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Creating A Morning Ritual 🧘🏾‍♀️☀️

The Summer Solstice has finally come! We are officially halfway through the year. This energy is great for manifesting, expressing gratitude, and making changes in your life for the next few months. Now is the best time to create new morning rituals, to not only enhance your living but to enhance your magic as well! ✨

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What is a Morning Ritual?

A morning ritual is anything you do to get your day started. In the witchy world, a morning ritual combines mundane tasks with everyday magic practice.

Sometimes the morning is the only time we get to practice magic, with our lives being so hectic and busy. 

How Long Should it Be?

Your morning ritual can last anywhere from 10 minutes to 1 hour or more.

First figure out how much time you have to spare in the mornings. Do you have 9am classes or work really early in the morning? Set your alarm for 10-20min before you have to leave, and do your morning ritual then. Work overnight and only get the mornings to sleep? Set an alarm for early afternoon, the exact time doesn’t matter. Mornings completely free? Set up I comfortable time to rise and you use as much time as you’d like.

The ritual should last as long as your activities do. If it takes you 20 minutes to do yoga and you’d like to include it in your routine, try to allot time for that. Which brings us to the next point:

What Practices Should I Include?

Anything that you want to become habitual and/or anything you’re trying to improve at.

It takes 21+ days to create a habit, and 1,000 hours minimum to get good at something, so including these things in your morning ritual will help speed up that process.

A normal morning ritual consists of regular activities like: making tea/coffee, stretching, taking a shower etc. When you’re coming up with your list, make sure to include these tasks that you’re already used to doing. (this will be helpful in figuring out how much time you need, as well)

To spice up your morning ritual, try to turn those mundane tasks into something more magical. Then, consider which of your witchy practices require little energy and can start you up for the day.

Some examples of ritual activities include:

  • Pulling tarot/oracle cards for the day
  • Showers/baths for cleansing 🚿
  • Smoke cleansing 💨
  • Making tea/coffee with herbs corresponding to your intentions for the day (ie. rosemary before going to any classes/lectures) 🍵☕️
  • Doing chakra meditation focused on a specific chakra ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🧘🏾‍♀️
  • Sun Salutation Yoga ☀️
  • Creating a quick crystal grid
  • Going outside and walking barefoot, for grounding 🌱🌿
  • Burn incense with scents/herbs corresponding to the day’s intentions
  • Write out affirmations/intentions for the day in a notebook/journal
  • Dream journaling! ✨
  • Working on a page in your grimoire 📕
  • Playing music and dancing around the house to stir up energy 💃🏽🎶
  • Lighting a candle on your altar or around your sacred space (bonus points for color based on intention) 🕯
  • Quick self-love/glamour magic 💎
  • Etc. etc. etc.

Your list could include one, a few, all, or none of these things. It’s all about what feels right for your individual practice. If you don’t already know what you want to do, look into what other witches or spirituals in your belief do on a daily basis. For example, practitioner of Norse Mythology often work with runes, you could definitely include that in your morning ritual.

But most importantly your morning routine is your own. Make it what you want it to be. It can be as long or as short as you’d like, and as eccentric as you please. The most important part is that you enjoy what you’re doing, and you feel energized doing it.

If you have anything else you like to do in your morning routines send them to me or reblog under this post 🖤


My grimore pages so far.

Intro: a quote my boyfriend found on Pinterest and a protection sigil
Pg 2-4: moon phases
Pg 6-8: color magick
Pg 10-12: planetary magick inspired by a tumblr witch’s own page (she’s quite popular, can someone send me her url so I can credit her?)

The last few pages are still in need of ink, and I still need to transfer the last of my old grimore to the new.
Wish me luck ✨

Beginning Tips for a Witchy Notebook

I get a lot of asks about how I started my notebook whenever I post pictures of it! I do have a background in scrapbooking/collage/art, which is reflected in my witchy notebook. I’ve been a self-identified practicing witch for about a year now, but many of the practices in my craft have been in my life for years.

Some people call them Book of Shadows, grimoire, or simply just a “witchy notebook.” Here are some tips that helped me when I was beginning my notebook. Lengthy post with pictures!

Notebook? Binder? E-grimoire?

There are lots of ways to keep all your witchy information together. You can keep your grimoire on the notes of your phone, documents on your laptop, Canva/other graphic design website, loose leaf papers or in a binder, or a regular bound notebook. Don’t place too much pressure on yourself! Whatever feels right is right.

Start with what you like (but stay open to what you don’t know!)

Your notebook won’t have the same authentic magic if you fill it with things that you don’t actually care about! While my first notebook contains some aspects of witchcraft that I don’t practice now, they were still important to me at the time. Your notebook is a visual representation of your journey, so don’t be afraid to fill it with your current obsession with crystals or a one specific tarot card. 

These are some really great tags for exploring topics when you don’t know where to start!

And some simple ideas for your first entries:

  • your birth chart
  • what you want to use magic for
  • a collage page of your witch aesthetic (or ideal aesthetic)
  • a wish list
  • your favorite crystals
  • a simple moon calendar (full/new moons of the year, month, or just information about the phases)
  • your favorite colors, seasons, places in nature etc
  • record information about the chakras/energy points in the body
  • list of your favorite witchy movies and tv shows
  • draw teacups and fill them with drawings of your favorite blends
  • drawings of your ideal familiars (animal companions)

A couple witchy things that you may not have heard about but are super cool to incorporate into your craft:

  • sigils (visual symbols charged with an intent)
  • incantations (short spells that sometimes rhyme)

Don’t knock Pinterest.

I personally like to have very organized and planned out pages. I’ve resorted to Pinterest *many* times to get graphic ideas for lunar calendars, zodiac wheels and other witchy things that require a lot of information in a condensed graphic. Pinterest has great inspiration for those special, planed out spreads.

Separate or keep it altogether. 

Some people like to keep everything in one notebook/binder, others like to separate their topics or layouts into different notebooks. I started a bullet journal for more planned out pages, but my general notebook is a leuchtturm1917 with dotted grids where I have reference pages and personal entries.

Here are some pages of my notebook that I’m especially proud of.

Ultimately, your notebook is a reflection of YOU. It doesn’t have to be super witchy, covered in cobwebs with etched pentagrams. It can be a simple composition notebook or a super frilly lace journal. Be true to yourself and your notebook will never lead you astray. Best of luck and feel free to message me!

Stoner Witch Tip 🔮

When burning your bowl visualize you burning away any negativity from the day, when blowing out your bowl visualize that negativity leaving your body and surrounding area 💚🍁💨 || You can also try adding some herbs to your bowl as well like Lavender, Rose petals (as long as it’s safe to consume) ~ I find this really helps me if my Anxiety is pretty active (deep breathing exercises)


when the answer was under ur nose the whole time… 😩😩😩