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tbh I think a lot of people would feel differently about echo if we’d had like … even one flashback scene on the ring … a lot of the audience still viewed her as a villain so jumping straight from that to main character/love interest was hard for a lot of people to believe. We needed to see her struggle, see her change, see her prove herself to the others, rather than be shortchanged into a relationship with a few kisses and a sex scene.

The 100 has this really awful habit of cementing/fast forwarding a relationship via sex so that a couple can be seen as a set pair (see Illian/Octavia, Raven/Wick, and even, dare I say it, our beloved Marper) instead of actually putting in the hard yards and developing a relationship to a believable conclusion.

I think that’s what happened with Becho and was a factor in why so many people were adverse to it and to Echo and it really upsets me because I feel like Echo could be a really fascinating and multi-dimensional character but she was never given that space and so fell flat and it’s just frustrating all round.

By the way, re: my last post and my suspicion that Isabella’s arc will conclude this season… Since we’re on the topic, I’ll go ahead and say that for what it’s worth, I don’t have much hope of Josiah Hunt coming back for a hypothetical season 3 either. 

I love Josiah! I would to see more of him! But the same disillusion with the law that’s made for such a satisfying character arc has also sort of… written him out of his role on the show. He’s lost his blind faith in the law’s justice and his stomach for enforcing it so harshly. He’s lost his job, which was what brought him to Harlots and to the neighborhood in the first place, and I don’t anticipate him getting it back in 2.08. At this point, I doubt he’s gonna marry Amelia, because she’s so against it and because this brush with death has probably reminded Violet how much she couldn’t stand to lose her. Without his occupation and without strong ties to a more permanent character, Hunt doesn’t really have his own place within the community of the show. He’s served a significant role in the narrative and has had a great character arc in and of himself, but does he still have much potential to continue doing those things…?

And yeah, I hate the thought of him leaving! I really do. Thinking about how far he’s come as a person makes me feel like a proud mama bear, but then I remember that he’s lost the job he loved, lost his purpose in life, probably lost the girl he likes (whose heart he never had anyway), and I… It’s a bittersweet journey, and I hope he finds his way from here. And sure, I can concoct scenarios for how the show COULD keep him around, but I worry that he’s not important enough to the core focus of the story for them to go out of their way to find him a new place in the narrative. Assuming that no sudden disaster or change of circumstances befalls him, I think it more likely that 2.08 will see him wrapping up loose ends – settling things with Amelia, hopefully releasing Violet from her indenture, hopefully telling Will about Margaret, maybe helping against the Spartans a little bit more – and then heading off to start a new life. His old one is gone.

There’s still one more ep in season 2, of course. Maybe I shouldn’t be all doom and gloom before the end. But I’ve learned to be a little cynical about getting my hopes up, and to try and appreciate that some characters’ arcs can be wonderfully satisfying while also being limited and bittersweet.

general plot of every Thor film so far:

space prince Thor Odinson has a really bad fuckin time. somehow continues to be a pure ray of sunshine.

I know we’re all suffering over Infinity War or whatever, but you know what my major takeaway was re: Steve and Bucky? It’s that Bucky has been awake for a while and Steve has been visiting Wakanda on a regular basis. I’m fully serious about this; I’m not attempting to “fix” a problem with canon by making a fluffy headcanon. This is the first blush impression I got from the movie, and the more I think about it, the more it makes sense. Why?

  • We joke about Steve’s “depression beard” a lot, but actually, Steve looks really good in this movie. That guy has been eating a lot of fruit, moisturizing, and getting his beauty sleep. Bucky also looks shockingly healthy and relaxed compared to the last time we saw him. They both seem to be physically and mentally healthier, which doesn’t point to Bucky being freshly de-iced and still processing the worst of his shit. It also doesn’t point to Steve working himself to death and being forcibly separated from his best friend.

  • Steve seems to have a friendly and relatively informal relationship with T’Challa, which suggests to me that they’ve spent some time together. The other Avengers don’t appear to be very familiar with Wakanda, but Steve knows exactly where he’s going and what he’s doing. 

  • On top of that, the Avengers seem to have more than adequate funding and appear to be working, but they no longer have the backing of the US government or Stark Industries. Where did they get the resources to do this? Where are their missions coming from? Sure, they’re likely doing their own supervillain hunting and probably some residual Hydra mop-up, but I’m guessing they’re being bankrolled by T’Challa and probably doing a fair bit of collaborative work with Wakandan intelligence. Steve would feel the need to repay T’Challa’s kindness, but what do you get the man who has everything? If you’re Steve, probably loyalty and black ops missions.

  • When Steve and Bucky greet each other, it feels warm, but also routine, suggesting that this isn’t their first contact since Civil War. This is a greeting you’d expect between two people who last saw each other maybe one or two weeks ago and text each other pictures of what they ate for lunch, not two people who have a lot of unresolved shit and haven’t spoken in years. The tension and sadness you see at the end of Civil War is absent in Infinity War.

