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next-gen!b99 headcanons

disclaimer: mostly crack, based on all of the three or so things we know about the kiddos from canon

  • little iggy stumbles upon gina’s makeup stash at some point and decides it’s her life’s mission to give everyone makeovers!!!!!! (“mommy, do people realize how drab they look?? i gotta make them pretty.”) 
    • this of course includes her uncle jake who happily sits through getting his face covered in powder and glitter and who knows what else. he very happily sports three shades of lipstick at once.  
    • gina keeps griping about how iggy won’t stop messing with her eyeshadow – she’s a proud mama, but that stuff ain’t cheap. rosa eventually gets the little princess a kids’ makeup kit.
    • group playdates are ofc a regular thing, and you best know nikolaj and the peraltiago toddlers also end up getting makeovers. charles thinks it’s the cutest thing when he finds them all dolled up by the end of the evening. he takes no less than 104 photos to send to their squad group-text. 
    • iggy could spend hours listening to the jeffords girls talk about nail art or lip gloss or braids. they’re 3 of her fave people in the world!!
  • nikolaj miraculously grows out of his Basic Bitch picky eating phase and finds that he actually rly likes cooking!!
    • apart from his papa, his uncle kevin is the best because he teaches him about french cuisine and he puts bacon smiles on his breakfast dishes! meanwhile, his uncle raymond is hilarious because who would eat whole wheat no-flavor nutrition bricks??????
    • terry brings him to the farmers market when charles and genevieve are busy with work. they have fun rating all the different flavors at the greek yogurt stand. 
    • one year, nikolaj auditions for a TV junior cooking competition and *almost* makes it to the final cut, but apparently potatoes and vinegar aren’t normal cookie ingredients??? charles fully yells at the judges & producers of the show before storming out of the kitchen. gina sends anonymous hate mail to the studio. rosa nearly shows up with a sword. 
  • when they’re old enough, cagney and lacey babysit the younger kiddos to earn extra allowance. 
    • that would be like if you were going out of town for the week, and you paid a horse to watch your dog. it’s like, “alright, here’s the number where we’ll be, where we keep the dog food, and you’re a horse.”
    • ava likes to think that this means she’s also in-charge and demands she get paid as well. terry tries to negotiate with her every time but still ends up shelling out at least $5. 
    • amy unsurprisingly prepares a binder for them to refer to while she and jake are gone. it includes everything from how to put out a grease fire to how to answer questions about the Afterlife… they don’t end up opening it at all bc the toddler falls asleep 20 minutes into moana. 
  • with two cops for parents, the peraltiago babies are at the precinct more often than they probably should be.
    • amy tries to arrange for child care whenever she knows they’ll need it, but it’s impossible to predict when she and jake will both be called in for emergencies or whatnot. 
    • holt lets it slide as long as the kids aren’t in imminent danger. when there’s a particularly nasty person in the holding cell, he makes sure they’re kept safe and entertained on another floor. occasionally, he’ll let them play in his office. 
    • gary somehow always ends up watching them when they’re hanging out with the beat cops. he doesn’t mind at all. 
  • one of the peraltiago kiddos develops a puppy-love-esque crush on nikolaj just because he’s super nice to them!!!!! (“daddy, he showed me his toy truck collection! daddy, he let me watch him cook buttered noodles! and, oh- daddy, doesn’t he kind of look like harry potter with his glasses??”) 
    • the kiddo is in first grade and nikolaj is a full 7 years older than them so evidently nothing is going to happen for the foreseeable future, but jake and amy still try their hardest to keep this secret from charles – lest he start planning a wedding.

he sleep

Me: Why does no one talk to me

Also me: Talks about Tolkien, the Silmarillion and the Lord of the Rings 24/7 non-stop without a break for air

i have. a mighty need for angsty polyruses fic. like here is some of the things i would want to write/see in one

