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Shane Dawson and Jake Paul

This may be long but oh well. I see so many people sharing their opinions on Shane, his attitude, what he creates and his past. I see people talking about Jake, Logan, Alissa and their pasts. This is my take on it,

1. The Jake Paul series made me realize a couple of things, one being that Jake is just a child, he’s my age. I could never imagine how fucked up I would be if I had his life, but, that is still no excuse. It humanized him, made me understand him and I understand his mistakes, I believe he can be a better person now and I really hope, for his sake and his fans’ sake, that he’ll grow and become better.

2. There are so many sides to every story, and different tellings of the stories. I think both Alissa and Jake were being truthful, they were telling their perspectives of the truth. You can believe one and not the other, of course, people are going to take sides. However, I think they were both in the wrong, but not as much as Logan was. Logan is the oldest out of all three, he should have had enough sense of right and wrong to not hurt his brother, to not hurt Alissa and to not put business over personal relationships. 

3. Shane gets a ridiculous amount of hate for his series. He got so much during his Jeffree Star series, and honestly, his Jeffree series made me respect Jeffree again. Once again, I saw Jeffree as a human being rather that a character on the internet. He got even more hate because of his Jake series, mostly because it involved Jake. I don’t want to get too into detail about this, but what I will say is: if you don’t like what he posts, says, does, believes or anything of the sort. If you just don’t like Shane, no one is forcing you to watch his stuff. If you’re going to be an asshole to anyone, they have a right to defend themselves. Even famous people have a right to defend themselves. You would do the same thing, so don’t act like a fucking victim! 

4. In conclusion, I don’t like Jake because of the series, I’ll never be into his videos or whatever, but I don’t hate him like I once did. I do think Shane needs to get off of the internet for awhile, allow himself to rest and cope. He is definitely an empath and that within itself is exhausting. People need to stop thinking that they can be rude to a celebrity just because they are not humanized like “normal” people. You don’t have to agree with everything they do, but if you do something against them, they have a right to do something back. Everyone gets upset. It;s normal. 

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Ok dude, two years ago I feel into the hell that Robron is and I swore it wouldn't happen again... But you're really making me wanna watch Hollyoaks for James/Harry and I dunno how I feel about that. I literally know nothing about the show or characters, only that you're making me very curious. So if I go down this rabbit hole, I'll blame you

I feel you, I totally feel you. I swore I wouldn’t do that kind of misery to myself ever again. And here I am.

BUT I think I (and hopefully it’ll be the case for you too?) have learned from my previous mistake. I just got way too invested in Robron. So invested that I had this idea in my head about how the ship was and who the characters were. And when the writing and what was on screen didn’t match that, it made it this absolute misery. I saw Aaron as this precious little cupcake who could do no wrong (which he is but that’s beside the point) and Robert as the character I wanted to believe he was, not the one they actually showed he was. 

Jarry so far for me has been a completely different experience. Firstly, it’s HO which is a totally different beast than ED. HO is, the vast majority of the time, the trashiest of the trash soaps and remembering that allows it be a fun experience; you can watch, make fun of characters and their actions without getting too invested in absolutely everything. ED, on the other hand, I always saw it as this rather serious drama instead of what it actually is; a trash soap. So being able to acknowledge what the show is helps a lot. 

Secondly, like I mentioned before, I’d gotten these ideas in my head about Aaron and Robert, I kind of idealized them in my head because of the ~sometimes writing. Jarry hasn’t been like that; they’re both incredibly flawed characters and HO isn’t afraid to show that completely and consistently. I think one of the things that made Robron an absolute misery for me personally was that the relationship got set up as this “Aaron makes Robert a better person” thing and then the times when they’d break it, it just would ruin things for me, ruin what I had in my head. Jarry is completely different. They’re not the “so-and-so makes the other better”, they’re the “they love each other for who they are” relationship, which is SO much better. 

Thirdly, HO, despite the trash it can be, is actually fairly decent when it comes to “big” relationships? I mean, if you look at McDean and Stendan, two of their biggest, they actually did a really good job with them? One got the happy ever-after (twice) and the other got as happy as could be expected given the circumstances. Of course, if you’re on the show long enough, it’s a soap and they’ll mess things up spectacularly, which is something you have to keep in mind (I didn’t when I watched ED and it led to a lot of misery); the only endgame in soaps is if the characters leave. 

Lastly, Jarry hasn’t ever felt like it’s pandering to it’s audience. Robron, I’m gonna be honest, I really believe that was supposed to end after Katie’s death, and the fanbase had a big part in keeping it going, which is why there was a lot of uneveness in there. Jarry, on the other hand, it’s the show going against what used to be one of their biggest fanbases (and I’ll never understand why ugh). It doesn’t come from feeling like they need to appease people; it came naturally from the characters, after 2+ years of build up, might I add.

And… now I’ve written you a book which hopefully doesn’t seem like complete nonsense. lol. But yes, please do watch and freely blame me for it :D And then come talk to me about it; I’m also happy to answer any questions or give any backstory since I know starting in on a soap story can be really confusing when you know nothing about the show or characters haha

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i think it was the stage live a few days ago when they were all singing butai shojou kokoroe when moeP realized that her voice isn't coming out. As it turns out she was holding her mic the complete opposite way lol.