  • Finally, the relationship between Wanda and Vision establishes that it’s possible for Avengers to go off alone for a day or two without any significant notice or concern from the others. Clearly it’s not unheard of for them to take short breaks to do personal stuff.

My take on all this? Bucky’s been up and about for a fairly long time, doing some Wholesome Farm Labor, babysitting some Charming Wakandan Children, and generally getting better. Steve and the Avengers have been running whatever missions come up, and when there’s a break in the action, Steve comes to Wakanda, says hi to T’Challa, and spends a day or two with Bucky. Maybe he takes the opportunity to finally get a full 8 hours of sleep in Bucky’s little hut. I’m just saying; they both look way less tired in this movie. Those are the faces of people who have taken some quality naps together. 

So everybody’s healthier and happier than expected! Thanks for coming to my TED talk.

You know, I find Krolia and Keith quite interesting. I always figured that Keith’s mother would be a cool character, but the more I learn about her and the more I rewatch the episode, I learn just how deep and complex she is. 

What do we know about Krolia? Well, not much besides three things: 1) she’s a Blade of Marmora agent, 2) she’s Keith’s mother, and 3) she left Keith when he was younger. They’re all sort of a given and paint a different picture depending on how you look at her, whether you wish to like her because she’s a badass like our firecracker son or hate her because she abandoned him, but the one thing we learned for sure is that she regrets leaving Keith because Krolia is compromised.

During the battle, Keith is captured and Krolia held at gun point. Like most other Blade of Marmora missions, this is when the Blades act on their “mission before all else” motto. If Krolia was a good agent, she would’ve left Keith to die, she would’ve destroyed the weapon like she originally meant to. She would’ve risked everything for the cause.

But she didn’t. 

Instead she tries to barter. 

I’m sorry, but when the fuck have we ever seen a Blade of Marmora agent try to barter with the enemy? When have we seen them try to save their fellow Blades, aside from Keith with Regris, or Kolivan with Keith: both, of which, were lessons designed to help Keith learn the “mission before all else” motto. Keith, for all intents and purposes, is dead in the water right now. He is captured, executioner poised behind him, and weaponless. It would take a single tick, and he’s dead. 

Krolia, on the other hand, has a luxury. She has a weapon, two of them, and the skills that she could possibly fight her way out of this alive. Keith, however, would be lost. And what does she choose to do instead? If it was just a regular Blade, they’d try to escape or finish the mission. It’s what they do, it’s the oath they took. But Krolia is, as Keith mentions later, compromised.

And Keith reacts accordingly. 

He’s never seen a Blade do this. He doesn’t understand. 

Just hours before he was sent on this mission, Kolivan warned him about letting his feelings get in the way, about being too emotional, and compromising the mission. And Keith won’t do that. The only time we’ve seen this happen with him is the episode before where it was Shiro’s life on the line, arguably Keith’s only remaining family. He put Shrio before the mission, and it nearly cost him everything. Keith is determined not to screw up this time.

And then, he finds out, it’s not him who’s compromising the mission with emotions this time. It’s Krolia, who he knows to be a long-lived Blade member. 

Not that this makes sense to Keith at the moment, because he hasn’t come to the realization as the rest of us, that this is Krolia person is Keith’s MOTHER. It’s his mom, the same mom who left him when he was a child, who abandoned him and is the reason he has these walls up, why he’s so untrusting. Can you imagine how Keith grew up, knowing his mother left him, thinking his mother didn’t want him? 

And suddenly, here she is, acknowledging that she left him, but she won’t do it again. That’s how we know that leaving him in the first place, she regrets it. She’s regretted it probably all this time. And now that she has this chance to be with him, she won’t let him die. She’ll throw away the mission and the Blades just to keep him safe.

It doesn’t make sense you know? For Keith, it just doesn’t.

And of course, she has a plan. She plans to save their asses and get them both out alive. It’s something Voltron would come up with, but something the Blades wouldn’t. It’s something Keith did in Season 4 when he first saved Regris. But since then, Keith has learned time and time again how the Blades work. Keith is committed to the mission.

This Krolia?

She’s not.

And this part really, really got to me. Because it mirrors this scene from the pilot episode, where Keith launches a hoverbike full of people off the edge of the cliff and tells them to “shut up and trust me.” It’s so telling that they’re related, that she’s his mother, and that he’s her son. 

It’s one of the final nails in the coffin of truth for the viewers.

Because remember this?

It kind of goes to show you the difference between them. Because these two scenes are parallels of each other, mirrors to show the similarities of these two: mother and son. But it reaches farther than that.

