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That’s exactly why I have to keep going. Because if I give up now, their sacrifices would have been for nothing!

There are so many people out there who don’t believe in soulmates. Truth be told, I was one of them too. How can there be someone who just finishes your sentences? Who knows you like the back of their hand? Who would love you for all your flaws and shortcomings? How?

But then I found him. He was me- at least, at the places that mattered. We found the same things lame, made the same stupid jokes, lazed around on the same days, loved the same movies. There are differences obviously- he sleeps more, I cry more; he loves gadgets, I love books; he is a man of few words, I am garrulous- but we like the same colour of the sky. And when we touch, I swear I’ve seen the sun sparkle.


nine years of love | phan

Summary: There are a hundred ways to say I love you and a dozen of word for love. It might not even require words. Actions can speak louder than words, so every little touch, every shared glance, every joyful laugh, every tear shed and every seemingly normal moment.  It should be the most fun you’ve ever had and for two boys it had been exactly that. Nine years of love. Shared struggles and successes. They had shared ten 19th of October in each other’s company with no sight of stopping yet.

Word count: 9k

No warnings

A/N: I wanted to make something today, 19th of October 2018, to remember how long Dan and Phil have known each other and how much they have done. Those two dorks finding each other have helped improve so many people’s lives, the boys’ own included. Happy 9 Years of Dan and Phil, International Phannie Day or whatever else it might be called. 

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anonymous asked:

Okay I’ve heard things about what Tony and Rhodey did together but what about separately? We need to know these things! Also do you have any funny stories about anything all three of them have done together? - Inquiring Minds Want To Know

Oh goodness. Alright. I’m assuming you’re talking about @the-real-tonystark @rhodey-tonystanksbestie and @therealantoniastark .


  • Tried to make cookies and swapped the salt and sugar on accident.
  • Decided he wanted to become a karate master after watching that one movie, and broke my good broom.
  • Tried a number of different chemical washes to get a stain out of the downstairs carpet before I saw it, and it caught on fire.
  • Tested if the electricity was off to a wall plug by sticking a penny in it and holding on. Spoiler alert, it was not.
  • Makes a habit of getting gifts that people are allergic to. I can’t have mums, and he decides that driving past a highschool with a “mums for moms” drive for the football team was a good place to gift-shop.
  • Makes surprisingly good homemade pasta. (It took him four hours just to get the dough right.)
  • Would sneak blonde coffee into the house and try to tell me it was white hot cocoa.
  • Brought me a case of canolli shells from Sicily.
  • While on that trip to Italy, he met with the Pope and brought me back a Blessed Rosary because he thought it was jewelry. I am not Catholic.
  • Had me teach him cross stitch just so he could stitch a pillow that said “go choke on your propulsion theories” and send it to that one physics professor.
  • Tried to steal an iguana from a natural living sciences exhibit because it was uncomfortable with the people and they wouldn’t sellout to him.


  • Started a class-wide brawl in kindergarten when the class bully said his daddy had just wanted to leave us.
  • Wrote a formal letter to his third grade teacher on the importance of strategy and a solid defense battle, citing from The Art of War. Their unit was on checkers.
  • Protected an asthmatic girl from an angry Phys. Ed. teacher when she had an attack in class.
  • Tried his best to paint me a canvas with oils, but ended up getting them all over the garage.
  • As a six-year old, explained to an engineer visiting the school how a hydrogen car worked because he got it wrong.
  • Bit his orthodontist when he pulled a wire too hard.
  • Hums along to the grandfather clock whenever it chimes.
  • Wakes up every time a storm front comes in, he says it’s because of the change in pressure.
  • Oh! I was babysitting overnight for a lady at church, and had to get up with the baby in the middle of the night when she started crying. Well I didn’t know, but he followed behind me, and sat in the rocking chair I kept in that room, and never made a sound. So I turned around, holding the baby, to a tiny, dark-eyed spectre sitting behind me silently and I almost dropped the baby and smacked him so hard. But I refrained.
  • Tried one time to prune my marigolds back, and they ended up lopsided for the rest of the summer.
  • Tried to make me cocoa once after a rough day, and scorched the milk, didn’t melt the cocoa through, and only used a single shake of cinnamon because he couldn’t stand the dust, not remembering I keep bulk bags of cinnamon sticks in the baking cabinet.

All three, Lord help me.

Since Antonia has only just arrived, the three of them haven’t had a lot of time to cause trouble (that I know of). Mostly they argue: who gets to buy me things, who gets to sleep over and in what room, when can they kick one another into the mother-in-law suite. Things like that.

Do not mistake her shyness as weakness, even the moon hides behind the clouds yet it’s able to move the oceans.


i cant believe undertale’s already three years old!!

(pssst the pic is transparent!! click it) 

«I haven’t stopped loving you. But it’s a different love. I carry you with me but I have come to terms that some people don’t belong in my life and you are one of them.»

—D. M.