HAHAHAHAHA oh my god, is this why she made that tweet about how she made a mistake during a live that she never made before? it all makes sense now 

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I guess I'm snanon now! :D Yeah, I see such a majority of tumblr painting both Snape /and/ those invested in his character is such terrible lights. It's quite troubling, to see 'morals' though a delineated, black v white lens. Literally all you guys do is make intelligent commentary and hilarious content and people are out here ready to f i g h t thinking if you're interested in Snape you're supporting child abuse??? I know several of my mutuals would probably unfollow if I started posting (1/2)

any Snape content (normally I wouldn’t care but I know a couple of these folks in real life *sigh* mistakes were made)… So unless I create a side blog, I’m just gonna float around poking through blogs ~snanonymously~ Anyway! Can I also say how much I adore the snictionary nonsense? It’s great, and you guys are great! <3 (2/2)

Yeah, the snaters are a whole other universe and a plague on tumblr, and the marauders stans are more likely to defend irl abuse. The tumblr mentality that want fans to pick their faves on a morality scale never put flawless characters on the front, but it can make fans nervous and defensive, thinking their faves are a reflection of their own worth, or worse, a validation of their story life, and they get irrational and self-centered, because in the end, everything is only about themselves and what they want to think of themselves. You can’t talk with people like that. 

Wow, you know people irl who knows your tumblr??? You’re braver than any us marine. You’re a true snover. Bravery first. He’d be so proud.

This blog is a side-blog. I have amazing mutuals on my main who hate Snape (but, like, for actual reasons, and who don’t go after snovers, you know… normal people) and I wanted to join the snapedom without forcing snovers to go through the hell mess of my main. Best decision of my tumblr life. This side blog is now more active than my main and bring me so much joy. 24567% recommend. Just saying. Nothing implied. Not trying to influence you. (*coughs*)

Ok I was lying.

And the @snictionary is a wonderful invention that deserves all the appreciation, and i can’t believe the snumanity lived so long without it. How did we communicate until now? A snystery.

My wife and I were were talking the other day and, I don’t remember what we were even talking about, but the idea came up that we would need an oreo for. I joked about getting one from my secret stash. This is where she made her mistake. She said “oh right, like you could have an Oreo stash without me knowing about it.”

I’m sorry?

That’s a challenge.

Oreos aquired.

I’m going to hide them in a super simple place at first

But be sure to follow this post while I chronicle all the ways and places I hide them and also how I plan on taunting her with cookies while she can’t find the package


Here’s me attempting to sing Say You Won’t Let Go by James Arthur live on stage during the You’re Welcome Tour! I had never been more nervous in my entire life than right before I stepped out on stage. I immediately ascended to new levels of nervous the second I started playing. But throughout the tour it got easier and easier every time I set foot onto that stage. But it wasn’t because I was getting better at the song, it was because you were so welcoming and forgiving and ready to look past any mistake I could have made. You slowly chipped away at my fears every time I faced them and I can’t thank you enough for the honor of being able to play for you. The world needs more people like you.

A species of warlike creatures, the dryzal, were the first to notice the humans, to them we were nothing but a bunch of hairless rats with a collective ego big enough to power an entire empire for several generations.

They took great humor in crushing us, so much so that they gave us fair warning. And that was their biggest mistake.

When they made landfall they were not greeted by an army of any kind, instead they found a small team of politicians. The Dryzal were astonished, they had even warned these beings of their presence and all they sent were people tried to talk, not to fight!

The admiral decided to humor these beings and discuss their terms of surrender, but when the human negotiator walked in, he was smiling!

“Good morning Admiral, how are you today?”

“Ready to crush you beneath my boot you puny rodent! Now stop with your useless babbling and get to business before I command my fleet to bomb your planet into submission!”

“If you wish. To put it simply you believe that you are in a superior position to us, it is my job to correct this assumption and inform you about the true hellhole of a position you put yourself in.”

At this point the Admiral was more than enraged. He had been insulted by this species again and again, and this show of bravado was the last straw.


“For starters” the politician smiled “We have enough nuclear weapons stored on in this military base alone to wipe your species out of our system, but that would be too easy. While we’ve been talking, teams of commandos have infiltrated your command ships and have taken complete control.”

He continued with a type of angry calm unknown to the dryzal “From the information we gathered from the onboard computers, we know exactly where your homeworld is and with your ships it will be absolutely no issue getting there. If you harm a single occupant of this planet we will turn every one of your weapons against you and glass your planets.”

The dryzal laughed, after all there was no way these pasty beings could have accomplished any of these feats, right?

Just to prove that the human was mentally unstable, he pulled out his communicator “Admiral Joz to Planet Eater, respond” But the com stayed silent. “Humph” he said “your sun’s solar flares must be interfering with our communication systems”

“Perhaps” said the politician shrugged “or maybe I’m right.” At this he pulled out a radio of his own and said “two shots”

The Planet Eater fired off two wide bore lasers into space, easily noticeable from the window of the building.