Keith is constantly accused of always going too far in his mission: leaping off a cliff edge, taking a sword to a king’s throat, getting angry and exploding at his teammates. It’s just how he is. It just goes to show that he’s sometimes go too far for the mission. 

Krolia, on the other end, won’t go far enough. She risks everything just in hopes of getting her son and her out alive, not for the mission. She nearly gets them killed because of her antics, and in the end, the weapon they were trying to destroy is now free on that base, and there’s no telling what will happen with it in the future. 

Keith knows this. He might have died, but they failed the mission. In his mind, the whole mission was a failure.

But not to Krolia, they escaped and now she has her son.

Everything else from here on out is up to you to decide. You can be upset that she abandoned Keith when he was younger, arguably when he was a child because he doesn’t remember her. He never made the connection, he always thought she left, like this isn’t a game. This isn’t someone who left when he was 8 and shit, this is someone who left before her child got to know her.

But she regrets it. Like she said, she won’t leave him again.

And this is going to be so hard for Keith to come to terms with. Because, for the first time in his life, he’s worth compromising a mission for, and for the Blades of Marmora, that’s the most dangerous thing to be… which is interesting if we consider why she left him in the first place.

I didn’t even realize how annoyed I was at the general way women in comedy shows are portrayed until TAZ didn’t do the thing and I realized how amazing it was.

The thing is: when you have a group of funny male characters and one or two women, and the women are always super mature and emotionally together and much too responsible and reasonable to engage in shenanigans.  Basically the perpetually annoyed straight man for the jokers to butt up against.

And then TAZ introduced Lup, and immediately she was petty, and smug, and egotistical, and FUCKING HILARIOUS, and it felt like taking a breath of air when I didn’t even realize I’d been underwater.  She’s allowed to be every bit as ridiculous and self-obsessed as her brother, and they just trust that we’ll love her the same way we love Taako, faults and all - they never feel like they’re apologizing for putting a girl in with all this silliness, not once!  And, like, they joke about  a “competent woman” - she is HIGHLY competent!  And very moral!  And capable of tremendous love and sweetness!

And she ALSO wants her fucking fifteen dollars back, GREG GRIMALDIS.

a brief thought on ROTJ

Listen, there is an approximately 0% chance that Luke Skywalker doesn’t speak Huttese. He is fluent in Huttese, and probably in multiple dialects. He was beyond any doubt perfectly capable of communicating with Jabba the Hutt directly, in Jabba’s own language.

But he doesn’t. He insistently uses Basic when talking to Jabba, and he makes Threepio translate Jabba’s words before he replies. He acts for all the world as if he needs the translation.

Which he doesn’t. And Jabba must know damn well that he doesn’t. Because he introduced himself as Luke Skywalker, and that’s an unmistakably Tatooine name (and a slave name, at that).

Conclusion: Literally every word Luke Skywalker speaks throughout his interaction with Jabba if a veiled “fuck you.” Every single word.

You know what absolutely kills me every time? Whenever it gets down to the wire and one of the THB has a moment of genuine connection. And you’d think it would be Magnus, but it’s usually Taako.

I’m thinking of two moments: near the end of Petals to the Metal, and near the end of The Eleventh Hour. In Petals to the Metal, Taako gets down on his knees to hug Hurley, and she uses that to move her safety harness to him. In The Eleventh Hour, Taako tells Roswell that they kept Refuge safe. In both cases, an NPC asks Taako for something specific, and Justin gives it to them while still staying completely in character.

It’s the same kind of moment that we see when Taako talks to Lup. It’s the same as when he tells Angus about Glamour Springs. It’s the same as when he tells Kravitz that he’s worried that no one else will have him.

We get these glimpses of Taako’s authentic, vulnerable self. So much of the time, he’s funny and arrogant and vain and dismissive - but when it comes down to it, he’s the one who has a place to be exposed to genuine connection. He’s the one who makes those bonds. Not Magnus, who loves so deeply and so widely; not Merle, the peacemaker, who managed to go to John over and over again in the face of fire and had the nerve to ask if they were friends. Taako.

There’s a reason he was chosen to be on a ship powered by bonds. He’s pretty damn good at making them.

I know it’s in my tags for the Iron Man post but man, do you guys remember the “I am Iron Man” moment at the end of Iron Man 1? Do you guys remember what that represented?

Superhero movies obviously existed before Iron Man. X-Men come to mind, as well as a slew of DC movies like Batman and Superman. But you know what they all had as a subplot? Keeping identities secret. It was such a staple of the superhero movie genre that you went in knowing that there was going to need to be some kind of reset button at the end, or some stupid excuse for why the heroes couldn’t reap any of the benefits (and blame) of having just saved the world. They must always retreat into the shadows at the end, constantly helping but never known, because of “reasons”. Some reasons made sense, like protecting loved ones, but it had the underlying problem of meaning there was always this stale element to so many of these films. The world never fully got to react to superheroes existing, because they always retreated back into hiding afterwards.

