my least fave thing about him on the other hand is his design

First Impressions-Clayton Keller

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If anyone actually goes to BU and/or knows a lot about their hockey program, I’m gonna apologize in advance because I am 100% sure this is an inaccurate representation of the everything about Boston University. Vague details and made up names galore, but purely for the plot (I say as I skew reality for the likes of a fic). Before this imagine I was not super aware of Clayton Keller but now I am SUPER AWARE of him and he is slowly but surely making his way up my (ginormous) list of faves. This fic kind of took on a life of its own, and I’m not sure how well it fits the original plot, but I kind of really love it anyway

@arizonacoyotesgirl16 said: I SAW YOU WANT REQUESTS! so I was wondering if you could do a Clayton Keller one for me! Maybe where you both act like you don’t like each other but like each other and you always show up to the others hockey games? And take you time on it and have fun okay love!

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I sat in the passenger’s seat of Clayton Keller’s car, pouting. Maybe it would be worth it to raise a fuss and ask for a new partner. I knew that my team captain would be unhappy if I asked to be assigned to another guys’ team player for the week; the designated pairs had already been together for a day and a half and spirit week responsibilities were assigned specifically with certain people in mind. And before yesterday, I didn’t know that I hated Clayton Keller with the fires of a thousand suns. No one, not even I, could not have foreseen the figurative nuclear explosion that would occur when the two of us were forced to spend an excess of time with each other.

It wasn’t that Clayton was always an asshole, it was just that he seemed to go out of his way to act like one around me. All because of the one joke I made about how he had skated during one of his past games. Granted, it had been a rough game, and everyone knew that half of the guys’ team-especially Clayton-had been sick. I meant the chirp in good fun, but as soon as the words “ankle skating like Dylan Strome’s brother at World Juniors” left my mouth, Clayton refused to be civil to me, and that was that.

“You don’t even know Stromer or his brother, so stay in your lane. And don’t criticize my skating when you go around looking like you’re trying to cross-country ski on the ice,” he had said, dropping any and all niceties he had been cultivating around me in two seconds flat. The thing about Clayton was that he normally didn’t curse, or at least that was what you were told. Not off the ice, anyway. When he was around me, though, he wasn’t the same nice, polite Clayton that he presented to the rest of the world, that was for sure.

I tried to explain myself, to tell Clayton that I didn’t really mean anything by what I had said, that it was just a dumb chirp, but he wasn’t having it. He even went so far as to suggest that I was only saying these kinds of things about his skating because I was on third line this season and had “finally realized you aren’t all that.” Now, I was used to getting chirped for similar stuff, it was part of playing the game, but Clayton’s sensitivity toward literally anything I said had inadvertently made it my mission to be critical of his every move. So, he bitched at me more, and I picked on him more. It was a vicious cycle, and it was only 36 hours into spirit week.

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PLEASE ramble about your gem design headcanons/observations i may be behind but im all for more alien aliens

I’m gonna put this under a readmore cause I’ve got a lot of jumbled up thoughts and it’s gonna get pretty long 

All Gems

  • as a whole they tend to be quite a bit more animalistic than humans. This is pretty canon: we’ve seen Pearl, Amethyst, and Peridot all walk on all fours pretty gracefully. So I’m pretty sure they’re bipedal but their legs and arms tend to be proportioned very similarly so that it’s not necessarily awkward to walk on all fours. It’s also super cute

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aienkien [合縁奇縁] | Travlyn

AU: gods au (belongs to @crybabytime)

summary: have you heard the story of the sun and the moon? Travlyn.

a/n: you mention you were feeling low, so here’s a little present to you because you deserve something sweet and good; I hope this makes you smile, hun! If not, maybe a good chuckle? This is just inspired by the cute idea of the worshippers being, essentially, shippers of the gods au universe,,,

warning(s): prepare for the romance clichés, fluff, mention of other pairings



(n.) A couple strangely but happily united; uncanny relationship formed by a quirk of fate; the mysteries of attraction and relationships or bonds between two people.

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Hey, if you are still taking prompts, can I request academy fitzsimmons falling in love and getting together?

Hi anon, thank you for the prompt! I know it’s not ~technically Academy Era since they’re not at the Academy, but I hope this is still alright!

(Also, I could possibly be persuaded to write parts of this from Jemma’s POV, especially the last few bits of it, just an fyi…)

I’ve had some trouble recently with the read more line not working on mobile, so if that’s a problem, please let me know and we’ll work something out! I’m more than happy to do what I can to make sure everyone can enjoy my fics!


It was the final day of classes for his first year at the Academy, and having finished all of his finals and in possession of a plane ticket back to Glasgow for that evening, Fitz was rushing around his dorm room like a madman, shoving things haphazardly into his open suitcase. He’d meant to be packed before then, but things had kept getting in the way, and…and perhaps, there may have been a part of him that wasn’t ready to leave yet.

Logically, he knew that packed or not, he was going to have to leave the Academy campus eventually, and of course he was excited to see his mum again, but…

“This is why I left you all of those notes, reminding you to pack, for weeks,” Jemma pointed out, crossing her arms over her chest and narrowly avoiding the wrinkled-up t-shirt he’d tossed at the suitcase on the bed beside her. “Honestly, Fitz.”

“Yeah, well, maybe I’d have packed before now if you hadn’t kept me busy twenty-four-seven with your ridiculous study sessions,” Fitz shot back, eyeing the pile of clothes in the top drawer of his dresser, then shrugging and scooping it all up into his arms to carry it over to his bed.

Jemma actually cringed as she watched him dump the heap of unfolded clothes into the suitcase. “Are you sure you don’t want me to do some folding for you? I wouldn’t mind…”

“Oh c’mon Simmons, we both know you’re asking for entirely selfish reasons,” Fitz half-joked, planting his hands on his hips and arching an eyebrow at her. “In fact, I take a great amount of pleasure in the thought of you on a plane back home to Sheffield, twitching the entire way because you can’t stop thinking ‘bout my suitcase full of wrinkled laundry.”

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ETN Discussion Q+A


So, in honor of the season finale, I wanted to discuss some questions/thoughts I’ve been mulling over!

1. Favorite character this season?

I really, really love Matt - he just took his character and ran with it, from the funny confessional comments (”For way too long, TEALA. PICK A TILE AND CHOOSE IT. Rest for the dead.) to his overdramatic distractions (”You can’t grab me and I’m inches away from you! *immediately trips*” to “ZOMBIEEEE, ZOMBIEEEE”). He was so good at showing emotion, too, from his last words with Ro, to his reaction after Safiya’s death, to his crying in the Mausoleum this episode. I also love his interactions with the villains and the other characters. (Saf is one of my faves irrelevant to the show as well.)

2. Favorite villain this season?

MAN WITH NO NAME. HIS DESIGN IS SO FRICKIN COOL AND THE BACKSTORY IS SO ODD AND SLIGHTLY OUT OF PLACE COMPARED TO THE OTHERS BUT IT STILL CLICKS SO WELL AND I LOVE IT. The fact that his name was his challenge is so cool - it’s clear from his flashback that he was dehumanized, seen as a game, an animal for hunting. The only way for them to cleanse his artifact is to give him back what was stripped from his identity; I adore that so much!!!

3. Favorite episode this season?

Probably the funhouse episode. A. Matt came back, and that whole scene was awesome, B. The flashback??? Was so cool??? I love the part where his wife comes in and the little twist of the funhouse perspective right before the cutoff?? Also QUALITY SAF TIME BEFORE SHE’S RIPPED FROM OUR HANDS. SHE REMAINS IN MY HEART. VIVA LA SAFIYA.

4. Favorite scene this season?

Definitely Colleen’s death - the acting from everyone, especially Colleen, was so on point and absolutely shocked me; Colleen’s crying and begging, Nikita and Joey taking the “Gotta do what you gotta do” dispositions, Saf covering her ears as Colleen screamed, which, by the way, had me so genuinely horrified that I had to pause the episode and reorient myself before I finished it. Phenomenal.

5. Favorite thing overall about this season?

The designs. From the set design, to the cOSTUME DESIGN (WHICH I COULD GUSH ABOUT FOR HOURS), to the story design and how the characters fit into it - I just loved it all. You can really tell Joey and the team stepped it up this season, and I adore it.

