my precious red lionheart

wild-mare-of-prosecution  asked:

Can I just point out that seeing Keith actually laugh when Hunk puts the popsicles in eyes is super rare, and I need more of!?

unfortunately from the looks of the trailers, it seems that there will be nothing but angst ahead in the road for keith…. but i will be personally offended if keith never laughs like that again in the show. i mean just look at this pure, beautiful boy:

let 👏🏼 keith 👏🏼 laugh 👏🏼 again 👏🏼

can i just say i love it when they’re stacking their lions in a pyramid and hunk tries to be on top, keith’s response was to forcefully remind him, “SHIRO’S the head” like yes, keith, assert your boyfriend’s shiro’s dominance more