When Tony said, “I am Iron Man” the theater erupted. I was barely a superhero fan at that point, and my jaw dropped. Something new had just happened. Everyone sensed it. 

The film had already grounded Tony Stark in the war in Afghanistan, it had already shown him as a fairly realistic tech wunderkind working within the military industrial complex of the day. When you watch the film today, it’s very much a product of the Bush era. For example, everything is about propping up the military, and journalists are automatically annoyances at best and unpatriotic at worst (as a fandom, have we yet acknowledged that Christine Everhart is actually a hero? Her needling helped prompt Tony to change his ways, and far from showing her up by declaring he was Iron Man, he actually handed her the scoop of the century while thinking he was sticking it to her. Hilarious. Everhart is a top-notch journalist and deserves so much more credit.) 

“I am Iron Man” heralded a new era of superhero movies. It meant we were going to have more than just Stark grounded in the real world (which was already a refreshing take on the genre). Rather, all the heroes were going to be grounded in the real world and the real world was going to know who they were and adjust as a result. No reset button. No status quo. No slinking back into the shadows. 

To this day you can feel how DC superhero films are struggling with this old subplot. There’s an underlying element of staleness in those films because they were unable to make any similar bold and dramatic shift to revitalize the genre and bring it into the modern era. When your heroes have secret identities, the world can’t really respond to the superheroes in it because there can be no dialogue between the world and the superheroes, the world can only react to the disasters and try to recover from them. The superheroes go about their lives.

So kudos to this bold move by the Iron Man filmmakers ten years ago. I don’t think it can be understated that this is why we have the Marvel Cinematic Universe today.

the thing about “angry chihuahua” pre-serum steve is that on a vacuum, I get why people like it? like it’s cute, smol steve being angry and sassy, it’s funny, not everything in fandom has to be 100% serious and angst-driven etc etc, i understand that

but at the same time… it bothers me so much because it’s just. so. condescending. like… “awww look at this poor disabled man thinking he can stand up to people, haha, so adorable, thank god he has bucky around to keep him alive!111!”. 

(i don’t want to get too much into how this devalues the stucky dynamic bc i don’t even go here, but bucky! respected! pre-serum steve! immensely!! he didn’t see him as a reckless idiot who needed him to survive! it’s like people take the “the little guy from brooklyn who was too dumb not to run away from a fight” quote and only remember this part and forget the rest, the most important part, “I’M FOLLOWING HIM”! bucky knows pre-serum steve was way more of a hero than some dude dressed as the american flag shooting a fake gun at movies!!! that’s the POINT!!)

it’s just so… dismissive of steve’s bravery and cleverness. people take ONE scene in the first avenger where steve gets into a fight he’s clearly not going to win, ignoring that a) the framing of the moment when the guy stands up and steve’s face makes very clear that he KNOWS he’s in trouble, he has no delusions about ACTUALLY being able to win the fight; b) the dude is being an asshole and disrespecting others in the theater and steve! gets! him! to stop!!!! The guy LEAVES to beat him up in the alley, thus accomplishing the main point of Steve’s intervention, aka to let the grieving lady watch the tribute to the troops in peace. 

and that’s like… THE ONLY TIME IN THE MOVIE where pre-serum steve does something like this. right on the first enlistment scene, some dude is clearly trying to tease him with the “makes you think twice about enlisting, huh?” talk, and steve just goes “nope” and IGNORES THE GUY AND DOESN’T TAKE THE BAIT. because it doesn’t matter! it’s just some dumbass who isn’t threatening anyone! steve doesn’t need to get into a fight because someone is underestimating him - if he did, he’d fight with everyone all the time, because guess what, as a disabled man in the 40s, steve is barely considered an actual man. there’s a LEGITIMATE scientific view in this time period that argues that people like him should be murdered at birth. he KNOWS how he’s perceived. he’s aware. when he’s talking to the doctor, he’s not brattish - he asks give me a chance and is there anything you can do?. his tone in the latter line specifically is TIRED, not defiant. 

and then!! the One Scene apparently everyone who thinks pre-serum steve was a moron with a macho complex didn’t watch: the training montage! where that hodge guy deliberately fucks with the barbed wire just to get in steve’s way and STEVE! DOESN’T! REACT!!!!!!!! he just grits his teeth and tries to keep going and the officer has to be like “rogers take this rifle out of the mud”. there’s no indication that steve EVER tried to fight this guy in the movie, despite the fact that he’s constantly shown laughing/bullying steve during the training. why? because it’d be a pointless fight to pick. it’d be a fight picked out of nothing but pride and steve can’t afford to do that. he stands up for what’s right, not for everything and anything that pisses him off.

it frustrates me that people don’t seem to get this because it’s like… the very core of steve’s character. he’s not a wannabe bully. he’s kind and polite to others (meeting peggy, talking to dr. eskrine. eskrine isn’t just impressed by the “i don’t like bullies” moment, he’s clearly also very pleased by the fact steve doesn’t show prejudice against him for being german). the only moment where he adopts a “fight me” posture that gets him in actual trouble, it’s to protect and help others who can’t stand up for themselves. i get that in theory the idea of smol bean steve fighting everything and everyone might sound fun, but in reality, a person who craves violence and sees it as a prime way to achieve their goals is the opposite of who steve rogers is meant to be.