6. Least favorite thing about this season?

Honestly, the only thing I didn’t like was how rushed some scenes/deaths felt. I understand Teala not really being missed - no offense to irl Teala - but, like, Ro? She died and it just felt like they immediately moved on, save for some offhand comments from Matt. Manny’s death felt too brief; I feel like there could have been just a little bit more build-up with him and Nikita. JC, Roi, sorta-Teala, all their deaths were so sudden and blase. 

All in all, this is, without a doubt, my favorite season, and I’m so fRCIKIN EXCITED FOR SEASON 4 AND SAF BETTER COME BACK JOEY.


Aye, lads, finished “Pirates of the Caribbean 5” and sorted myself out enough to give an approximately-hopefully orderly review of this chaotic movie.

-        First off, let me mention my absolute favorite – Carina Smyth. I love her? So much??? There’s this down-to-earth, smart, witty girl with a tongue as sharp as any sword, a brain to keep up, and enough “Oh my god I’m surrounded by imbeciles” vibes to have me grinning like a loon. I loved her the moment she slammed the door she had just unlocked sneakily into the pater’s face, and didn’t stop loving her until the end, flaws and all included.

(Save her from the folly that is men. Save her.)


-        I’m infinitely glad that for once, they decided to pick up the side-characters from earlier movies – mainly, I mean Henry Turner. (I do not, sadly, mean Angelica or missionary Phillip Swift, since it seems that everyone is just going to pretend “On Stranger Tides” never happened. Which, probably, isn’t even that bad, because they did… a whole lot… wrong with that one.)

Henry is not my fave like Carina, she took the cake there, but the boy is a good kid at heart, albeit a bit naïve and untrained in how life on sea works. Which, given his parents, likely is because Elizabeth and Will tried to keep him away from sea, so there’s that


-        Jack is… I wanted to say, just Jack, but in the first half of the movie, he’s actually… not. How do I say this?

He’s lacking. Jack was more than just a drunken idiot. He was cunning and lucky (mostly lucky some would say) and he did have some skill other than running and screaming – he was quick with sword and pistol, always came up with an escape plan in a matter of seconds, and so on. He got away with stuff.  

And in the first half of this movie? He’s just an unlucky bastard of a drunkard. Why would he conjure a plan to rob a bank that clearly wouldn’t work and fall asleep drunk in the to-be-robbed bank on top of it? Why would he give a compass like his away, after all this years and knowing how useful it is, for a bottle? He’s not that dumb.

I take it they wanted to make it look funny, but Jack used to be funny without being completely and utterly daft. Crazy, nuts, yeah. Daft, no. And the first half of the movie he was just that. Perhaps even longer than the first half. But in the second half, he at least had his moments now and then.


-        Uh, Salazar. Lemme say this – and some PotC fans will come for my head now I assume – but I actually liked his design more than Davy Jones’. Not his goals, or his relatability, but just the design as in, looks and abilities. The way his hair and clothes seem to float as if he is always under water. The broken skin and the floating, dismembered limbs of his men because they were blown to pieces in death. The fact that they are half-corporeal, half-ghostly. It’s as if he is part of the sea, the sea moves with him, around him, he is one with it because that’s all what’s left of him.

I mean, Davy Jones was cool, but design-like, he was just a dude with a squid in his face and a crab-hand. Salazar is somewhere between corpse and ghost – it reminds me of the zombie-like state Barbossa and his men had back in the first movie, and I love it.

(As in personality, there is not much to say about Salazar – no grand plan, just a bitter man eaten up by his wish for revenge, but that’s completely cool with me. There doesn’t need to be. It makes him sort of less of a person, and instead just living wrath.)


-        Also, guys. Zombie-sharks. There were literal Zombie-sharks. That’s so freaking cool. I was almost sad they were gone so soon. XD


-        And now, lads and lasses, my absolute favorite thing in this movie –


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So like.. i was thinking maybe 29 for tododeku? I also love sticky notes so much istg its one of my faves!! Thanks :))

29. going away to war au for tododeku (omg anon I’m gonna cry. I hope you’re okay with some angst. also thank you! I’m so glad you love Sticky Notes, I worked really hard on it!)

Shouto sneaks out under the cover of darkness. There’s a gap in the south wall hidden by a hedge and Shouto wears a leather over-shirt just so that he can put his arms up in front of his face and push through without getting any scratches that may clue his father in to his nighttime travels. After he’s outside the walls of the estate he keeps low, circling around the base of the watch tower where his father’s guards keep his father’s enemies out and his father’s family in. When he reaches the place where the ground dips he crawls his way through that blind spot to the tree line and then he’s free, at least for a little while.

Normally, Shouto would move through the forest quietly and with purpose but this time he’s rushed. He breaks into their clearing and Izuku is already there, sitting on a log and playing with something between his fingers.

“Izuku,” Shouto calls and Izuku jumps before looking up. His face breaks into a smile when he sees Shouto and Shouto feels his heart pound harder in his chest for a moment.

Izuku stands and heads Shouto’s way and they meet in the middle. Shouto can’t help himself, he reaches out and takes Izuku’s face between his hands. Izuku’s eyelids flutter and Shouto kisses him and doesn’t think about it being the last time he will see Izuku.

When Shouto pulls away Izuku sways as if to follow him but then pulls back, his hands coming up to grab Shouto’s and pull them down from his face. Whatever was in his hands before is gone now and Shouto looks down at the way Izuku’s work-rough fingers fit between his own.

“When do you leave?” Shouto asks almost in a whisper.

“Sunrise,” Izuku replies. Shouto closes his eyes and feels it like a blow. There isn’t enough time. He wonders if he should go home and pack a bag and try to follow them, try to become a soldier even though as soon as someone figures out who he is he’ll be sent back to his father for punishment. With his distinctive hair he won’t get very far.

“Don’t worry about me,” Izuku says and Shouto opens his eyes to watch Izuku lie to him for what is probably the first time. “I’ll be fine.”

Shouto wants to call him on it, wants to tell him that he can’t promise that, but he doesn’t. He just lets out a shaky breath and nods.

“Hey, I made you something,” Izuku says. He lets go of one of Shouto’s hands and reaches into his pocket. He pulls out a necklace and Shouto takes it from him wordlessly.

It’s a hand carved wooden pendant on a leather cord. The design isn’t complex but it’s beautiful in it’s simplicity. It looks like an abstract shape but Shouto knows it as the constellation of freckles hidden just below the neck of Izuku’s shirt. He’s traced it with his tongue more times than he can count.

“It’s to remember me by,” Izuku says and he’s still smiling but he looks sad.

“Thank you,” Shouto says. He doesn’t have anything for Izuku to take with him and wear into battle. They say favors from lovers at home protect soldiers and Shouto hasn’t even thought to give Izuku one. Shouto pulls the necklace over his head, feeling unworthy, and it catches on one of his earrings. Thinking quickly he removes it and hands it to Izuku. “To protect you.”

Izuku takes it. His ears aren’t pierced but he forces it through anyway with only a small wince. It bleeds and Shouto wipes at it carefully with his fingers. Now Izuku’s blood really is on his hands.

“Listen, I’m coming back to you, okay. Your father can’t turn down a marriage proposal from a war hero, right?”

Shouto swallows hard. “You don’t have to do this for me. There are other ways.”

Izuku’s fingers come up and trace Shouto’s cheekbone. “This is the way that protects your mother the most.”

Shouto nods and then turns his lips into Izuku’s palm, kissing it. Izuku sighs. 

“Trust me, Shouto.”

Shouto closes his eyes and doesn’t cry. “Always.”

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Fire Challenge Pt. 2


A/N: Hey, so part 1 got great feedback and I was requested to do a part two. I added an OC character that interacts with the reader. Y/F/S- your fave snack, & F/C- fave color. I hope all of you beautiful people enjoy!

Summary: So Tony did his research and he is ready to beat this challenge.

Requested:Yes by anon; That Tony imagine was so great. Thanks. :D  Any chance of a part 2? :)

Pairing(s): fatherly!Tony x Fem!teen!reader

Warnings: anger problems, some humour, fluff, angst

The Next Day

You woke up to a loud knock on your door. You turned your head to look at the alarm clock on the nightstand. It read 3:48 AM. ‘Someone better be dying for them to wake me up at this hour. If no one’s dying someone soon will be.’ you thought to yourself as you throw your legs over the side of the bed and open the door. It was just Tony “What the heck could you possibly want at this hour?” you yell, not caring that the others are sleeping.