>hanahaki au with pap having it :)))) 
>established (maple??)spicyhoney with pap dying in the corner bc he wants to be part of their relationship but theyre monogamous 
>wingman flowey 
>everyone noticing pap s u f f e r i n g 
>pap being like Everything Is Fine when it is Not^tm
>mapleblossom happening but then slim breaks up w pap and joins up with spicyhoney and pap is highkey dying 
>uHHHH papyrus hurting emotionally (or mentally. or physically. any pain at all, really) 
>pap overtraining /exercising too much bc he doesnt know how to handle emotions
>soulmate au where fell and swap (and maybe slim) dont realise pap is their soulmate and pap thinks they dont want him 
>sans noticing that something is wrong but not knowing how to help 
>papyrus s w e a r i n g 
>papyrus– not swap papyrus– smoking or doing drugs or something
>pining. please
>all of the sans’s telling their brothers that ‘papyrus is in love with you’ and them not believing it 
>possessiveness over papyrus even when (maple)spicyhoneyblossom isn’t established and papyrus is irritated and thinks theyre treating him like a child
>papyrus! getting! drunk! 
>papyrus being a huge sub always because i literally cant see has a dom (swap being the Ultimate Dom, fell subbing to swap but domming pap and slim is a switch) 
>artist papyrus expressing his feelings through art and everyone being promptly horrified because his art is really dark and disturbing
> (maple)spicyhoney having a one night stand with papyrus who ends up pregante and its a whole mess bc they arent attracted to him romantically even tho he is (eventually they do end up being romantically attracted bc im a sucker)
>papyrus lying about highkey everything and then having his web of lies collapse so he has to rebuild all of his relationships up again while pining and feeling guilty 
>the slowest burn ever
>established polyruses that falls apart somehow? but they end up back together (or not)
>fell, swap, and slim pining after papyrus but him being uninterested, in a relationship, or oblivious 

\also, i put maple aka slim in parenthesis bc he could or could not be there depending on ur own tastes tbh i go back and forth with wanting him in polyruses because im very picky on how he is interpreted\

ill probably end up writing some of these because chances are no one else will (but i mean. if u want to go ahead but please for the love of all that is holy tag me)

soulmatesifyouwill  asked:

Tata, gimme some headcanons. Ambrollins. All the Ambrollins. Help me. <3

asdfghjklkjkjklkjk OKAY SIS here’s some dean/seff still in denial but too much in luv with each other to hide it (bc i’m trash for dean/seff in denial okay)

• seff really wanting to text dean that he misses being his tag team partner but being afraid that dean wouldn’t take him seriously
• dean really wanting to text seff that he misses being his tag team partner but being afraid seff would say that he likes more wrestling on his own
• seff sitting alone in the bus during the european tour and constantly listening to a playlist he made that reminds him of his moments with dean
• dean watching raw every time just to see seff and cheering him loudly and yelling angrily at the tv when his opponents kick him
• seff hearing by chance someone talking about dean and joining the conversation trying to look subtle but eventually not being able to contain himself and starting to say how good he is at everything he does bc HE JUST CAN’T STFU WHEN IT’S ABOUT DEANO OKAY (in the meantime roman walks nearby and shakes his head rolling his eyes lmao)
• dean writing a shopping list but suddenly thinking about seff and starting to draw doodles in the notes with seff’s initials
• seff finally finding the courage to call dean one night and his hands are shaking and his heart beating so damn fast when dean answers that he suddenly forgets the sentence he wanted to open the call with that he has been repeating to himself for half an hour before starting the call
• dean not believing his eyes when he sees seth’s name (”sourpuss”) on the phone screen calling him and trying to sound chill but he actually has his voice broken for emotional distress lmao
• the actual conversation starting after like two minutes of EHM, HUH, SO, UHM bc none of them is able to think straight 
• seff trying to break the ice talking about everything and nothing 
• dean finally interrupting his nonsensical babbling with I MISS U SO MUCH
• seff suddenly shutting up for the shock and dean thinking he shouldn’t have said that but seff adding I MISS U DAMN MUCH TOO as a whisper bc he’s actually CRYING REAL TEARS
• dean adding something like NAH IMMA TURN HEEL ON U WHEN I COME BACK to cheer seff up and seff laughing and dean laughing back and them being stupidly happy to be in love with each other without saying it

boss-the-goofball  asked:

I personally call him Green because when I first read the manga, it was the version that called him Green and the female Blue. Anyway, how about Red and Green involved in a sandcastle building contest? Either them teaming up or going against each other.

Same tbh! I always called him Green as well tho a lot of ppl on tumblr seem to call him Blue so. Welp. 

Honestly I was torn between doing a kid!fic w them or Alola but considering I think I write adult characters better than kids…. and sun and moon…. yeah. 

Sorry if this reads weird/ooc/anything bad at all I have NEVER written these two and I haven’t worked out my own personal hcs for them either yet lmao

“Red! Red! Look at this!” Green waved a colorful flier in front of his fiance’s face; way too fast for Red to actually even catch a glimpse of what was on it. His lips twitched slightly in adoration, and his pale hand darted out to still Green’s wrist.

Green chuckled uneasily and scratched the back of his neck. “Oh. Yeah. Sorry.” 

Red took the flier from Green’s hand and peered down at it. The colorful paper was advertising a sandcastle building contest. Whoever wins would get an all you can eat pass for some restaurant Red had never heard of for a year. 

