Who do I think I am?

What is my brand? How do I present myself on social media? I’ve managed to pin it down to four points.

Firstly I brand myself as an artist. I post about my writing, photography, poetry. I’m a self proclaimed artist and I use my social media accounts to publicize that and promote my own work.

Secondly I brand myself as queer. I’m vocal about my identity online and how that intersects with my experiences of the world, this is evident in different ways throughout all my social media accounts. 

Thirdly, I brand myself as an activist. Socially and politically. My current profile picture on Facebook is me with Green party list member Chloe Swarbrick and my intro on Facebook is “gender is a social construct // vote greens” The majority of my Facebook posts are about politics, with the occasional meme thrown in. 

Finally I brand myself as mentally ill. I talk about my depression and anxiety via my social media accounts, just enough to de-stigmatize it and open a conversation but not enough that my online world becomes a dairy for everyone to see. 

These four forms of branding identify me within my social networks and also reflect a lot of the content other people in my networks are sharing. Which begs the question, am I posting for myself or for them? 


I’ve been tagged for a SDS by a few people, finally got up the gumption to do it tonight while watching the sunset.   @frontalbread  @i-want-to-be-wonderwoman  @mybigfatfitlife  @evolutionofacosfitter  @midlifeprogress (love that URL, BTW!)   Thank you all for the tags! Sorry it took me so long!

Can I get some SDS action from:  @insertcaffeine @grandenoirceur @gemmalosesherjelly @running4my-life @boo-badger @bexmaddy @buckosphere @ketoketoketo @coffeeandfitblr  @shed100please  @thefatdaddiary


Being a student photographer is not easy., I’m like a butterfly. Coming in many shakes and forms. So many beautiful colors. And I’m only seen for the bare little and used for my beauty of display. Captured for the wrong reasons seen for only mundane reason. As if it’s not hard enough growing up labeled by family and false friends being different I still rise to fly but mentally get shot down again wanting to awaken into freedom of labels from the bastard child, the molested girl, the raped, used, abused girl, the colored, black, brown, nigger, nigga, Jamaican, English, fucking trying to find my light away from my mundane mind, body, and heart. I search the universe for more then my shell a love beyond this hell. To cut all the cords that keep me spell bound. Until I pray my photography will express my joy, my light, my pain and all the darkness I have survived. And that I do deserve love, happiness, and light, even when everyone I deserved to die and wasn’t worth the universes time. My soul kept the faith for me to continue to strive and I will Coexist and shine. My Name is Karel and I am reborn as Sophia L. Grey but I am more then a name or prepared fame. And I pray you support my Photography. My poetry and the many stories and lyrics I have shared from inside my skin/shell. #CabbageWhiteButterfly by: #SavageHearts84 #DigitalPhotography #DigitalPhotographer #DigitalOgraphy #StudentPhotographer (at Unity North Atlanta)

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A few five-spotted hawk moths on my four o’clocks this evening. I love watching these amazing creatures! They are crazy-fast as they flit around, fly away, then zoom back. In the caterpillar stage, these are what people call tomato worms or green horn worms, which are pretty universally hated. DON’T HATE THEM! Plant some extra tomatoes or peppers for them to eat and you’ll be rewarded with these amazing moths!

Hi everyone!

I am very excited to announce the opening of my photography exhibition ‘Plastic Fish’.

Please join me for drinks on opening night, Thursday 21st September at 6pm, Junior Space, 65 Smith Street, Fitzroy.

Pictured: 'In Dreams’, pigment print, 65 x 80cm, 2017.

For mail out invitations or to preview the catalogue, please email lilli@lilliwaters.com or hello@juniorspace.com.au

A huge thanks to my amazing sponsors Icon Frames, Kayell, Fury & Son Brewing Company and Starward Whiskey.

I hope very much to see you all there for a whiskey!