“Will you keep your voice down?” He whisper-yells. “Now follow me.  We have work to do.”

You roll your eyes and follow him, annoyed. ‘Breathe, Breathe. It’s not worth it. Not at this hour it isn’t. Breathe.” you tell yourself.

“While you were sleeping, I took the liberty of creating a training room for us and doing a little research.” he said clearly proud of himself. “I have come up with an anger self-management plan because very much like me, you like to do stuff by yourself.”

‘Do not explode.’you try to convince yourself.

“What the actual heck is wrong with you?!? You wake me up at the crack of dawn to go over an anger management plan! What?!?” you feel your whole body start to heat up and you close your eyes.

You open them when you feel a cold, metal-like hand touch your shoulder. He put his Iron Man suit on. “Breathe. Count to ten. I’ll count with you. One…breathe…..Two…..breathe…Three…..breathe.” This went on until he finally got to ten and you cooled down a bit. “Look, kid. I designed you a journal, that is fire proof, to write down your angry thoughts. And when it gets to much, I want you to run in here and let it out. And if you need to talk Cap is always available.” you gave him a ‘really?’ face. “I’m just joking. I’m always available to talk whenever you need me. Okay?”

“Okay.”  you said “Thanks old man.” you grab the F/C journal and open to see intricate designs on the pages inside of it.

“I contacted Y/F/N and she told me your favorite color. Next time you get angry and I’m not around to talk to you, write whatever you are thinking down. Then come find me so we can handle it.” he says.

No one, besides Y/F/N has gone out of their way to help you and be sincere about it. You were determined to at least give it a try.

*Timeskip- A couple weeks later*

For the past couple of weeks, things were going great and when the breathing didn’t help you always had Tony to rant to or the special training room to release your fire. That was until one day Tony had to go to a red carpet event and wouldn’t be available right away. You knew this and understood and were confident you could handle yourself. Key word: were.

Everything was going fine until you got hungry and went into the kitchen to eat Y/F/S that you told everyone not to eat and it was all gone (big surprise). You were now murderous, it was like a battle between good and evil going on inside you. The good side was all like ‘Breathe. Life is not this serious. You are better than this. You are better than them.’

The evil side was screaming ‘Kill them all. Make them suffer tremendous pain.’

Thor walked into the kitchen seeing your inner turmoil on your face. When he saw the empty food package in your hand he put two and two together. He understood, this was just like that time Tony ate all of his Pop-tarts and left the box in the cabinet (but that’s a story for another time). He left you alone to calm down and told the rest of the teen heroes that they might want to hide.

You were getting so tired of your inner battle you were starting to want to give in to the loudest side. That was until you saw a Stark Industries logo on one of the appliances ‘I have to do this for Tony, he believes in me. I can’t let him down.’ you thought to yourself.

You ran into your special room and locked the door behind you. You opened your journal and started writing all your thoughts. All of them, no matter how disturbing or murderous, you didn’t care at the moment. You kept writing until the words on the paper were not ones of anger but of a calm state. You took a couple of breaths and decided you were going to try another exercise that Tony taught you, talking your problems out and coming to a solution with the people involved. You went to find a referee aka Cap, just in case you got mad again and tried to kill someone. You had him go get the person who ate Y/F/S. It was a boy by the name of Keith Williams

“Now, I’m gonna be completely honest with you…” you began “I really didn’t like that you ate my food after I specifically said not to. Actually that’s a lie, I hated it. I would really appreciate it if you replaced it, but if you don’t I’ll try not to be mad at you for it.”

Cap was stunned that you had actually communicated your feelings without almost killing everyone. Keith seemed just as surprised. Keith looked at you and saw the honesty in your eyes and that he really upset you. You two had only talked a couple times but you were never really friends. I mean to him you seemed pretty cool, you were just super scary.“Umm Y/N. I’m sorry I ate your Y/F/S. There was really nothing else in there and I know it was sorta stupid of my to leave the empty package in the cabinet/refrigerator. I’ll buy you some more and if you’ll allow me I’d really like to hang out with you sometime. Maybe become friends.”

You were stunned, you sort of expected him to mock you but he was sincere. You were so stunned all you could do was nod. Keith went on to bed and Cap left eventually, leaving you to sit there and think about what just happened.

When Tony finally got home you jumped up, ran over to him and hugged him tight while squealing. He was taken aback a little. “What’s going on? Where’s the fire?” he asks.

“You’re gonna want to sit down for this…” he looked worried and a little disturbed because you had a huge smile on your face. You told him all of what happened, he face was blank. But what he did next surprised u, he jumped up and hugged you saying “I knew you could do it.” he really did believe in you. “Of course, the only reason you could was because you had such an amazing teacher.”

You laugh “Whatever, Old Man.”

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Omg! Your fairy tale soft hours drabbles are just in time for my current disney hype because of the princesses in Wrecked Ralph 2!!! Can I ask for *wait for it* Seungcheol and Sleeping Beauty? (I mean, it's one of my favorites but I clearly don't like the fact that she went on with some stranger who kissed her so maybe can you twitch that a bit and make it more realistic?) You can do it! I love you!!!👸💤💕

tales of a village boy

△ 569 words | drabble

ok 1) i love the previews for wreck it ralph it’s one of my fave animations. 2) there’s 2 original versions of this story, one which i hate more than the other, so please enjoy this 3rd rendition. 3) i love you too bb

soft hours drabbles: closed!

Seungcheol had heard the stories–the family of royals sleeping in the castle for the last century, and that some day the son of a king would come and rescue them. It sounded like a load of garbage to him, but he could at least admit they were entertaining.

He was no king’s son, of course, just a farm hand in the village. He was known for his good looks, his strength, and his mother had faith that it would one day bring him further up than just a small, village life. He knew better, and worked hard instead. When he’d been offered a job to clean up a part of the forest so that the king could build his summer cottage there, he’d taken it. It would pay for more than enough meals for him and his brothers, while also giving his mother peace of mind.

So Seungcheol went to the designated spot for days, and on the fifth day he found his axe hit stone. He dug with his hands and found a wall, and as he cleared up more debris through the night, accompanied only by the light of the small fire he’d managed to make, he realized that he’d found the castle of the myths.

Adventure felt like it wasn’t far away–imagine how much more he could be paid were he to really find anything in there–and so Seungcheol worked through the night to find an entrance. At dawn, he slipped through a side door, only to find himself in what should have been a ran down bedroom, but was instead every bit as grandiose as those he’d heard of from his friend Jeonghan, a helping hand at the castle.

On the bed laid the most beautiful human Seungcheol had ever laid eyes upon. He wondered if he’d stepped into a different dimension, for nothing should have been alive, not even the creature peacefully asleep in front of him.

Carefully, almost afraid, Seungcheol went near the bed. And he did this for the next few nights, entering the castle and sitting next to the sleeping figure, speaking to it as if it were alive. He’d explored other parts too, nearly fainting on the spot when he realized there were people out and about, moving around as if in a trance-like state.

He figured out by the fifth night that everyone seemed to be hypnotized, or asleep. But for the most part, Seungcheol stayed in the chamber, speaking to the beauty and explaining everything he could about the outside world.

On one such night, as he studied whom he gathered to be one of the royals, he noticed a tiny piece of wood stuck to their finger. It was the smallest of things, but Seungcheol found it anyways, because he always noticed the smallest details.

He gently took their hand, cradling it in one of his and doing his best to take out the tiny offender. After a few failed tries, Seungcheol managed to pry it out. Everything in the room seemed to come to a stop, before speeding up again, and then your eyes were open, your breath coming in gasps.

Seungcheol cursed, jumping out of the chair he’d dragged over, and pressing himself against the wall. Your eyes landed on him, swollen from sleep but still the most beautiful he’d swear he’d ever seen. “Oh. Hello.” You greeted, tilting your head curiously. “And you are?”

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Best fifteen character (humans, dragons) from HTTYD (movies, series, books) for you. And why?

