) 

We were told that if we have requests for the pic, those are ok as long as they are within reasonable boundaries aka “Don’t ask Jared to kneel down or Tomo to carry you”. Also no inappropriate touching. Damn… Buzzkill! 😤😡 

Reni also mentioned that we would not be getting our posters until after the show, because if they give it before the show “You’ll crush it, you’ll destroy it, you’ll bite it, you’ll do weird things to it”. Fair enough!

Then all of a sudden people started cheering and clapping, and first I saw Mofo in his all black attire taking his seat under the canopy, and then my eyes caught sight of the Pink Flamingo with sunglasses! My goodness he looked super cool - from the neck up at least!😎 

He was wearing a blue “Nepal I love you” shirt, the ugliest gym pants/leggings known to man (seriously dude, WHY!?) and checkered shoes. And of course in usual Leto style absolutely nothing matched together… 😖 

Jared went on to do a little “sexy dance” for us (please don’t get too excited, we all know how he dances!): he swayed his hips back and forth while spinning the mic from it’s chord like a stripper. It was as tragic as his attempt at dancing always are - bless him for trying tho! 😜 Tomo just grinned as he watched this insanity unfolding 😛 

Sadly that’s as far as his stripping went, and the only thing he removed were his sunglasses. Boo… 👎🏾 I think us VIPs would have deserved a little sneak peek of his tummy, maybe? Or even something else? 😈 Come on JL, don’t be such a tease! 

Anyhoo, now we finally saw his little face - and naaaaw… 😍😍😍 He is just unbelievably pretty, and definitely not human. No human can look that good at 43! 

(Poor boy coughed a few times during the M&G tho, so obviously he wasn’t a 100% ok, and it definitely showed during the show - his voice was not at it’s best.) 

He took his seat and asked the tech guy where the speaker was, and when they told him it was in the back of the VIP area, he seemed surprised and commented “That makes no sense at all”. But we told him we could still hear him just fine, so now the Q&A was ready to start! Before we got started Jared asked where people were from (I felt like I was watching yet another VV - and not for the last time that night, I might add… 😴😉 Sadly nowhere to run during this live version VV - the “listing the 750 countries where people are from” portion is always boring as hell), and if there were any newcomers/repeat customers etc. He also demonstrated his Spanish skills for us - which basically consisted of him being able to say “tortilla” and “guacamole” 😏 

And then we finally got down to the actual Q´s. 

Now, I won’t comment on the quality of the Q’s that were asked any further than just by saying this: 

people please - if you are lucky enough to get picked to ask a question, keep the questions relevant, don’t ask infantile things and don’t waste time asking Jared the same fucking questions he has answered in interviews/VV’s/previous M&G’s a hundred times already! 😒😑 

Also: as much as I´m sure you want to tell the band how much they mean to you personally, this is supposed to be a Q & A session, not a Teary-Eyed Fan Monologue session. Believe it or not, we all love the band and they have a special meaning in our lives. Write them a letter and give it to them as a gift, don´t use up the limited time we have with the band to confess your love for them - there are actual questions that people would like to ask!

*A woman handed J a pic she had drawn of him wearing a crown, and she asked if he liked it. Of course he did. 

* If the echelon was an animal, which animal would it be? Jared thought about it for a while, and settled on “a young baby who will grow into something beautiful”. The person next to me groaned aloud. Same, person-next-to-me. Same. 😒😴 

* Who is Jared’s fave old master painter? He answered Rembrandt (he mentioned his portraits which are incredibly detailed) and Caravaggio, and he also likes abstract, impressionist, pop art and modernists. He also mentioned that you can paint with music the same way you can paint with colors. 

* Someone asked about Nepal: Jared said the best thing we can do for Nepal is to go there, they live off of tourism. He wears the Nepal shirt to show his support, and they are available online (he knows the guy who makes them). 

* What advice would JL have for a 16yo girl? “Don’t kiss boys. Also don’t kiss girls. Ok, you can kiss girls! You should have fun, don’t worry about the future. That’s what I would tell my 16yo self." 

* What would they be if they were not musicians? Jared said he also has several other careers as an actor, producer, director, and joked he would be Walter White 😂😉😜 He said he would probably be in prison, because creativity is what saved him from trouble. ”Maybe I would have been Pablo fucking Escobar“. Tomo said Jared would make a great teacher. He himself would have been a cook. 