(and that’s not even getting into when people write POST-serum steve with this “fight me” attitude which is like… how… do you think… that’d be ok… how do you not see a difference between a ninety-pound disabled man and a literal supersoldier trying to intimidate people physically… which part of “a weak man knows the value of strength, and knows compassion” you didn’t understand…)

so imo, this characterization weakens not only steve’s character, but his arc, and even the story of tfa as a whole? the serum works on steve because he’s already a noble, brave, good man. if he was an asshole who bites off people’s hand for looking at him wrong, none of this would make sense. by this logic, eskrine might have as well picked hodge.

up until this moment i hadn’t truly realized how tidy yuuri n victor are ,,,, like

this isn’t just clean. this is borderline “neat freak” clean. this is “if it’s not a right angle it is a WRONG angle” clean. this is “i organize the clothes in my wardrobe first by type and then by colour” clean. this is “if u put a cold drink on the table without using a coaster i will chase u around the apartment with my skates” clean.

To me Luke Skywalker will always be the young man who rushed to the aid of a girl he’d never even met—whose selfless courage and desire to help defined both the beginning of his journey, and its end.

To me Luke Skywalker will always be the character who was disbelieving and angry to learn that the apparent mercenary he’d met was choosing money and self-preservation over the rebellion—the PEOPLE—who needed him. He’ll always be the character to whom it was unthinkable and inexcusable to abandon those in danger, to refuse to fight for what’s right. He’ll always be, “They could use a good pilot like you. You’re turning your back on them.”

In my eyes Luke Skywalker will always be the man risking his life for the cause—for the galaxy—so that others might one day live in freedom and peace. He will always be the pilot, the rebel, the soldier who would not let tyranny stand unopposed.

And to me Luke Skywalker will always be—indisputably—the character who would never forsake his loved ones. Who would never give them up, and never give up on them. He’ll always be the character whose loyalty—to his friends, to his family—was unfaltering. He will always be, “I’ve got to go to them.” Will always be, “They’re my friends. I’ve got to help them.” Always, “And sacrifice Han and Leia?” Always, “That is why I have to go.”

Luke Skywalker will always be hope. Irrevocably and without question, Luke is the very embodiment of it. To me, Luke Skywalker will always be the character who says, “I can’t kill my own father.” The character whose belief in the Light and in humanity is so true and so strong that he saves the galaxy—so powerful that he saves his father’s soul.

Luke Skywalker is “Never! I’ll never turn to the dark side.” He is, at his heart and in my heart, the man who sees so clearly, who understands so completely, that he casts aside his lightsaber rather than fight to save his own life—not because he’s given up or because he’s weak or a coward, but because of his faith—because Luke Skywalker will die sooner than give into hatred. He will lay down his weapon sooner than turn to darkness.

To me, Luke Skywalker will always be this truth. He will always be the hero that realized the TRUE meaning of the Force, who understood what, for all their wisdom and good intentions, his masters did not: that it is love, not detachment, that saves. It is the strength of love, the belief in love, the power of love that saves us. Luke Skywalker will always be this, for me. He will always be this love, this faith where faith seems impossible, and this enduring hope where it seems that all hope has been lost.

And most importantly of all, to me Luke Skywalker will always be not only the character who loved, who hoped, who had faith, but the character whose story tells us—implores us, promises us—that this love is not in vain. That such faith is not foolish. That GOODNESS like that—because to me, Luke Skywalker is and will always be goodness—is not weakness, but strength that overcomes all else. Luke Skywalker is the Light Side. He is the hero we all need to believe can exist—the hero that reality—that war and violence and maliciousness—so cruelly tries to tell us could never be.

That is Luke Skywalker. He is this beacon. Luke is the hope that prevails. The faith that is rewarded. The journey that tells us that love can and will overcome evil even against the most impossible odds. Luke Skywalker is the story that begs us not to give up, that leads us to take a stand against oppression, and hatred, and hopeless darkness—the character who tells us to believe as we all, as human beings, so desperately want to.

To me, no matter what, Luke Skywalker will always be,

“I am a Jedi, like my father before me.”


you know how there was all that “Son, Sun” symbolism tied in with Kylo in The Force Awakens? 

Well remember how Holdo quoted Leia,

“Hope is like the sun. If you only believe it when you see it you’ll never make it through the night”. 