My list will definitely differ from the next HTTYD fan, and I imagine that there’ll be some names present/absent that most others wouldn’t choose. This is more of a person list of my favorites and why I gravitate toward them as versus something more objective about why they could be considered “best.” There will be a lot of names absent that someone would probably want to put in a more attempted “objective” list. 

Note that, when I discuss the book characters, I do get into book spoilers!

Honorable mentions: Valhallarama, Gustav Larson, Toothless (movies), Snotface Snotlout, Big-Boobied Bertha, and Norbert the Nutjob.

15. Ruffnut Thorston

I always wish Ruffnut could be given a bit more spotlight. Sometimes she lingers a bit more in the background than the other characters in the Dragon Academy, yet she is someone with such an interesting personality! 

It’s not common for female characters in media to act in any manner like Ruffnut. Females are less commonly the comic relief character. Women also don’t tend to have a lot of those dorky, quirky, ridiculous penchants such as you see in Ruffnut. A crazy, thrill-seeking pyromaniac who intentionally slicks her hair with fish oil and names her Zippleback head “Barf”? Sign me up!

One thing that is always so cool about Ruffnut is that she’s far more than meets the eye. She might initially seem like someone who is a little slow in thought and spends all her energy making explosions, but that’s not the case. Ruffnut, like her brother, is quite intelligent, but she prioritizes enjoyment in life’s everyday events over rigorous discipline. But Ruffnut is also very different than her brother, and I love to see that personality shine through. I love her sense of caution and calculation, her bold abrasiveness, her typical desire to stay out of the way of conflict but go-getting personality when she chooses to get involved. There’s so much, down to the pauses before she talks, to the fact that she knows how to pickpocket guards and completely outmaneuver everyone around her!

Ruffnut’s great, and she’s really quite individual. I have a strong affinity for both the twins because I don’t see personalities like this so much. And man do their personalities shine.

14. Viggo Grimborn

It’s very possible that my rating of Viggo will raise or lower depending upon the release of RTTE S3. Thus far, I haven’t seen too much of him, after all! Nevertheless, the small amount of Viggo I have seen thus far enormously excites me.

Viggo is unique as a villain, at least as he’s been introduced. His opening speech marks him as a gray personality, not someone bent on evil, revenge, or antagonism against Hiccup and his gang. It’s just that Hiccup and his party happen to be in Viggo’s way, and he will do what he must, strategically, in order to ensure his own success. Viggo will not be dark and cruel unnecessarily, killing people without reason; he scoffs at the thought and calls such actions “animalistic.” Viggo has a strong-set moral code, one that honestly makes a lot of sense, and yet he’s pitted against Hiccup and the other dragon riders. It’ll prove interesting to see what he plans to do as their interactions continue.

Then there’s the entire fact that Viggo is a scholar, a strategist, one who works first and foremost with his mind. He completely outmaneuvers Hiccup in “Maces and Talons,” and I love seeing that. There is an incredible amount of potential in Viggo, and if he lives up to that, he’ll be bumped even higher on this list.

13. Heather

I do like me my Heather, and I’ve already gone on many extensive rants for why I like her. I like the fact that Heather brings so many new things to the table. She’s a bit more morally gray than the other dragon riders her age, a bit more intense and edgy, and also emotionally conflicted and a bit unstable. The HTTYD world (both books and movies) often divides characters into stark good/bad distinctions, so seeing a deviation from that perks my interest straightaway. Heather is something new in all the aspects I’ve mentioned. I could talk about her forever.

12. Hroar

I imagine this is a name that most people don’t know. Hroar is from the comic books - in fact, only appearing in one installment. For me, it’s such a shame that he only appears once because he has so much potential. So much potential.

Drago and Hiccup are set up to be foils of one another, and that is really cool. It works well in HTTYD 2 and I look forward to seeing that brought out more in HTTYD 3. However, I feel like the character Hroar does an even better job balancing Hiccup. At least from what I’ve seen of him and Drago so far, he’s been much more interesting to me.

Hroar is a young man who is legitimately likable, containing a natural charm and charisma that attracts the Hairy Hooligans when he first arrives on Berk. Hroar is actually a pleasant personality that would be fun to spend a day with! He’s quite intelligent and strong, too. However, Hroar also happens to be an Outcast, an Outcast who has the ability to agitate dragons. Whereas Hiccup can soothe and befriend dragons, Hroar is able to excite and antagonize dragons. It’s a unique ability, and it allows him to control dragons just as effectively as Hiccup can - just through opposite methods and results.

Hiccup and Hroar neutralize one another’s abilities, in essence. I just get so excited thinking about what could have been. It could have been a great, ongoing tension between the two, each trying to gain the upper hand. And all the time… Hroar is unique… as a genuinely likable antagonist. He’s not a bad personality, unlike so many enemies of Hiccup’s who are meant to be obviously socially repulsive (Drago, Dagur, Mildew, Alvin…).

11. Hookfang

Of all the friendly dragons in the DreamWorks franchise, Hookfang is my favorite. From his design to his dorky personality, he’s quite the hoot on screen. It’s not just that Hookfang is Snotlout’s riders (and Snotlout’s one of my faves)… Hookfang is a dragon with a genuinely likable, tangible, expressive, and amusing personality.

He can be lazy and inobservant. He can try to do his best and burn everything up instead. He can be intentionally obstinate. Somehow, despite the fact Hookfang can’t talk, I would almost pin him as sarcastic.

10. Furious

I have to vote Furious as the most intimidating antagonist of the entire HTTYD world. He’s a mountain-sized dragon who literally obliterates over half the Barbaric Archipelago into flame. Furious, because of his anger against humans, raises up an entire rebellion of dragons. His draconic armies raze the land, slaughtering countless Vikings, and destroying Berk into a blackened crisp. He makes Hiccup go on the run and in hiding, all the time chanting the most chilling poem ever… the Red Rage.

Furious is a dragon with a just cause for anger, too. He’s a villain with a very understandable and relatable psychological state. His backstory with Hiccup the Second is downright heartbreaking; he lost his human brother and so many dragons that night. It should have been a peaceful protest… and yet Furious watched the individuals around him get slaughtered. He was chained by Vikings for a hundred years and watched many other of his draconic peoples endure harsh conditions under Viking leadership… of course Furious’ anger is understandable! He’s wanting to free dragons of over a hundred years of oppression, mistreatment, and slaughter!

The fact that Furious’ beliefs are grounded in that makes him understandable. He’s not a bad guy with a poor excuse. He’s a justifiably angry dragon who has a strong position in the war.

Making Furious relatable also leads up to some of the amazing events that happen in book twelve. Furious isn’t some bad dragon, even if he does have… frightful… thirst for blood. His deep emotionality in the final book is something I will never forget. This. is. an. amazing. dragon. character.

9. Stoick the Vast

The relationship between Stoick and Hiccup is integral in both book and film. Especially, in the first movie, the entire story is that of father and son. The conflict centers around Stoick and Hiccup having their differences, being unable to relate to one another, and coming into conflict because of their different perspectives. 

Yet while Stoick could easily have been dismissed as an unlikable character, an antagonistic force to Hiccup’s ingenious ideas, Stoick remains incredible. He is the proud chief of Berk for a reason. Stoick is willing to sacrifice his life to buy his people more time to escape during the failed Battle of the Red Death. Stoick saves his son from death countless times… even taking a fatal, point-blank shot to the chest in the second movie.

Stoick is multifaceted, and every facet of his is wonderful. Stoick can be both tenacious and tender, stubborn and openminded, wise and foolhardy, courageous and sensitive, stern and loving. None of these are contradictions. To build a character like this is to build a real human. I love Stoick, especially the Stoick we see in the movie trilogy. 

8. Camicazi

Cami’s neck-to-neck with my #7. Regardless of my exact numerical order, she deserves to be on this list! 

Camicazi is incredible in so many ways. While she is quite the courageous, go-getting warrior character, she doesn’t have that staleness that so many action hero women do in modern day media. She isn’t the cold woman who warms up and falls in love with the protagonist (UGH HOW MANY TIMES HAS THAT BEEN DONE IN MOVIES AND BOOKS?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!). Camicazi, rather, is such an endearing, amusing, and inspiring personality with a lot of three-dimensionality and even more originality.

