i think for me the most unrealistic part of superhero shows and movies is that there aren’t like a bunch of Jewish people ruining the day for the villains. 

like our actual name translates to one who fights G-d

like that is our major deal we fight and question G-d all the fucking time we have turned it into an art form

sorry but some dickhead shows up trying to ruin shit and we like hold my Torah i got some butt to kick 

or some asshole claims to be G-d do you think we are not gone turn up in groups to annoy the ever living shit out of them

we will be there debating each other as some of us verbally eviscerate and others punch the bejeezus out that scumbag

i’m just saying if you ever been at shabbat meal were a parasha debate is going on you know what i mean when i say before any superhero has time to even show up Jewish people will already have sorted it out

It is commonly joked about in the SoC  fandom that Kaz never gets enough sleep, but it can be interpreted that Kaz’s refusal to sleep mirrors his similar refusal to address his emotional needs and relationships. This is seen in Crooked Kingdom where Kaz puts off rest in place of more “important” tasks relating to the job, but that is until Chapter 30 which begins with Kaz waking up after passing out from exhaustion. Just as Kaz could no longer put off resting and falls asleep, Kaz similarly can no longer avoid addressing his desire to connect with others. Chapter 30 sees Kaz reminiscing over a past crush he turned away years ago, acknowledging the similarities he sees between Jesper and his brother, and looking over the corpse of a man who was so alone when he died that animals got to his body before people did. Relationships, just like sleep, are ultimately unavoidable to Kaz, and in this essay, I will..

Earth 🧚🏼‍♂️🕊✨

Earth is the element that represents the divine feminine, “Mother Earth,” and overall a representation of femininity. It’s the element that’s closest to touch, feeling, and the overall senses as the earth in itself is physical. Touch, taste, smell, sight is all a way to feel grounded with the earth and the environment around you. Take in the smell of the air and the flowers, the feeling of the grass and ground, the taste of the food you get from the earth, look around you at all Earth has to offer. The Earth is grounded but it’s also quite intuitive as the senses bring a natural feeling. Earth is a receptive element as it naturally feels. Everything we have and do all ultimately comes from the Earth as it is our foundation, our stability, and our beginning structure. The Earth, although feminine, is strong and willed. It can handle the strongest of forces and still survive and transform. It’s feminine, peaceful, and perceptive but also grounding, structured, and strong. Without the Earth, we would have no foundation or direction. The Earth is physical yet sensual and feminine yet strong. With that being said, the Earth although it is receptive and sensual can also lack a certain imagination and drive for the unknowing as it is quite practical. ✨

Keywords: strength, feminine, grounding, practical, sensual, feeling, intuitive, structure, Mother Earth, foundation, and physical.

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Taurus: The sign Taurus is ruled by Venus accompanied with being an earth sign so sensuality and the senses is very important to people with Taurus influence. Of all the Earth signs, Taurus can be the most materialistic. Touch, taste, smell, etc is very important. Blankets with certain rough or soft textures, perfumes and scented bath bombs, good comfort food, etc are very important to Taurus influence individuals. This sign is naturally intuitive and so not only do they like to surround themselves with beautiful things but it can be necessary for them to an extent because they can easily draw energy from the things around them. Having negative or uncomfortable environments, people, and things around them can draw in negative energy and result in moodiness, change in behavior, feeling out of control, etc. So as materialistic as it may seem, the things they prefer can bring them happiness in a physical and intuitive way and not just mentally and emotionally. Much like Earth itself, taurean influenced individuals can stand their ground, especially if it’s in the place of moon or mars. Earth is very paractical and does not always like to shift and Taurus can be exactly like that in their state of mind and emotions. Once they feel or think something, it can be hard to shift or change their mind and opinions because of their stubborn nature. It’s important for them to learn that life without change is no life at all and just isn’t possible. You can’t always get your way. 🌿