* What would you say to the world in 30 seconds? Tomo simply said ”I’m gonna let Jared answer this because I do all my talking with my hands and fingers“, and gave us a smirk. Ooooh, snap! Gotta love that Mofo! 😂😋✌🏽️ 

Jared pretended to be shocked by his response and fanned himself 😊 Jared said his message to the world can be heard in the music of 30stm. He also mentioned they are working on new songs, so we’ll hear another message ”very soon“. 

* Someone asked for advise on finding out what she is passionate about, if she doesn’t quite know what her passion is yet. (Sidenote: just as JL was answering, some fans in the front row got a bit too loud for his taste and they got a stern ”Silencio, por favor“ from him! 😃) 

He said even he doesn’t always know what he wants to do, but he just keeps putting one foot in front of the other. ”You need to listen to yourself, create some silence, turn off the noise, spend some time getting to know who you are. Listen to the child inside of yourself, that kid knows what he/she wants to do. You’ll never regret chasing your dream, but you’ll regret if you don’t.“ 

* What has been Tomo’s greatest joy since being in this band? ”Simple answer: being on stage in front of you guys.“ 

* Someone asked about Camp Mars, and Jared asked if they should do it again. Uhm… Yeeees? He asked who would come if they did it again next year, and every single person raised their hands. Surprise! 😄 He said the camp was pretty incredible, but the problem is that it’s very small and it’s probably gonna sell out pretty quickly. They may do it 1 week earlier, and under 18s may be able to come with an adult. And the location will be the same one as this year: Malibu, CA. 

* And a few people didn’t ask questions but chose to say thanks to the band for all they have done over the years 

After the M&G we were asked to line up for the pics. I purposely chose to stay among the very last people, I figured it was a good way to get some more time with J and T in the same room as me! 😜 You know me, I’m sneaky like that! 😏🙋🏼 

So when I saw the line had formed, I walked to the end and it’s a good thing I did, because the second me and a few others stepped up, a security guy came over and said that the line was now closed, since they were suspecting some people were trying to sneak in for a 2nd pic, meaning no one was allowed to get in the queue after that point! Yikes, talk about good timing! I almost missed out! 😣 The guy explained that usually they can monitor who has already taken a pic when they are in a "controlled area” like a concert hall etc., but at a festival like this, the location is a challenge and there’s so many people running around, it’s damn near impossible to keep tabs on everyone. 

The line moved super quickly, and everyone had only a few seconds with the band. I had heard this was the case, but the speed really took me by surprise - it was almost dizzying to watch people fly by the band, with barely enough time to pose for the pics! Not particularly personal or intimate in any way, but totally understandable. They are on a schedule after all, and in our case they were already running late as it was. 

When my turn came, I tried to stay focused and act cool, but I probably looked anything but! Luckily my feet still worked and I didn’t have to he carried to them. Tomo greeted me with a very friendly “Hello!”, and wrapped his arm around me (seriously, I love this guy 😍), and as I took my place between him and Jared I noticed that the girl who went ahead of me had stopped moving and was now taking off her necklace (a small dream catcher) and showing it to him. Ooookay… 😒😒😒 

He took a look at it and said something like “That’s pretty” or whatever. I can’t really remember because all I kept thinking was “Girl, if you don’t step away right this second that dream catcher will be hanging from somewhere other than your neck”. 

Seriously, I was already denied one Leto this weekend. Trust me, you do not wanna try your luck by getting between me and the other one! 😡👊🏽✋🏾 

So when the girl finally took a hint and wandered off, BOOM! Jared turned his face to me and said the most bone-chilling “Hello” I’ve ever received. And by bone-chilling I mean it was AMAZING! He sounded so friendly and like he was actually pleased to see me - even tho I was nothing more than a face in a crowd and probably the 500th person he had met that day. He sure knows how to make a random person feel worth something. This Jared was nothing like the Jared I saw outside their hotel last year. This Jared totally made up for that previous disappointment! 👍🏽🙌🏽 

I greeted him back with an enthusiastic “Hello”, and did what I was instructed to do - I sniffed him. And got nothing! Absolutely nothing! Like I said: he’s not human. 

