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Hi! I was hoping to get an EXO k&m ship! I am 21, Aries, 174cm tall, with long red hair & green eyes. I'm always smiling & happy, I blush a lot when i'm shy/nervous & bite my lip when thinking. I'm really friendly, always trying to help others/make them happy, & very talkative. I LOVE; telling stories~verbally,writing,listening~cooking & eating, photography, using my imagination, going on adventures, drawing, singing & dancing badly. I love to read, am obsessed with sushi & love animals Thanks ♥

Hey doll, thank you for being so patient! I hope you enjoy!

In Exok I ship you with Chanyeol!
First of all your signs (Aries & Sagittarius) are most compatible. But your personalities would go together perfectly as well. Chanyeol loves happy girls that love to smile. Also I think he would find your nervous habit very adorable. His favorite thing would be to listen to your animatedly told stories about your day or just anything. He would just love to hear your voice and all of the enduring and funny things that you will say. Chanyeol would admire your red locks very much. He would sees any opportunity he can to play with it. Above all, I think Chanyeol would truly appreciate how you almost love to make others happy. He would treasure your sweet heart very much and it will inspire him everyday to be a better person.

In ExoM I ship you with Chen! I truly think you could be that positive and sweet light that brightens his day. He would find the little things about you and admire them. Chen would find the things like biting your lip cute and rather sexy. I could see Chen going on all of the adventures your heart is set on together with you. Maybe even surprise with tickets to a place you have always wanted to go for your birthday or anniversary. Oh my goodness, this man would be obsessed with the fact that you can cook. He would brag about that at any given chance he can. He would be the best friend type of boyfriend that you can play around with and have the worst dance battles.

This is definitely my favorite #season. And probably next few days I will spam with #pictures of this #wonderful and #amazing #rhododendron #trees. At least if I am right. They have the right to re called one of the #most #beautiful #trees. I would love to have or in my #garden 😻

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