Virgo: Virgo is ruled by mercury but as we know, Virgo takes after the long term and educational topics that mercury has to offer as it’s much more focused and detail oriented (as Gemini, the other sign ruled by mercury, takes after the curiosity, short term and changeable topics and ideas of mercury as it’s less focused in nature and more flighty). With that being said, Virgo influenced people can mentally and/or emotionally be very structured and grounded in the way they think, feel, and express. When you pair the detail oriented and focused energy it receives from mercury with the traits it receives from Earth, it can be easy for them to focus on things they don’t need to focus on due to the intuitive nature of earth in terms of the senses. Earth signs pick up on things through the senses and in Virgo, these people can really become very focused on that. Virgo takes after a lot of the maternal energy from earth in the sense that they care a lot about animals, people, and just overall humanitarian issues. They can be very caring and loving individuals with a huge need to be selfless and help and with that you see a lot of the feminine earth energy in this sign. They’re very structured and practical, however, they are also loving and kind towards the earth, animals, and living things. Virgos really thrive in environments where they can remain controlled but can also serve in some way.🧚🏼‍♂️

Capricorn: The sign Capricorn is ruled by Saturn so naturally it has a very stern energy accompanied with the strong willed and practical nature of Earth. Capricorn influenced individuals can come off a lot more mature than they actually are which really captures the energy mix between Saturn and earth. It’s Earth energy can make people with Capricorn influence very parental as it carries the nature of being in control and grounded. These people can be very focused on doing what they need to do as it’s very important to them. They can be very focused in terms of their future as the energy surrounding this sign can be very rough and push them in positions to gain control of their career, future, and overall life. It helps them to feel in control to take care of others, themselves, and to be in positions at school or work where they can pursue leadership or individuals roles. Despite the popular understanding that Capricorn energy is too stern, these people can actually be quite intuitive and focused on the senses. Like all Earth signs, Capricorn’s have a tendency to feel intuitively through their environment. They can really enjoy things that incorporate and play with the senses as long as it’s part of their control and they are comfortable. Like the earth and like time itself (Saturn), Capricorn’s can have this feeling of being as old as the Earth itself. They definitely have a big understanding of the destruction and negative sides of life which could be due to the mix of the Saturn and earth energy or just from the fact they may experience it at one point in their life, especially in childhood. They are very old souls. 🦔

“The image of Eiji protectively embracing a trembling Ash reminds of the Virgin Mary.”

This is from a special feature in a magazine (”Pafu”) which every year in April held a contest to elect “Best leading character” and “Best supporting character”.
Ash and Eiji won in 1992 and 1993. It’s interesting to note that they managed to overtake Yu Yu Hakusho, probably one of the most popular mainstream series at the time.
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In the final season of Voltron, I’d love to see Krolia meeting the other paladins’ moms, largely so that we can get this exchange:

Hunk’s mom: You know, we should form a club or something. We’ll make t-shirts that say “My kid is a Voltron Paladin!”
Lance’s mom: We could call ourselves MVP: Mothers of Voltron Paladins.
Colleen Holt: What about MAGE? Mothers Against the Galra Empire?
Krolia: …or Voltmom.
Other moms:
Hunk’s mom: I take it back. The t-shirts absolutely must say “Form Voltmom"

The Pampered Prince

When I read this post by @poisonedapples my first thought was ’I got you fam.’ So I had to write this, it was too cute not to write.

Pairing: Royality

Word Count: 802

Warnings: Food mention. (If there’s anything else, tell me!)

Roman is the best boyfriend Patton could ever wish for. Their relationship seems almost directly out of a fairytale - both of them wholly in love with the other. Roman absolutely pampers Patton, getting him gifts and cuddling him whenever he asks, treating him like a prince should treat his love.

And Patton adores every bit of it. The flowers, the picnics, the long walks in Roman’s realm through beautiful flowered fields and creature-filled forests.

Yet, sometimes he wants to be the one to pamper Roman, to treat him like the prince he truly is. But Roman seems so happy with the way things are so Patton tries to fill this want by baking for him and making small gifts, all of which Roman appreciates and compliments.

But he still can’t help but wish for more…

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