And the direct parallel with Leia saying “the galaxy has lost all its hope” and “I know my son is gone” in a dark room with little sunlight, after Leia was looking through the giant bunker doors into the sunlight, and then turning away and closing it, effectively shutting out the Sun (her hope). Then when Luke walks in his shadow sort of looks like Kylo from force awakens with light behind him and it seems like hope has arrived. 

But Luke is just an illusion alluding to the actual hope that exists with Rey (of light/hope), and neither Luke or Rey have lost hope for Ben, they just realise he’s got to save himself.

And then Luke having parallel phrases like “No ones ever truly gone.” to Leia and “Hope is not lost today,” to Ben.  

And Rey was all like “Then he’s our last hope.” to Luke about Ben, at night after the sun had set on Ach-To. This after seeing a vision that was misinterpreted about the future of Rey and Ben from their own points of view, but was most likely still the truth. 

And the broken saber, aka the fact that the kyber inside broke in two, and Kyber comes from the heart of the strongest stars/suns. So BASICALLY THE HEART OF THE SUN/SON IS BROKEN, just like his cracked bleeding heart reflected in his own kyber crystal in his light saber, where it was once silver and whole and blue. And now the heart/kyber is in two, representing ‘TWIN SUNS’  that will still work on their own but are stronger together. Two suns of hope, a Rey/ray of light and ‘Help me Obi-wan (Ben) Kenobi. You’re my only hope.”  

And then there were all those sunbeams falling on Ben in his last scene, driving out the darkness that surrounds him and that had surrounded Leia, about lost hope being regained and or reborn (in a place where the rebellion/hope was “reborn”). 

Also as other awesome people on this sight have pointed out (I’m sorry I can’t remember which blog it is so say if this was primarily you) about the sun rising and setting symbolism. And the last thing Luke sees before he enters the force, after having hope live with Rey and his belief in his nephew Ben, is not one, but TWO suns, both a call back to the start of his journey with the binary sunset, and a symbol of him passing on the torch. 

That even though the “suns” pass beneath the horizon with his passing, they will both rise again tomorrow - and he sees it and passes away with “Peace and Purpose” - twins suns, and twin souls, of hope. 


… imma just leave this here. Bring it J.J. 

(apologies for the continuous ‘Ands’ I was in a mad dash). 

so is nobody gonna talk about how Mjolnir used to be Hela’s?!! i can’t believe i didn’t even notice this during the mural scene until my second viewing. like, she didn’t catch the hammer because she is more powerful than Thor (being Odin’s firstborn and all), she caught it because it was her hammer.

i need to go back and watch the first Thor film bc i think Odin said something along the lines of “the hammer is a tool to build and not just a weapon to destroy”, which is why he FLIPPED OUT when Thor went on that little destruction bender against the Frost Giants and HOLY MOLY Thor and Odin’s headbutting matches in the first film mean so much more now than just father and son disagreements about leading Asgard!!!

and then there’s Heimdall’s line during Thor’s vision in Age Of Ultron “You’re a destroyer, Odinson. See where your power leads.“ Destroyer = a family trait.

Meanwhile, we’re all over here worried about Loki doing evil things, but it was never about Loki.

Odin wasn’t concerned about Thor being too immature to lead, he was terrified Thor was headed down the same path of destruction and conquest as his first child, so he banished Thor to Midgard and placed a child-security-lock on the hammer to prevent a potential Hela 2.0 and i need to lay down now 0__0

Odin is still a shit parent for not coming clean about all of this. being straightforward and honest coulda saved a lot of hassle…fuckin odin >:C

I don’t think I’ll ever be over the fact that Leia and Han were never told the whole story of why their son turned to the dark side. That Luke couldn’t get over himself for a damn second to let his own sister know “hey, your son didn’t just go apeshit crazy evil at random, seeing as he actually sorta woke up to his own uncle about to STAB HIM WITH A LIGHTSABER and didn’t know who to trust haha my bad”. Because otherwise there would have been no sweet sibling forehead kiss at the end - that Luke/Leia reunion would have been a solid ten minutes of Leia kicking Luke’s ass across frozen tundra

much like rey did when she found out what Luke did to her boyfriend Ben, now that I think about it

The fact that Harry shouted at Eggsy for not being able to shoot his dog has so many layers to it. He’s not as hard as he pretends to be, and Eggsy knows that when he takes a trip to the pet shop to get a terrier puppy. 

Harry did shoot his dog. But it traumatized him to the point where it causes enough pain for him to trigger his memories. There’s distinct horror but resignation in his younger self’s face when he points the gun at a wagging Mr. Pickle. There’s utter relief and joy in his expression when he scoops up Mr. Pickle and cradles him to his chest, kissing him on the forehead. There’s the vehement denial in his voice when he shouts at Eggsy, present day: “It was a blank! It was a fucking blank! I would never hurt Mr. Pickle!”

