A sad lion (◕︿◕✿)
@erikhowlett1900 commissioned me Cullen with her beautiful Trevelyan caring for his wounds. I have a weakness for Cullen’s portraits, so these three bonus pictures happened. Don’t miss the original piece ;> 
PRINTS available on Redbubble of the first picture (I highly recommend small sized prints in order to avoid loss of detail)

I saw an interesting discussion recently about what Ben mouthed at Rey after he saw her get injured in the Throne Room (some potential ideas thrown around: “Rey,” “Oh God.”)

Well, I spent some time examining the footage today, and I just figured it out. The movements of his mouth and cheeks are unmistakable. 

“Hold on.” 

Ben is telling Rey to hold on while he fights off the remaining Praetorian Guards so that he can rush to her aid and protect her.

 I’m wrecked. 😭 


Sangwoo’s realization hurts my heart so damn much.

I think Sangwoo is at a point where he seriously fell in love with Bum but also knows that he can’t change who he is. He will hurt and torment Bum over and over again without hesitation.
Yet he is too selfish to actually do anything about it.

I’m looking forward to the next chapters. I hope we get to see Sangwoo’s character grow a lot


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