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Is lucky luciano a hero or villain?

HONESTLY I HAVENT DECIDED ………………………… so i have not made my personal decision yet but here is the conversation that inspired the art

but also THAT conversation was inspired by my edit here

of this image ,

so i wouldnt mind seeing him in yuuei :+)

A step by step guide on what to do when you see a ship you dont like

1. Say “yikes” out loud

2. Move on and continue scrolling

I just wanna take a moment to appreciate how much of a good game Samba De Amigo is and it’s better than ANY Just dance game on the market XDDD

It’s such a good game, it was a staple of my childhood, and it’s what got me into liking Samba music when I was 6 years old.

Es lo que me hizo apreciar tanto la cultura mexicana en primer lugar XDDD

Es la cultura y la gente que me dan ganas de vivir allí (legalmente) cuando soy mayor (además, me encantan las playas y la comida, así como alejarme de algunas de las personas ignorantes y racistas que viven donde estoy)

I’ve secretly been in the Samba De Amigo fandom for many, many years!

Amigo is my second son and I love him to death XDDD

Why are we sleeping on the incredibly canon fact that Momo Yaoyorozu loves cannons. She’s used them in battle THREE different times now, even though they are bulky and use up a lot of her fat supply. She’s smart, she could totally think of creative ways that require less fat. But she’s doesn’t. Because she loves the big boom tubes.

What I learned during my first semester in medschool

The first semester is officially gone, and well this are a few things I learned:

1. Labs are fucking important, honestly I wish I would have put more effort in studying for the lab practices I had last semester, same for my lab notebook, this is were you will actually learn, not in a clasroom lecture 

2. Understand not memorize. Anatomy is more memorizing than understanding however being the one person in class that does understand the body instead of knowing it will pay off in the subjects, you may feel a little behind in anatomy while everyone is just reciting the textbook but you will be ahead in life, I have listened to some many friends from upper classes saying they have to go back to relearn anatomy so often because of just swallowing the textbook when they were in first year. 

3. Be friends with people who are in upper classes, this is the best thing you can do for yourself, people who are ahead of you can not only give you tips, but can also explain things when you are clueless and most importantly give support people in your year can’t because they’ve been through it already!

4. Things with your classmates can get intense, in my university we take every class with the same twenty people and in a competitive field as medicine there jealousy is always there, don’t let it affect you, is someone succeeds it doesn’t mean you are failing, and also if someone get a higher grade it doesn’t mean they are better than you, we all have something to learn from everyone and something to teach to everyone.

5. Netter’s Anatomy flashcards 100% (there is also an edition in spanish!)

6. The 2 notebook trick: Have a notebook for writing everything you learn in class and another one to make your study notes or summaries

  • burr: after the war i went back to new york
  • hamilton: damn thats what i did too, how can i make it sound cooler???
  • hamilton: A-AFTER the war i went bACK to nEW York

How to study Histology

Hey guys! I know a lot of people have trouble with histology and I found myself so many times teaching my friends not only the subject but also how to study for it so this post is for you, I hope you enjoy it since it’s my first post.


I know medical books tend to have too much information that may not be always necessary so I really recomend highlighting IN DIFFERENT COLORS, I can’t stress enough about how important is to use color coding, most of my friends get tired easily when reviewing and I truly believe it is because the whole textbook page is yellow, so every time they open it they get saturated by the amount of information highlighted. Also when you are trying to find something is easier to look straight to the type of info you need (could be numbers, functions or anything) so a color for each type is a lifesaver

I use:

  • Yellow: Really important stuff (If you don’t know this you don’t know anything about the subject)
  • Purple: Numbers (size of this type of cell, percentages, life cycle or anything that includes numbers)
  • Blue: Functions (what does it do? How does it work?)
  • Pink: Specifications (something you can only find in this tissue/cell/organ or anything really really specific or detailed to know)
  • Orange: Terms and vocabulary to know

Also if there is any clinical case try to summarise it, take a post it and just write the disease, cause and main simptoms.

Some really good histology books are: Gartner, Genesser and Ross yet try to study not only from one textbook, having one physically and the rest as ebooks is great because you can highlight and write notes on one, but study also from the rest. I feel like I need to actually mark the page or something to feel like I did read it, but that is just me.


FOCUS IN THE PICTURES: is more important to tell the difference between the tissues (normally the hardest part of the subject) than knowing what they do (you’ll learn that again later on physiology), so pay lots of attention when that explain how to identify them, most doctors will be kind enough to give you tips and tricks on how to do it WRITE THEM DOWN!

Read at least the chapter summary before the lecture.

Draw!!! It is easy to make a quick sketch about what the doctor just explained about the tissue, for example if you are talking about red cells draw one and write any notes given regarding how it will look on the microscope


Take pictures of the tissues: At home you can play matching them to the correct name or cells, and also you can’t try to draw the but now focusing more on the details so you can remember how it looks like

The Signs As Texts I’ve Sent II


Pisces: “I have a YouTube channel where I only show half my face and read things that maybe could be considered poetry”

Aries: “We should make a petition or something and send it to the government”

Taurus: “I mean my favourite songs range from 80s pop to Green Day to Celtic rock to country to acoustic to Donald Where’s Your Troosers”

Gemini: “If you thought the reason why I was close to tears is because of Raphael Santiago being asexual you’re 100% right”

Cancer: “It looks like a demon could appear any minute but so could a cup of tea if you get my drift”


Virgo: “The most stressful thing is deciding how many and what books to bring”

Libra: “I require menstruating people to form a deathcore band with me”

Scorpio: “I just flung my arm out and cracked my wrist and elbow at the same time”

Sagittarius: “I’ve decided to only bring colour coordinated clothes on holiday with me so I’ve got three pairs of black jeans, four black t-shirts, a black hoodie and my black converse.”

Capricorn: “I tried to type "have fun” but instead wrote “hand gun”“