NOW the Admiral was listening

“What are your terms?” He asked, clearly defeated

“Leave everything behind and pack all of your troops into unarmed transports, go back to your empire and never return.”

The legend of the Humans spread quickly, and they were quickly both feared and revered as the destroyer of worlds and the freer of species. They were warriors, and nobody dared test that again


“It was the end of the day, they had wrapped me, and I went back to my trailer and ate two chicken burgers. And then they were like ‘Oh no there’s been a mistake, we need you to come back to set.’ I had to put on what we call a corset harness, which is a sort of Kevlar corset, and then you put the Spider-Man suit on over the top. I was basically sitting on my bum, holding on to a web which would then pull me 30ft headfirst down a lift shaft and the more I scrunched over, the more I could feel these chicken burgers coming up… and because you’re in the mask, if you throw up, you drown. It’s made the movie, so it was worthwhile. But every time I see it I get nauseous.” - Tom Holland

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BakuDeku prompt : "He looked my demons in the eye and smiled. He fell for the very thing I thought he'd fear."


Oh, you’re in my veins

and I cannot get you out.


Kacchan’s eye at the last page doesn’t look like it’s his orz.

And btw I have been listening to that song in repeat for the whole duration I was making this.

Thank you so much for this lovely prompt, anon. I enjoyed drawing it T wT. What Katsuki did in the past cannot be overlooked no matter how precious he is hhhh. 


171208 The Wings Tour The Final, Day 1 | Jungkook’s ending ‘ment | Video

I was going to cry during born singer, but Rapmon Hyung shed tears. Honestly I was about to cry too but I have to do an ad-lib in the back and my voice gets shaky so I held it in everyone. Since we started the tour in February there has been many things that happened, we had honorable opportunities so our position got higher and we became singers who received so much love. I regularly thought how can I meaningfully give back this love we have been receiving and it was only through a concert. I wanted to show you my best, in the best condition but while doing the stage I slightly *YOU DID WELL* made small mistakes so I’m really sorry to you guys. There were a lot of you who came and I’m sorry I couldn’t show you my best form.
Namjoon: You were the best, Jungkook
So for tomorrow and the day after tomorrow I will take care of my body, even for a day and show you the form that comes out. I’m really really thankful, thank you for enjoying today
Audience: It’s okay
Yeah, thank you. I love you~

[There were some small parts i couldn’t clearly hear]
Trans Credit: hobscheeks

IT/Stranger Thing’s MasterList

I decided to combine these two together since I have so many of them! It’ll be updated regularly!

Stranger Things:

Steve Harrington:

Mike Wheeler:

Dustin Henderson:

Jim Hopper:

Will Byers:

IT (2017):

Loser’s Club:

Bill Denbrough

Eddie Kaspbrak

Stan Uris

Richie Tozier

Beverly Marsh

Would Includes:


Loser’s Club

Richie Tozier

Bill Denbrough

Eddie Kaspbrak

Stan Uris

Stranger Things:

Steve Harrington



Richie Tozier:

Eddie Kaspbrak:

Stan Uris:

Bill Denbrough:

Stranger Things:

Steve Harrington:


block party (m) ⎪01

pairing: reader x jeon jungkook

word count: 4k

genre: neighbor au, enemies to lovers au, smut, slight angst

warnings: explicit sex, oral sex (m receiving), dirty talk, dom!jungkook, degradation, fingering, slight humiliation, overstimulation, multiple orgasms, masturbation, basically pwp

summary: moving into your new apartment brings back memories of your biggest mistake.

a/n: so. i had planned for this to be originally a one shot but it became to long and i thought i was never gonna finish it. i was stressed out about not posting for a month and that stress hindered me from writing, so i figured if i do a series instead, i would at least have something down and it would give me time to think coherently about the next chapters instead of publishing shit just for the sake of it. hope this is enough for you guys! sorry!


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  • Sam: Before I touch on the fact that there are evil aliens coming to kill us-
  • Iverson: Wait there are evil aliens coming to kill us?!
  • Sam: Anyway, yeah the reason why Matt, Shiro, and I disappeared was not because of pilot error, so before I give you the tools necessary to save the Earth, you're gonna jot that down and then broadcast it on the news ASAP. Shiro did everything right, but we were kidnapped. His disease wasn't the cause, so you're gonna correct all the assholes who tore into him.
  • Sam: Oh and the three kids that went missing - Pidge, by the way is my daughter Katie in a terrible disguise - along with Lance and Hunk, are alive and they gave me messages for their families.
  • Sam: Wow, fuck, look at me coming in and correcting all your mistakes. It's like you haven't made a correct decision for years. How embarrassing for you-
  • Iverson: Sam, please...
  • Sam: Do as I say or we literally all die.
Mistakes Made

The PCs are facing off against a group of evil cultists who just spotted the cleric of the group.

The 4 Cultists: *all cast protection from good on themselves*

LN Cleric: *simply walks into the room, cleaves 2 cultists dead in one swing, and presents the holy symbol of his LN god to the remaining 2 cultists*

One of the remaining cultists: *Rolls natural 20 on Knowledge (Religion) check to recognize the symbol* “Oh…Mistakes were made.”