“We have to enter this! We haven’t done anything fun this entire time!” 

Red shot Green a look, and Green backtracked. “Well like. Fun that doesn’t include hiking up and down in humid forests. We’ve been here a day and we haven’t really gone to the beach yet! I’m pretty sure that’s a crime. Somewhere. Somehow. Anyways, the point is, we have to enter this!” 

Red blinked slowly at Green. 

“Look! It says right here we can team up together. It’ll be fun! Besides, I’ve never built a sandcastle before. I wanna try it! So? Enter with me?”

Red smiled, and leaned in to kiss Green on the cheek. 

“You’re going down!” Green shouted across the beach, cupping his hands over his mouth. His eyes were alight and fiery- just as they were in battle- and his teeth bared in a malicious grin. 

Red sighed softly and shook his head slowly, but the twitch of a smile was still tugging at the corner of his lips. He patted more sand into the bright neon green bucket Green had bought for him. He quickly turned it over onto the ground, and firmly patted the top and all sides before picking it back up, creating a perfect cylinder shape. 

Green growled under his breath, clinching his hands into fists. “We are not losing to brats!” he snarled, glaring hard at the kids who had stuck their tongues out at him. Green turned back to the sand around him and using his red bucket, tried to create a cylinder as Red had done. Unfortunately, Green’s inexperience was practically tangible, and his column of sand started to crumble before he could pick the bucket back up at all. He gritted his teeth, and kicked out a hard foot against the ground, throwing up a cloud of sand. 

Red’s shoulder brushed against Green’s, and he reached over to gently hold his knee down. Red didn’t look up at Green as he picked up a stick and began carving small windows into his column of sand.

Green grunted, but his body did relax ever so slightly under Red’s touch. 

“How are you so good at that?” Green asked. “First battling, then being cool, and now sandcastle building?”

Red peeked up at Green through the cap he still refused to take off. A light dust of a blush formed across his cheeks and nose. 

Green smirked at Red, narrowing his eyes and leaning on him slightly. “I am a very lucky man,” he sang playfully. 

Green mentally cheered as Red’s blush deepened ever so slightly. The corners of his lips, which had been teasing a smile, were definitely turned upwards now. Red’s eyes quickly fell back down to his sandcastle and he resumed building it, albeit slightly slower than usual.  

Green watched Red work for a few more seconds before turning back to his own part of the castle. 

He couldn’t let Red do all the work, after all! 

Green groaned loudly in annoyance as he flopped onto their shared hotel bed that night. 

Red frowned and huffed. Now sand was going to be in their bed all night. Lovely. 

“I can’t believe we lost!” Green yelled to the ceiling as he rolled over onto his back. He punched the bed with his fists and glared hard upwards, as if the ceiling personally offended him by just being there. “We’re top trainers! best of the best! And we lost to a ten year old!”

Red couldn’t stop himself from snorting softly in amusement. 

Green crossed his arms stubbornly over his chest. “She probably cheated or something. She looked awfully like the judge, didn’t she? They both had black hair!” 

Red just shook his head at Green, and padded over to his side. He stared down at the mattress, and sighed.

Yup. Sand everywhere. Red looked back up at Green and gave him a long look. 

“Look, I can be upset with this if I want to, you know!” Green through his hands up in the air and pouted. “Stupid, stupid, stupid…” 

Red continued to stare at him. Green slowly looked up at him, and sighed. “I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking that I’m overreacting and that it doesn’t matter that we lost- what matters is that we had fun. And that I got to at least learn that I am awful at building sandcastles and that you’re pretty good and that it was a good way to spend our day and that you love me.” 

Red paused, and smiled at Green for a moment, before letting it fall and shaking his head. 

“What? Then what are you thinking about?”

Red rolled his eyes and pointed at their now sandy bed. Green stared down at the covers, and barked a weak and apologetic laugh. 

“Oh. Um. Right. Sand in the covers. Of course. Um…” Green stood up, but the damage had been done. Red sighed again, and gave Green an equally amused and annoyed look. 

“What? I can’t read minds you know! And today was stressful it’s an honest mistake!” 

Red rolled his eyes again, but couldn’t be mad at Green. Instead, he leaned forwards, and pressed a small kiss to the corner of Green’s mouth, before stepping away. Green tried to follow with a kiss full on the lips, but Red stopped him by raising a hand. 

“What? No kiss?” 

Red pointed back at the bed. 

“Oh yeah. Duh. When I get the bed clean, then can I have another kiss?”

Red smiled and nodded.