I love, first of all, that she’s so spunky. I love how that spunkiness sometimes lands her into being ridiculous - all those fake costumes and terrible escape plans? I love that it makes her cocky, and makes her so willingly bold to enter ridiculously dangerous scenarios. I love the fact that she is so upbeat, cheerful, and good-natured, all the while capable of spewing out the craziest string of insults you can imagine. 

I love that she’s short, has tangled hair, and is never described as good looking. I love that her relationship with Hiccup is healthy, but that they make mistakes and have to learn how to navigate and mend their relationship accordingly. I love that their friendship is purely platonic throughout the entire series, meaning that the main story focuses on the power of friendship and families - relationships that are too often looked over and not emphasized for the incredible things they are.

Camicazi is wonderful. There should be more dashing, comical, brave, inspiring, ridiculous, amusing, three-dimensional characters like her.

7. Valka Haddock

Valhallarama completely kicks butt in so many ways, and I could scream about her, too, but Valka Haddock is my queen. This is ironic considering I entered the theatre opening night of HTTYD 2 expecting to hate her. I didn’t want to like her. She was an obnoxious cliche, a character who suddenly came back from the dead, a character who threatened to destroy the wonderful father-son dynamics that I saw in the first film. I was very skeptical of the idea of bringing Hiccup’s mother into the second movie… but upon seeing HTTYD 2… I am so, so, so glad they did.

I get a thrill thinking of both the original villain!Valka plan and the canonical, final-version vigilante dragon lady we see in the film. Valka is incredible. She is a wonderful tangle of conceivable strengths and weaknesses. In some ways, Valka is incredibly fragile, having tried to convince herself it was “okay” to leave her family for twenty years, all the while bowing under the guilt. She’s timid around the Haddocks, and you can see the hurt inside her all these decades later. And yet Valka can also be incredibly strong… and proves herself to be… as a dragon vigilante, as a warrior, as a comforter and support, as a wife, as a mother.

I love the fact we could get into a character so deeply like Valka. 

6. Fishlegs No-Name (books)

Fishlegs is one of those characters that is described frequently as lacking good traits - he is shy, he is physically weak, he has allergies galore. However, despite this, Fishlegs is one of the most lovable, relatable, endearing, and most inspiring personality out there in the series. Fishlegs shows that you don’t have to be “the most talented” or “the most good looking” or “the most strong” or “the best at anything” to be an amazing, jaw-dropping, lovable person and incredible friend.

Fishlegs’ placement in the books is critical. He is the balance to Camicazi’s wildness, and his presence in the story makes for powerful tales of best friendship with Hiccup. Every time he speaks to moan about their bad adventures, or sarcastically makes some “I told you so,” he’s perfect. 

By the end of the series, Fishlegs’ journey and character development is just as critical as Hiccup’s. Fishlegs has just as many big, jaw-dropping, heroic moments as Hiccup in book twelve. They are, in fact, some of my all-time favorite moments of the entire series. Fishlegs’ search for his family results in disappointment, but he rises to become the greatest he ever has been.

This kid deserves SO MUCH love for what he brings to the stories.

5. Toothless (books)

I prefer book!Toothless over movie!Toothless, ironic because I haaaaated Toothless for the first three or so books. He was not what I wanted at all - where was that amazing, beautiful, enormous black, cat-like best friend I saw in the movie? A sniveling, stuttering, selfish, rude dragon was hardly what I had in mind.

However, while Toothless’ obnoxiousness was what made me hate him at first, those same character traits made me fall in love with him, too. His relationship with Hiccup is something that is, of course, critical to the book series, but it’s also a COMPLETE hoot to read. I wouldn’t mind reading an entire book of Hiccup and Toothless just… bickering. The book doesn’t have to have a plot, it doesn’t even have to have much narrative. Simply the two of them interacting with each other is something I could adore forever.

4. Tuffnut Thorston

What. a. ridiculous. NUT.

I don’t even know what to say about Tuffnut. He’s just such a hoot! He babbles ridiculously and hilariously, he takes over the show so easily just by being himself, he’s dramatic and over-the-top and oh-so-enjoyable to watch.

3. Snotlout Jorgenson

Though Snotface Snotlout has a great place in the HTTYD books, he is very different from his movie counterpart. You can tell they have the same origin, but man do they have different stories, and who they are pans out in very different manners. I personally adore the DreamWorks Snotlout. I’ve already talked about why he’s a favorite here, so I won’t waste more space.

2. Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the Second

Hiccup the Second is only told about in a few flashbacks. His main story takes place over less than twenty pages in book eight. However, Hiccup’s story makes a huge impact. HUGE.

Even though Hiccup’s entire life is skimmed over in a single story by the witch, he is so full of life. I was enraptured to learn about this Hiccup, who grew up with Furious as his brother, who was brought up by Grimbeard the Ghastly but remained remarkably wild and feral-like, who was so rebellious and obnoxious during his tenure as Prince of the Barbaric Archipelago. When I turned the page and read Hiccup’s death, I screamed.

The fact that I could fall in love with a character in so few pages says a lot to the amazingness of his character.

1. Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the Third (books/movies)

HTTYD could not happen without Hiccup. While sometimes the protagonists are the least interesting characters of a story, Hiccup is the central inspiration of the story. He is what brings everything to life, makes the stories so enchanting, makes the stories so emotionally engrossing. Hiccup is the hero who steps forward with a jaw-dropping sense of morals and courage, and goes forward to incredible lengths in order to spread peace, forgiveness, and love. The character in the books especially is someone I can deeply admire and be inspired by.

Hiccup is incredibly relatable to many individuals. For teenagers, his struggles with fitting in are very relatable. For young adults trying to find their mark in the world, Hiccup’s story brings a sense of relatability in HTTYD 2. Whatever stage Hiccup’s life is in, he can touch the heart of some audience member.

Beyond that, Hiccup is an incredibly real character. Everything down to his sarcastic voice and characteristic gestures in the movies makes him feel like a real human being.

We couldn’t have HTTYD without Hiccup.

And I couldn’t have this list without placing him at the top.

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thanks!! can you do the ask meme for vantoonz?

  • Who is the one to propose: Evan. He realizes that he’s fallen for Luke about three months after they get together. He doesn’t propose until they’ve been together for a year and half, because he wants to be sure that Luke is the one he wants to marry. (He is. He does.)
  • Who stresses more over wedding planning: Evan. He’s an ultra perfectionist and has to have it his way or it’s going to be no way. Luke mainly just hides.
  • Who decorated the house: They both did.
  • Who does the cooking: They cook together. it’s a thing for them.
  • Who is more organized: Evan, hands down, all the way.
  • Who initiates bedroom fun: Luke. He’ll start thinking about the way Evan sounds when he’s being stroked and he can’t help himself.
  • Who suggested kids first: Evan, although he wants to wait a while before they actually have kids because he doesn’t feel he’s ready.
  • Who’s more dominant: They’re equal, actually. They’re both protective of each other, but when it comes down to it, nobody really dominates between them.
  • Who’s the cuddler: Evan. He loves being pressed up against Luke with his arm around Luke’s waist and Luke’s arm thrown over him and he does it every chance he gets.
  • Who’s the big spoon/little spoon: They don’t really have a designated big/little spoon. It depends. 
  • What’s their favorite non-sexual activity: gaming together or watching sports. Luke’s managed to get Evan into football and he’s honestly thrilled about it.
  • Who comes home drunk at 3am: Luke claims he’s “too old for that bar bullshit” and Evan would rather stay in and drink in the comfort of his own home, so neither of them.
  • Who kills the spiders: Evan. Luke nopes the fuck out every time.
  • Who falls asleep first: Luke. He gets tangled together with his personal space heater known as Evan and it’s lights out for him in about ten minutes.
  • A head canon: They went to an old-school “jam” skate for their first date because Evan found out Luke used to DJ. (It’s what made Luke decide to actually pay attention to Evan. Most guys don’t think that much about it.)
  • Do they have any “rituals”? They cook together everyday at least once. It’s relaxing to them. If Evan decides to play hockey that year Luke will go to all of his games and pretty many of his practices. (He loves to watch Evan destroy idiots on the ice. It’s hot.)
  • Who is louder? both of them are loud but Luke can get louder.
  • Who is more experimental? Luke.
  • Who takes more risks? Luke.
  • Do they fuck or make love? They do both equally, really.
  • Lights on or off? on. Evan loves to be able to see what he’s doing and what Luke looks like as he’s doing it.
  • Who is more likely to be caught masturbating? Luke. He has no concept of shame.
  • Who is more likely to suggest a threesome? Luke, hands down, all the way.
  • Who comes first? Luke. Evan always catches him off guard- he thinks he’s fine and that he’s not gonna cum but then Evan will hit him with a couple of brutal thrusts and his voice will break as he moans and the next thing Luke knows is that he’s cumming breathlessly and clinging to Evan’s back.
  • Who is better at oral and who prefers it? Luke is better and Evan loves it when Luke gives him head because Luke will tease him and have him begging to move and when he finally does it’s torture because Luke will edge him a couple of times before he lets Evan cum.
  • Who is more submissive? They’re equal to the point where one can dominate the other only to be dominated the next time.
  • Who usually initiates things? Luke. He honestly sees it as a game…how many times can he make Evan want to fuck him in a day? (The answer is too many damn times).
  • Who is more sensitive? Sexually- Luke. The sound of Evan’s voice can honestly almost bring him to the edge sometimes. Emotionally- Evan, at least in the sense that he’ll express his emotions. Luke will bottle them up and refuse to talk about them.
  • Who has the most patience? Evan.
  • Which kinks do they share? orgasm control, for sure. bondage. Luke’s entirely unnecessary gun kink gets passed on to Evan in the form of Luke pressing the barrel of his .45 against the side of Evan’s head and ordering him to his knees. (yeah, Evan gets scared, but he also gets ridiculously hard. and being able to do the same thing to Luke later? even better.) breath control, too.