Harry’s not hard-hearted. Eggsy knows about that, and not just because he’s seen the younger, softer version of a lepidopterist wannabe. He remembers his own agony over shooting JB, Harry’s kindness towards the young man with potential from the estates, and their short time spent together. Harry’s still an agent, but he’s human, too, and is very capable of great emotion and affection. 

It’s not the trauma of a mere test that brings Harry back. It’s love. Something Eggsy recalls very well. 

Lance Rescues Keith and Krolia Theory

So I posted this on twitter and I thought I’d post it here too so yeehaw ig

Okay, so I watched Fictional Crystals latest vid (here) and they theorized that for whatever reason, Keith and Krolia no longer have a ship while they’re on this asteroid…

If you look at this post, this still is probably from episode 2, so this happens early on in the season.  

We also have this shot of Keith and Krolia from the Netflix trailer that shows them in peril because of an explosion which looks to be from the same scene. 

For some reason, Keith and Krolia don’t have a ship (Fictional Crystals explains this in her video so I won’t go into depth about it) and they’re obviously in danger, but also in a seemingly desolate place. So, how will they get out of this mess? 

My guess is someone has to save them. But who?

In the trailer, we’re led to believe that this is the first time Keith has come back to the castle, but that’s probably not the case as Keith is coming out of an Altean pod. How did he get it? The only explanation is that he came back to the castle in an earlier ep, took a pod, and returned it in a later episode.

Then we have that line from Lance “Hey, everybody! Keith’s back!” from the trailer. Many people have speculated that the line was taken out of context and dubbed over Lance’s actual line in this scene. For one, the line doesn’t match his lips (FC’s video also shows this and slowed down) and two, if you listen to it without the visuals, he doesn’t sound sarcastic, he sounds excited. 

Okay, so what does this all mean?

My thinking is that Keith and Krolia are gonna end up being in a real dire situation out there with those asteroids and because of that, Keith is going to send out a distress signal to Voltron and one of them is going to come to their rescue. 

And who better else than Lance and the Red Lion? Red is the fastest Lion out of all of them so he’d be perfect for a quick rescue mission like this. And, as a few of my twitter followers mentioned, it’s totally possible that Red senses Keith is in danger and would go to him naturally instead of Keith sending out a distress signal. 

And, most importantly, if you think about that line “Hey, everybody! Keith’s back!”–it’s an announcement. It’s totally possible that Lance saves Keith and Krolia, brings them back to the castle, and as he’s exiting Red, he announces to everybody that Keith is back. 

Well, there you have it. My dumb little theory. Hope that made sense. I’ll probably look like boo boo the fool on Friday but it’s fun to have dreams ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Y’all are freaking out over one small blush from Allura when we had a dozen gorgeous Plance moments? time to save the Plance fandom from depression, once again lol

Yes, Allura blushed. Lance blushed. Veronica teasingly ships it. But blushing doesn’t automatically mean romantic attraction. Allura now knows (thanks to the mice) that Lance has genuine feelings for her. So when he said “come back safe,” she interpreted that as Lance truly caring for her and not just wanting her to come back because she’s hot and he still wants a chance with her. Hearing the sincerity in his voice and finally understanding the meaning behind it is a good reason for her to blush.

Heck, Allura may even have slight feelings for Lance at this point. That doesn’t necessarily mean Allurance will become canon. That moment where they both blushed, and later when they look at each other in their Lions near the end seemed to be the ONLY Allurance interactions for the whole freakin season. (Allura legit had more interactions with Keith and Romelle)

Meanwhile Plance? All over the place every episode.

This whole episode was full of moments. Pidge basically called Lance cute (in a roundabout, unflattering way which is so Pidge lol) which could be considered lowkey FLIRTING. These two continue to have no sense of personal space around each other throughout the episode. 

HELLO??? Why are people sleeping on this?? This was back in an episode that Lance was totally distracted with Nyma but he remembered this random robot that Pidge loved. He doesn’t say “Pidge was interested in that robot” or “Pidge liked that robot” he says “Pidge LOVED that robot,” and he says it in such a gentle way??? Like he’s talking about how she loved a dog that had died or something???? HE’S SO SOFT??? Ok I’ll stop now.

All the hand holding? And clinging to each other after everyone breaks apart?


I haven’t been keeping track but this is also like the 7th time Pidge has been strategically placed BETWEEN LANCE AND ALLURA. This is symbolism.


I could write a whole freakin essay on this scene alone but what I want to try and portray is THIS IS A COMMON, LONG-TIME ROMANTIC TROPE. I can’t even name how many romantic pairings display this kind of aggressive protective outburst before they realize their feelings/fall in love. 

