my pjo and hoo edit


character portraits >> jason grace + piper mclean

Jason and Piper were really difficult to fancast but I hope I did them justice by picking two beautiful and regal looking people. Jason has the manicured Roman look to him and Piper looks stunning but messy, just as she should. Just as in my Percabeth edit, I think the eyes say the most.

percy + annabeth  // hazel + frank  //  leo + reyna


character portraits >> leo valdez + reyna arellano

This isn’t a ship post, I put Leo and Reyna together because my next post was going to be Nico and Will. Matching Leo and Reyna to their book descriptions wasn’t as hard as I thought, actually! I found someone with the same elfish face and hint of mischief as Leo, and the bonus was the really curly hair as well! Reyna’s regality is hard to match, but I found this beautiful model with the Latina-Roman timelessness Percy had described, with the long black hair and the intense eyes. 

percy + annabeth  //  hazel + frank // jason + piper


Percy Jackson

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