Jsuki; DIABOLIK LOVERS Lunatic Parade - Character Ranking & After-thoughts

I’ve got this game for over a year…(omg), but with so many other series and new games to play, I kinda kept this on my shelf after unboxing it, till recently. LP follows the style similar to Vandead Carnival, with the mini-games and sub-scenarios. It seems to be a very loose continuation from Dark Fate if you wish, but there really isn’t much crucial plot, which means you can play this off the bat even if with no knowledge on DL prior. I also questioned why they really made this game, since it’s so similar to VC and so low on importance…maybe for the Carla or Shin fans who are desperate to see their faves in a carnival setting? :/ Actually no, it’s probably to get the die-hard DL fans like myself to spend more money.

Plot: Yui dreams that she had a conversation with a mysterious man, who asks her if she feels she is missing something, and also if the man she loves truly loves her for who she is or simply for her blood. Then one day, the Sakamaki / Mukami family receives an invitation by a certain Count Walter (who has stolen Yui’s heart, literally), asking for them to come join a parade in the demon realm. In order to retrieve her heart, the boys and Yui travel there, before the temporary jewel that gives her life that’s embedded in her body wears out, and then she dies. In this game, Yui is already in love with the boy and they are a couple, so for whoever’s route you pick, the boy will be the one accompanying Yui on her fantabulous heart-retriving journey. There is also no illustration whatsover of Count Walter, or his butler, but I imagine in my heart that he’s some crazy old bat similar to Karl Heinz.

Each of the boys’ routes only have 4 chapters + ending. In order to get a good final end, you need to get at least 2 right answers and also the pass the mini-game. It’s really the VC style, except simpler I think, since the answers are quite easy and you can even pick the level of the mini-game (I usually go for normal, but if you’re unconfident, you can just go for easy, which makes it easier to pass). The general plot also goes like this: Enter realm > tries to find Count Walter > runs into random trouble > solve trouble while playing at the carnival > Count Walter returns heart?? The game was not without its loopholes too; I understand that when Yui doesn’t have a heart, blood won’t be pumping through her body, and so, her smell won’t attract any vampires. However, when Count Walter returns her her heart, it seems she can still prance around enjoying the parade with no problems after, lolol.

I’ve done up a usual Top 5 character ranking, which will contain some spoilers, so please read at your own risk! Please also know that I didn’t jot down any notes or write the descriptions instantly after finishing each route, so everything’s off the top of my head. Top 5 is also from favourite to least favourite routes!

  • Sakamaki Subaru: Tsunbaru continues to strike in LP! Going into the demon world, they actually enter Count Walter’s mansion immediately, where Subaru threatens the Count instantly by knocking over the some expensive art in his house. Unfortunately, it seems the Count won’t appear anymore, so they figured they’ll have to replace the broken art piece if they even want to discuss him returning Yui’s heart. They go to find an eccentric old art collector, who sets them out on 3 tasks. In the end, Count Walter really does just return Yui’s heart to her, after the 3 tasks were finished. (LOL Count Walter is a weirdo with too much time on his hands.) But Subaru was just super sweet throughout, and you actually get character development! Subaru first sees Yui being kind and helpful to others, and at the end, he does the same (which becomes key to solving task 3). I actually really like that. Despite Subaru bellowing at half of the things, in the end, he and Yui dress up in costumes, send lanterns in the sky, and kiss in the middle of the parade. My heart<3

  • Mukami Ruki: While his was a bit too serious and negative(?) during Vandead Carnival, I felt like his route this time was really enjoyable! He’ll keep the task in mind, still let them enjoy the carnival, but then tease Yui and there’ll be a lot of hot, kissing scenes ((((:

  • Sakamaki Kanato: Kanato is actually a fun route for me to play, unexpectedly! Despite his tantrums and all, he was hell-bent on getting Yui’s heart back, and I thought the entire route was quite the adventure, from them getting swept up in the sky, to running amock in the caves. He was also pretty sweet (in the scenarios where he should be). Such a far cry from the Kanato I know in the first two games!

  • Sakamaki Shu: I can’t quite remember what happened in Shu’s route anymore :/ It wasn’t memorable, and as usual, Shu is just kinda sluggish, reluctant and logical about his actions to retrieving Yui’s heart. Mainly, they were running around trying to track Count Walter’s butler. They had cute moments tho, like them holding hands as they stroll through the parade, or when they rode the ferris wheel. I remember one thing that annoyed me was how awkward some of his CGs looked…it’s like their art and design department forgot how the kiss scenes go, and that final CG of them kissing especially looked like they’re trying to merge their faces together :| I’M SO CONFUSED. OK but I don’t remember hating his route, so it must just be so-so.

  • Sakamaki Ayato: Ayato is my favourite character, so when he is out of character, it stands out extra to me. While in the demon world, Ayato and Yui run into constant trouble, which is mostly because Ayato is too brash and too violent, and goes around hitting people or intruding onto other people’s premises =_= Instead of really focusing on getting Yui’s heart back, it’s more like we’re running around, trying to fix some irrelevant shit that Ayato started. There were also scenes where Ayato tries to kiss Yui at obviously inappropriate situations, so none of it feels romantic to me because clearly, the mood isn’t there. I was generally pretty frustrated doing Ayato’s route b/c it was as though Ayato had no sense of urgency, even though when there comes a crucial moment to talk about how important Yui’s heart is, he’s able to do it, but his actions along the way don’t prove that. In the end, Ayato admits and assures Yui that he loves her, not simply for her heart, but also for her soul, and they make out at the ferris wheel before the parade ends. The route then ended and I had no idea whatever happened with Count Walter, the demon world’s citizens and the bad guys????? Overall, a route with no heads or tails.

  • Bonus → Sakamaki Laito (This is up because he’s the only guy I happened to type out the description for, so I shan’t let it go to waste now): Is it just because I dislike Laito? I felt like he wasn’t very serious about the fact that she LOST HER HEART, and that he finds it to be troublesome trying to retrieve it. Half the time, since they can’t seem to enter Count Walter’s mansion, they get played into this young vampire swindler’s hands, who promises them that he knows the way in. They meet a bunch of tiring hurdles, somehow gets lucky and passes them, but then there is no actual meaning as to how they contribute to the big picture. You feel they’re all just kinda one-off, but at the end of the day, Count Walter says he is impressed and then just gives Yui her heart back <_< It’s like, in the end, Laito already given up and just says, “Let’s enjoy the parade” and Yui is like, “Let’s”. CLEARLY THEY HAVE GIVEN UP. I think partially it is just Laito’s supposed personality, but I’ve never been a fan of him so I guess it just wasn’t enjoyable.