And guess who was constantly called the “dumb one” in the next episode? This whole trope describes Lance, who feels like the seventh wheel. And his phrase of “don’t you touch her!” along with the fact that I have never seen Lance that angry makes me think the power of love kicked in and kicked in hard. 

The wording is something to note too - “don’t you touch her” as opposed to “you’re not gonna hurt Pidge!” or “not happening!!” or even “don’t hurt her!” is far more protective and possessive than anything else Lance could have said. That is the wording of a husband protecting his wife. It legit gave me chills because I was not expecting that emotional of an outburst from Lance.

We now have another gorgeous parallel with these two. Clearly they’re the overprotective power couple which leads me to my next point: 

Do I really need to explain this one?

We never had such a visual this powerful with Keith and Pidge when they were both arms of Voltron, not even when they formed the blazing sword for the first time. Lance and Pidge in this shot are in harmony and the way they distinctly framed their faces to mirror each other implies something beyond mere teamwork.

I will forever stand by my interpretation of symbolism that part of the reason Lance moved from the Blue Lion to the Red Lion was to show his maturity and becoming an equal partner with Pidge. 

Yes, Allura blushed. Pidge and Lance have blushed towards each other multiple times, so I’m not concerned. There were far more meaningful Plance moments this season than the few Allurance moments that could be interpreted as platonic or nothing beyond a crush. Either the writers are trolling us with the amount of Plance content throughout the seasons or it’s all strategically placed there for a reason. 

Lance still cares for Allura, whether there’s still any romantic feelings for her still or not is uncertain, and likewise Allura is starting to respect and appreciate Lance and really she might just feel plain awkward around him because of what she knows and that’s why she was blushing. Could be mere second-hand embarrassment!!

Either way I still appreciate Lance and Allura’s interactions. It’s showing that they’re slowly moving towards being close friends on both sides, instead of having Lance completely move on from her and pay no heed to her anymore. Those feelings are still there, and that’s alright because that’s normal.

But Pidge is different. With Allura, Lance cares for her and does protect her and said so himself that she makes him “want to be a better person.” But with Pidge it’s ride or die, even before they realize any kind of romantic feelings for each other. Lance says Allura makes him want to be a better person, but whose words does he always take to heart and seems to be the most hurt by? Pidge’s. And the best part is, Lance doesn’t even realize it. He cares more about Pidge’s opinion of him than anyone else. He constantly refers to Pidge first out of the team and remembers small details that are important to her. He threw himself at Excor when she threatened to hurt Pidge.

Lance may have sacrificed himself (and died) to save Allura, but he was willing to fight for Pidge.

anonymous asked:

In your opinion as an actress, do we look too deep at the little stuff we see on screen with Dean and Cas? Stuff like touches and looks.

Oh, absolutely not. Everything we see on screen was meant to be seen by us as a part of the narrative, or it wouldn’t be shown. I’ve been doing this for 16 years. Have an analysis :)

First off, Dean and Cas are often standing close together. You can find roughly 2882347 gifs of that, but here’s a good one.

Originally posted by jenmish

Actors don’t get to choose where they stand. Different color tapes are placed on the ground for their marks. This is for lighting and filming purposes of course, but they also get approved by the director to make sure they’re sending out the right signal. In full body shots, where the mark would be visible, actors are told where their marks are (and usually put something indiscriminate down to remind themselves, like a pebble). In short, Dean and Cas are standing close together because the director wants them to.

The next thing is the touches. Lord, the touches between these two.

Originally posted by worfsjadzia

Touches like the one above are scripted, to an extent. But not like that. A typical scene direction would be something like DEAN rushes to check on CASTIEL. It wouldn’t include the tenderness here. Either the director or Jensen chose to make this a gentle, lingering touch because we’re supposed to see it that way.

Unplanned touches are another thing. Remember when Dean followed Cas into the hotel room with his hand on his back? Yeah, it’s highly unlikely that was scripted or directed. And we get a lot of those. Basically, any time a touch isn’t necessary to the plot or alluded to in dialogue, it’s a decision being made by an actor (or a director, but in a show on air as long as this one has been, the directors know the actors understand their characters well enough to let them take the lead on movement…if they don’t like it, they’ll cut and do another take).

We also have the glances between the two. SO. MANY. There are scripted ones, like the long one where the camera pans up, all the ones where Sam clears his throat, etc. Then you have other ones, most famously by Jensen, that weren’t scripted.

Originally posted by helpimanspnfan

Also, it’s worth noting that actors are hyper aware of our bodies and how to move them. Any movement you see is meant to happen. We’re taught to occupy space, how to move when the camera is focused on you versus being in the background, how to convey emotion without speaking. The mark of a truly good actor is that they don’t need dialogue to show you exactly how they feel.

TL;DR: No, we’re not over analyzing. Actors make conscious decisions to convey a message without speaking, and directors choose to show that in their scenes.