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'Love You Owlways and Forever'- Digital Speedpainting
First video! My name is Michelle- sci-fantasy artist 'Keeper of Ages' across social media. 'Love You Owlways and Forever' is a piece I made to celebrate Vale...

My first youtube video! Featuring my latest piece ‘Love You Owlways and Forever’. The original time was just under 10 hours, but it has been sped up to almost 12 minutes for the video.

The background music is by Approaching Nirvana! Many thanks to them for allowing artists to use their music in their videos. The two songs in this are ‘Ethereal’ and ‘Eyes on You’.

I hope to make videos like this for future piece, and to eventually expand to streaming and tutorials too!



I was tagged by the amazing @chenbootysoo to do this bias tag thingy😆😆 thanks so much for the tag my love ❤️ OFC Chanyeol would be here <_< and my latest love Johnny ❤❤❤😭🙌

I’ll go ahead and tag @hanbingabong @chanyeolandthebananas @kimmythecoffeecat @kertlynthebaba I don’t know who else to tag cause I’m hella lazy ATM but whoever wants to do it can do it 😂😂


All that happens behind the scenes is the secret towards success. With all the tremendous feedback from the release of the album, I decided to share a short footage at the Legendary Encore Recording Studio where we spent an incredible number of hours mixing and mastering and adding the final touches to my latest album “First Love:Ser Arachin”.
Sit back and enjoy the journey! ✨🎧🎼(Official video on YouTube) @mgdakid @9120media #EncoreStudio #Mixing #Mastering #MyAlbum #SerArachin #SuroMusicEntertainment #SuroMusic #SuroFans #ArmenianSinger #ArmenianArtist (at Encore Recording Studios)

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floralfaunprince  asked:

Velvet Oceans Willowleaf

velvet ocean: what is your latest dream?
My latest dream was really lovely! I was sad in a summery warm field with someone I absolutely care about. The sunlight was really warm and there was lavender everywhere and wildflowers and we were just sat in contented silence admiring the view of the gold fields and the sky. We were holding hands and there was a soft blanket and when I put my head on the person’s chest in the dream, I woke up in reality. It was wonderful.

willowleaf: what’s your favorite autumn outfit? My favourite autumn outfit is a warm baggy sweater tucked into high waisted jeans. Thick socks and then my brown boots and my big denim jacket - the sherpa style. Over the top, a big warm scarf I’ve had for the past few years, it’s different shades of pink, green, red, yellow, orange and other warm colours. It’s one of my prized possessions!

Thank you for the asks!💗

My Tiny Little Intro!

 This weight loss journey I am about to embark on is in no way small or big, it fit right there in the middle. 

Before we get into all of the nook and crannies of this journey, let me introduce myself. My name is Melissa and I am 18 years old. I’m pretty ordinary. I work at a drug store and I attend college. I enjoy endless hours of Broadway music and plenty of romantic movies set in Italy. If you find me, I will more than likely be staring off into my dream land or snug in a corner reading my latest lovely book. 

Now onto the nooks and crannies.

I am beginning this journey 5 inches, 7 feet tall (170.18 cm) and 156 pounds (70.76 kg). This is a healthy weight for my height but for security reasons and an over all need to change my habits and to feel good about myself, my goal is drop down to 135 pounds (61.24 kg). My goal weight is also a healthy weight. 

I hope to come out of this looking leaner and fitter and possessing a healthier way of life. Join me or just check up on me occasionally to see where I am at!

Tips and encourages are more than welcome and I hope that you all enjoy this journey!

(This will not strictly be a health blog. I don’t exactly have a one track mind.)

My latest crochet pattern, the January Snuggles Baby Blanket, is now available! -

January Snuggles is the latest blanket I created in Drops Nepal from @NordicMart I love this cozy wool/alpaca blend yarn especially at this time of year when it is so cold outside. This piece was awesome to snuggle under as I created it :-) -

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