Then we posed for the pic with my hands around both their waists (hnnnnng!), and as I left I said my thanks to the boys, and got a “Thank you” from JL. I went to grab my bag and noticed that the pic session was over and Tomo already was rushing out the door. Jared stayed behind and was waving and thanking people, and I walked right past him, looked at him and said “Have a good show”. Yeah, super original, I know… 😜 

But I couldn’t think of anything else to say, and I knew I had to say something! There’s no way I would let him just walk by me and not say anything. What I really wanted to say was “Tell your brother we miss him”, but I figured mentioning Shannon would not go over well, even if it was done in a supportive and nice way, and the last thing I wanted was to piss him off right before the show! 😳 So I went with the standard “Have a good show” line, which seemed to be a good choice because he turned to me and said “Thank you”. Score! 😜😄 

Just before I left the M&G area I saw Stevie walking around with another man (probably a crew member) - and boy does he have skinny legs! 😳 

After I left the backstage area I tracked down the girls and fangirled with them while we waited for the show to start at 10:30pm. Luckily we had to only wait for less than an hour, because at 10:34 (only 4 minutes late - very impressive, JL!) Carmina Burana started to blast through the speakers - and the crowd went nuts! 

Tomo received a loud greeting, but of course it was that Pink Flamingo in a white shower curtain that got the biggest roar from the crowd 😍 

First up was UITA, and oh my God, those drums were just painful to hear… Nothing in the world can replace the effect of live drumming by SL. 

Tomo was dressed in all black, so unfortunately from where we were standing we could only see glimpses of him, same with Stevie (whose singing voice btw is beautiful! Especially on DoD - woooooow… Real ear candy!)

This guy however was clearly visible for most of the show, as he was running around like the maniac he is. 

On K&Q he messed up and started singing too early - that was the only fuck up on JL´s part that I caught.

And like mars2803 mentioned on her post, we got our hands on those big and beautiful Mars Balls!

I think we all fared pretty well with the absence of SL (even tho all of us commented on the sound being completely different without live drums, and not in a good way) until Jared began his “Say hello to someone very special” speech - and that was it. I was done. Game over. Heart ripped from my chest and stomped on. Cue the waterworks. Fucking hell that was simultaneously so beautiful and so painful to hear. 💔😥😪 

And more disappointments were in store: no Satan groping during EOAD…

Next up was the acoustic set, and apparently Jared felt that serenading us with Save Me on EVERY SINGLE VYRT VIOLET wasn’t nearly enough - ooooh no, we were in desperate need of hearing it live too! 😖 Well, some of us were, anyway… mars2803 was in heaven as she loves that song while ael7979 threatened she would sit on me if I tried to make a run for the exit, so I just stood in stunned silence and moped 😠 

Other than Save Me, the acoustic set was pretty much the same as always.

After the acoustic set came Bright Lights (a personal favorite!) and then sadly it was nearing midnight, which apparently was the cut-off time for Mars, and Jared said it was time for the last song, which of course was CTTE. While he was gathering fans on stage, I made a beeline for the side of the stage to get my poster, and watched the last song from there. 

There was a small technical problem - a power outage or some such thing. For about 5 seconds we couldn’t hear anything - most probably it had to do with the confetti they were shooting up in the air. 

After the song ended the band said their goodbyes, and a huge crowd started to gather where I was standing. Some were my fellow VIPers, some just wanted to lurk around the backstage entrance in case they saw a glimpse of the boys. Total chaos would be one way to put it. Absolutely brilliant for someone with a fear of large crowds and closed in spaces… 😫 

Luckily Reni’s team came out without much delay, and with a little elbow power and pushing people out of my way (soooooorryyy.. 😕 But believe me, that is a situation which calls for laws of the jungle, meaning you have to get what’s yours or you’ll be eaten alive) I was able to get my poster among the first ones.

Now all I had left was to navigate my way out of the festival area while making sure my precious poster didn’t suffer any damage, and find the girls who were waiting outside by the bandstand. 

After we were all reunited again we decided to walk to their hotel and I would catch a taxi back to Madrid from there, since public transportation wasn’t an option at that hour. The next morning we met up again to spend our final day together, comparing battle wounds (we were all kinda wrecked! Voices were gone, bodies were aching, all that good stuff) and sightseeing all over Madrid.

This whole weekend was an absolute blast - a good way to send the band off to their upcoming hiatus! I’m really glad I bought the VIP, and didn´t ask for a refund, because even tho it wasn’t quite the experience I had hoped it would be, it was as great as it possibly could have been under the circumstances! 

And meeting some of my fellow #EchelonSeniors in person, after months of online chatting…  Epic doesn´t even begin to describe it! Best holiday EVER!

S, A and V - thank you so much for everything, this wouldn´t have been the same without you lovelies! Love you and miss you already!  ♥ ♥ ♥