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I’d like to create a fashion film where by I emulate the screen tests filmed by Andy Warhol in the mid to late 60s. The films captured various faces of popular culture; models, socialites, actors, artists and musicians. At the time of the scene in New York many young creatives not only wanted to be let into The Factory but to have a screen test taken ‘made’ you. In today’s digital, social media culture everyone has the ability to be somewhat a ‘muse’ or modern icon. Many use platforms such as Instagram to take forms of screen tests, involving themselves in this form unapologetic narcissism which is so shamelessly accepted in the current generation. 

With my film I’d like to feature a few of the subjects from my own photography, my friends that have influenced my original concept. All have their own style not only with what they wear but how they wear what they do. I believe that anyone can wear the same thing but it can look completely different due to how they wear it. The behavior of people when they wear something they are totally comfortable in as apposed to when they are not. And comfort can come from the emotion you feel when you wear a certain outfit or garment irregardless to the material, cut or fit. Clothing holds memory and various pieces allow us to experience life differently, it’s the idea that fashion is a verb and the garment is merely a physicality to the action.    

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