Additionally, there are also the ‘Care for vampire’ and ‘Date with (insert family name)’ scenarios. I thought the the Date with Sakamakis one was super cute, where the boys each take turns to take Yui out on a date, such as Shu taking her shopping, and Subaru bringing her to a public cafe and drink from a heart-shaped straw…because they’re silently competing as to which brother she enjoys going on dates with the best. Hilarious stuff!

Overall, even as a DL fan, you don’t really need this game. If you’re desperate for a carnival setting, please play Vandead Carnival, since it’s a lot better, with better CGs to boot. They really recycled a lot of stuff (including the mini-games and BGM), and the plot is thin too, and if I knew earlier, I would actually skip the game myself.

Currently, I’m playing UtaPri Repeat Love~ will post up a review as usual after I’m done! Other games that I’ve also pre-ordered for my PSV include Osomatsu-san THE GAME, MARGINAL#4 ROAD TO GALAXY. Still considering Tsukiuta’s Tsukitomo. I’M BUSY.

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you like bnha?? awesome bakushima is my favorite, could you write a cute scene with them? Maybe a coffee shop AU that's my fave *^*

I just want to say, from the bottom of my heart, that I love and appreciate this prompt thank you for single handedly curing my writers block with my favorite boys. Also S/o to @kirisame-drive for the idea of bakugo having awful coffee taste.

Bad Taste 

Bakushima and Coffee Shop AU’s go together like scalding liquid and inferiority complexes, or maybe that’s just Bakugo.  

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Father!Jungkook’s Halloween

And last but certainly not last, to finish it off as he always does is our bunny maknae, the second half of the Busan line who has been doing am azING like the whole slow fall to the floor thing he does in BST just ignites all the feels 10/10, Jeon Jungkook aka kookie

  • All of the father related posts are here
  • For everyone that hasn’t read the original post, he has two bbys, twins, a boy and a girl
  • Okay so I have this lil head canon that kook’s kids would be just as mischievous as he is
  • The only difference is there are two of them and they can get away with more
  • He finds it so fucking funny that they’re just like him in so many ways, they both tilt their heads when they sleep, they both had the exact same smile as him, they both do the eyebrow thing 
  • He lo v es them beyond words even if they are two tiny troublemakers, they’re HIS tiny troublemakers and he wouldn’t trade them for the world
  • Tbh the three of them start a prank war among all of BTS 25/8 like the classic water bucket over door shit, a fake fly in their soup just normal playful shit never anything too hardcore it all has to be family appropriate bc there are bbys forever running around
  • But when you add Halloween into that shit oh boY all of the boys just prepare themselves
  • Bby girl puts a “worm” in Jimin’s water and bby boy puts fake spiders in Jin’s hair while he sleeps and kookie puts hot pepper in Namjoon’s coffee
  • They are another family that goes all out for Halloween, I just feel like kook would be so into it which means the bbys would be even more into it
    bc anything kook likes they like especially bby girl she wants to be just like Jungkook
  • It’s actually pretty damn cute bc she does it without even thinking, like if he’s sitting on the couch and she comes to sit next to him, she has that same slouch he’s got going on and her hand will be on the couch just like his is and he kinda just gets all smiley and happy
  • But back to decorating, they go all out and they do have some scary decorations up bc idk why but I just see kook’s kids at really tough kids who probably just giggle when people try to scare them
  • So they don’t mind a graveyard in the front or something by the door that’s like motion activated like one of those skeleton dudes that’ll start talking or play music or something that jumps out
  • They end up falling over laughing when kook gets scared by it bc he was the one that set it up he should be the only one not getting scared by it plus it’s funny to see their tough ass dad that’s always going on about how he’s a Busan man scream and go to run away bc a lil fake spider pops out
  • They do pumpkin carving but kook ends up doing most of the work
  • Like he knew going in he’d be doing the hard stuff like the actual carving but he didn’t expect to be getting all the seeds and guts out of the pumpkin too
  • He thought they’d love that part but they both take one look inside and then just automatically turn to kook with those big puppy dog eyes and they don’t even have to say anything before kook’s rolling his sleeves up
  • They do the actual design though bby boy decides he wants to make a rainbow while bby girl makes a goat or at least tries to
  • She has kookie help her draw the outline so he pretty much does her entire pumpkin for her but he doesn’t mind at all bc he loves them both v v much
  • Okay but they would so win best costume at any party bc they have a really cute theme and they themselves are fucking adorable
  • Ight so flashback time, remember when kookie wore that Pikachu onesie and we all kinda cried a bit bc it was so fucking cute??
  • Take that and now imagine two really smol Jungkooks (one with tiny pigtails and the other with a teeny tiny bun) in a Pichu and Pikachu onesie
  • Bby girl gets the Pichu costume and then bby boy gets Pikachu and then Jungkook is Raichu bc I need this so much I’ve been waiting to write this post purely so I could add this lil section
  • But just imagine for a solid second, the three stages of Pikachu just walking (waddling in the bbys case bc tinY BBY LEGS AKA MY FAVE) around with their big ass buckets of candy bc you know the Jeons would dominate Halloween when it comes to trick or treating
  • Okay but head canon that the Tae’s family joins up with them bc they both have similar strategies and similar routes and they figure they’ll get more candy if they have a larger group
  • The Jeons would go home and just chill out after a long night
  • The bbys literally drop onto the couch and the lil hoods of their onesies cover their heads so it just looks like a tiny Pichu and Pikachu are mumbling about how much candy they got that night
  • They would try to stay up and watch a movie together but they both end up falling asleep on kook pretty early on like within the first ten minutes they’re down
  • Bby girl ends up falling asleep on his chest while bby boy is on his stomach and tbh kook isn’t that far behind them like even though it’s not enough 10 pm yet, he’s out like a light
  • Halloween with kook is exciting and fun and he’s forever giggling at their lil tails and ears flopping around as they walk and they’re giggly bc he’s giggly so everyone’s giggly and they just are having the time of their lives
Why Darth Maul has been my favourite character for so long, and probably always will be.

((This is just a really long post about me geeking out on Maul, it’s not that deep or anything I guess. I’m on mobile so I can’t put it under a cut, sorry!))

It sounds silly, I know. He originally had a very brief appearance with next to no lines in the original movie, and is killed off almost instantly, but as a kid I was instantly drawn to the character.

I think I was about 10 or 11 when I first watched Phantom Menace. It was a couple of months after I’d seen the original trilogy, and I don’t think my brother was ever planning on showing me the movies- he’s a bit older than me and a complete original trilogy purist, the prequels can’t even be mentioned in his presence, blah blah blah.
Anyway, my friend kept going on about three other movies, which he had the DVDs for, and offered to lend them to me over the week long holiday I was going on. I had one of those cool portable car film players, and with my set of new Star Wars films to watch, I was more than excited to say the least.

And I watched the movie on the 3 hour journey, and I’m just gonna flat out say it: It was the best film I’d ever seen. I was 10, I wasn’t a fucking film critic, and I didn’t care about any of these things that apparently make the movie so awful. The Queen was incredible, Obi Wan was (still is) WAY better than the original Ben Kenobi, I loved to hate Jar Jar Binks, and the lightsaber battles were better than ever.

And then there was this one character who grabbed my intention immediately. As soon as he popped up on that hologram, he was my favourite thing ever. As soon as I saw he was red and black (little emo me’s favourite colour scheme) he some how became even better. He didn’t need to talk like Vader, he was so much cooler than Palpatine, and then this guy started to fight.

Oooooh boy, could he fight. The Tattooine scrap was pretty cool, but when this “Darth Maul” guy lit up the double bladed lightsaber, I squealed. It was AMAZING. I’d been doing karate for maybe two, three years at this point, and it was something I loved doing, but this guy brought it to a whole new level. He looked so graceful and powerful and deadly at the same time, and I loved it. I couldn’t believe it when he died after such a short time, I think I genuinely cried. But I was pumped for the next movie, and so I looked forward to that instead (still grieving ngl)…

Except for one thing. My friend had lost two of the disks. I had the disk for the Phantom Menace, and it’s bonus disk, but I only had the bonus disks for the other two movies, not the actual films themselves. I Was Pissed™.

So instead I watched literally every bonus feature I could get on that first disk. I watched the info on the makeup, the design, the stunt acting? Anything thing I could possibly find, I watched. Multiple times. I watched the film’s a ton more times too. When I was out walking on the freezing English beach with my parents that holiday, I would grab for any long branch I could find and start using it as a double lightsaber (which is bloody difficult in welly boots). Little old me, obsessed with drawing, also started drawing out any picture I could think of just by using his face on the disk for a tattoo reference. Because his makeup was just the coolest looking thing I’d ever seen. I “borrowed” my mum’s eyeliner to draw them on my face too.

My first attempt at cosplay was Darth Maul. All my school art projects were Darth Maul (I actually still do that now). I would talk about him so much that my friends started referring to him as my boyfriend for god’s sake. I’ve read every book and comic I could get my hands on, and I’m also not gonna lie, a few years later the first fanfic I read was Darth Maul fic, and let me tell you it was a bloody good fic. Still love it. Another thing was that I was 126.84% sure that he wasn’t dead. I had countless ideas all mapped out, but none of them ever came to light, at least not in the main canon.

And then Clone Wars happened. I was never a huge fan of TCW. I liked it, but honestly I didn’t care all too much, and after a few seasons I lost track. I picked up again after my friend made me marathon the show with her (thank you), and I was introduced to Savage Opress. He was instantly a contender for my top ten Star Wars faves. He’s now a solid 2nd place, just behind his brother. He was awesome, and I instantly loved him, but I won’t go into that too much, because you’ve probably all given up on this mindless ramble by now!

Anyway, 2012 comes along, and I end up falling out of my fucking chair with excitement. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. After all my hoping and wishing and praying, Darth Maul would be back. Suddenly, this show was the best thing. I caught up on all storylines relevant to his return, until the day finally came around. I sat impatiently in front of the TV waiting for the episode to air. And I was shocked.
I don’t know what I should’ve expected, but seeing my (slightly concerning idea of a) role model being reduced to what he was genuinely broke my heart. I’m gonna try to keep things brief from here on out because I’ve realised how much I’ve written…
But yeah seeing his return to the force and his relationship with his brother and this whole new, intelligent, calm side to him improved his character to a point I didn’t feel was possible. Especially when it came to the death of Savage, and Talzin. Not out of character at all in my opinion, just a side of him we hadn’t seen before.

Darth Maul, his character and all the work that has gone into him has inspired me to no end. What I refer to as my “realistic” dream, Special Effects Makeup Artist, what I’m actually studying for, was inspired by him, as his makeup and horns and Ian McCaig’s designs and the way it exaggerates his face in the right ways to make him angry really brought me a whole new appreciation for that world of behind the scenes.
My ultimate, but slightly unrealistic dream, would be to do something in the worlds of either stunt acting or wrestling, and I honestly believe my original source of inspiration comes from the way that Maul could fight and move. In fact, it’s a very direct link when it comes to the stunt actor dream. I use to go to karate every week hoping there would be some secret talent scout looking for someone to play a padawan or something. In fact, I still do, so shush.

I could honestly say my appreciation for this character has changed my life, and gotten me through some really tough times, as silly as it sounds.

Besides, meeting my true hero (his actor, Ray Park) last year in March is still the best experience of my whole life. He was such a great guy, such a contrast to his character, and was a literal angel when I asked for a second photo after my phone took a blurry first picture. But again, I’ve rambled enough, and I know nobody is reading this. But whatever, it was fun to get my thoughts out.

Darth Maul is fucking amazing.

A little drabble for the baes @yorekichan, @rayrayswimusic, @daiyanodumpster, @moonlitneko, @sou-yuki94

read this silly and cringing drabble about domestic!miyusawa + child!koushuu under the cut 

The weather in Tokyo was behaving well enough, for the first time the whole month, meaning it was time to get out of the stuffy house and enjoy the pretty weather while it lasted. Eijun and little Koushuu’s form of enjoying the weather was getting their gardening supplies from out of the garage, cleaning them off from all the dust that had managed to form on them during the winter season, and going out into their little backyard to plant flowers and attempt to grow a garden. Eijun had wanted to move to Nagano to raise Koushuu and relax with Kazuya, but things didn’t quite work out when his husband ended up getting drafted into the pro leagues.

He’d been upset about it, due to his bias for the simple country life and wanting to be close to his parents and old friends, but Kazuya had stuck by his side and proved he was indeed the best husband and father anyone could ever ask for.

The backyard may not be that big, and having a playground for Koushuu also took up room, but home was where the heart was, not how big the backyard was; Kazuya, him, and Koushuu had a great time designing it the way they wanted it look, from the navy blue paint for the kitchen to what couch would go to well with their living room furniture.  

Him, being a good husband, wanted to surprise Kazuya, who wouldn’t be home for another two hours, by planting his favorite favorite flower - sunflowers - in the backyard, so he could look out the kitchen window, when making his morning coffee, and see a sight that would never fail to make him smile, even when they were mad at each other.       

Koushuu was such a good, little helper, when it came to the garden. “Papa, do you think daddy will like his gift?” Grin wide on his face, cheeks rosy, and white clothes - Kazuya will kill him for allowing  their pride and joy to wear white clothes - dirty from helping with the sunflower planting, looking like an angel that had been thrown down for them to claim as their own. And they aren’t returning him to the heavens, that’s for sure.

“Like what, pumpkin?” Both of them jumped at the sound of Kazuya’s voice; turning around, Eijun noticed that he was still dressed in his dirty, baseball uniform, a questioning smile on his face, instead of the usual smirk. He was happy to have his husband home early, but that meant he couldn’t surprise him like he had originally planned on doing. Ah, well, at least he got to have him home for the whole weekend.   

Eijun got up from the ground, brushing his pants and shirt off of any dirt, and was about to give Kazuya a hug, but his husband took a step back, nose scrunched up, and his old, teenage self came out. “Eijun, good lord, you stink,” He was about to protest that Kazuya also stunk, but wasn’t prepared for what was going to happen next. Kazuya had started to take off his uniform, calling Koushuu over towards him. It was no surprise that Koushuu was a sucker for Kazuya. “Can you do daddy a big favor and take my jersey back inside and then grab that gardening hose on your way back out?” Oh shit, this wasn’t going to end very well for him.

Once the water hose was safely in Kazuya’s hand, he wasn’t prepared for the cold water he got sprayed with, soaking his clothes and dripping droplets of water from his hair. Miyuki Kazuya was going to get it now. “Oh, Miyuki Kazuya, it is on!”

No matter what life threw at them, he wanted nothing more than to spend every day with his husband, Kazuya, and their son, Koushuu, who always ended up recording their shenanigans on his daddy’s phone with a smile; the two of them finding out about the videos days after and having a good laugh at how stupidly in love they both are and all laughter was shushed with kissing.  

it’s awkward on occasion

Part of my series. Figured I should posting stuff up on tumblr. (Also on AO3)

Marinette rarely regrets agreeing to be Adrien’s roommate. At least she’s still not a stuttering mess in front of him anymore. They’ve managed to attain a simple system of living that just works. She’s not sneaking around, and he understands that she’s busy all the time.

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Major Booty, Reporting For Duty

a belated bday fic for wishyounew 😅🎁🎂🎉

ot3: onjongtae

rating: pg

word count: 1300

warnings: unedited, too cute

Jinki opens the door to his apartment as quietly as possible and slinks inside, slipping out of his shoes to tiptoe down the hall, into the living room. He blinks into the darkness, trying to shake the blurriness from his vision. His left eye was swollen shut about five minutes ago but, it’s starting to crack open again. He focuses on the dark outline of the couch, searching for any boyfriend-shaped lumps curled up on the cushions. For the past few weeks, he’s been finding one or both of his partners sprawled on top of it, waiting for him to come home. He’s relieved to see that the room is dark and quiet, and hopes that maybe they’ve finally gotten used to this whole dating a “super hero” thing and stopped worrying about him enough to get some sleep. He’s had a long night of ass-kicking and is really looking forward to crawling into bed between them and accepting sleepy kisses and incoherent greetings before getting to drift off himself. He smiles to himself as he walks toward their bedroom, hissing a little at the pain of the movement then groaning when he turns down the hall and sees the fuzzy yellow glow coming from under the furthest door on the left.

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