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ok but how do people gif so fast? are you watching the video and giffing at the same time? are you magicians??

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it’s been a rough, tough week so take this messy doodle i did in ode to how stoned im about to get 💙

For once I want to feel my name come out someones mouth , with every sound I want to feel the butterflies that carries the soul of happiness and love. To feel the warmth upon my cheeks, as I smile at the sound of mine name makes. I want to see that shine of a tinkle come out of their eyes to know they are happy to be mine. To feel the heartbeat under my ear, to feel feel the warmth of an embrace.


Rationale - Fast Lane (Official video)


Parallel FFXV Ch.12  and the new reimagined 1.16  ½

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Jack Johnson - Better Together Lyrics by 619GuitarHeroSSC

Another one from the Brotzly Playlist (feels appropriate with me finally watching Season 1 and Season 2 almost upon us!). This is a sweet, light-hearted song of the sort that I could see Victor singing to Alice. Just something to let her know just how much he appreciates every moment they share together and how they’re just better as a couple than they are apart. :) I particularly like the bit about dreams and reality kind of intertwining, given my love for them managing to get in each other’s heads. And the bit quoted on the Brotzly playlist feels very true to Valice as well:

“i believe in memories/they look so, so pretty when i sleep/hey now, and when i wake up/you look so pretty sleeping next to me/but there is not enough time/and there is no, no song i could sing/and there is no combination of words i could say/but I will still tell you one thing/we’re better together” 

It’s just kinda mushy, and I like that. :)


summary: sometimes adults need comforting as much as kids, even though the kids are way more blatant about it and definitely cross into annoying territory more often then not and really should stop to think about their actions
notes: if i was actually making a gintama episode the summary would be an excellent title, sadly it’s a bit long for a fanfic
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“Shiroyasha, Shiroyasha, Shiroyasha!”

The chants echo across the battlefield, and that’s how this particular nightmare always starts.

“Shiroyasha, Shiroyasha, Shiroyasha!” They turn mocking, and Gintoki turns around on the lifeless battlefield, empty except for the Amanto corpses he stands on, sword stuck through the nearest one, and the dark figures slithering across the ground.

Rationally, he’s aware that this is a dream. But the glimpses of the faces on those figures are familiar, and he can’t think clearly quite long enough to wake up and leave them behind (again, again, again). What happens next, he knows - the figures slither to the corpse pile and climb it  and he doesn’t have the strength to lift his sword and cut them down (if he couldn’t protect them, how can he protect himself?), and they swallow him up, crying and shrieking Shiroyasha in a strange combination of terror and joy that he had grown so used to in the war……….

That doesn’t happen this time, though, because instead of cries of Shiroyasha in that awful tone, he hears a cry of “Giiiiiiin-chaaaaaaaaannnnn” in one that manages to be worse.

The freezing cold water that just splashed on his face doesn’t make anything better.

Kagura’s standing over his head, staring straight into his eyes, holding a now-empty glass in one hand. “You were breathing so hard, I thought you might be dying, uh-huh. So I dropped cold water on your head. Big Sis says that ice cold water is rejuvenating, uh-huh, so I thought it might bring you back to life.”

“What has that woman been filling your head with? No wonder Shinpachi acts so strange sometimes, after spending so much time in her care.” Gin grumbles, rubbing the water out of his eyes. “Why are you even in here? Adults need their sleep, you know. They can’t have kids constantly coming into their room and disturbing their rest.”

“I don’t think you qualify as an adult, Gin-chan.” Kagura says with far too much authority for a 14-yr-old, placing the water glass on the floor behind her. Ignoring Gintoki’s attempt at a rightly-indignant retort, she drops the pillow and blanket she has stuffed in her shirt (for whatever Kagura reason there is for stuffing a pillow and blanket down your shirt instead of just carrying them) on his futon and throws herself down on it. “I had a terrible nightmare, so I’m going to sleep here tonight.”

“You can’t just throw yourself onto somebody’s futon and say you’re going to sleep here! That’s not anywhere near polite! Did no one teach you manners?!”

“If the monsters attack, you’re gonna protect me, uh-huh.” Kagura nods, more to herself then Gin, once again completely ignoring Gintoki’s indignation. He would have attempted another comeback, except she’s asleep within five seconds, curled up in an incredibly irritating ball of gorilla-girl.

Suddenly, the room’s quiet again.

Gintoki watches her sleep for a moment, before slowly, carefully, getting up and moving the glass to the other side of the room. Kagura’s notorious for moving in her sleep, a lot, and he doesn’t need her destroying it and stabbing them both in the head with broken glass. The thing is, if Kagura had actually had a nightmare, it would have taken her hours to go back to sleep. She never just falls over and that’s it - there has to be a four-course meal and a petting session with Sadaharu and three arguments about the dangers of lollipops or mayonnaise or Ooguri Shun posters or whatever the hell she’s on about this time.

Sometimes, the kid’s way too aware for her own good. If the monsters attack, you’re gonna protect me, huh. She sure has a lot of faith in him, for blatantly telling him to his face he’s not qualified to be an adult.

Gintoki doesn’t dream the rest of that night.

*pokes my head back into the 1d fandom for a quick sec*  i’m so proud of every single person in this fandom who isn’t afraid to think for themselves and to speak up (politely and respectfully, might i add) even when it means they get attacked, indirected, and bullied by people sending anonymous messages or writing nasty posts about them on their blogs.

keep doing you, stay strong, and know that you have A LOT of support behind you even if it might not seem like it.

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katsudeku from bnha

nOPE | no | hmmm | idk | sure | ye | yES | OH MY GOD YES

after the latest ep I just… dfghjhgf they have SO much to figure out between each other ok

I believe in them and I know their relationship can get better but idk IDK I’m still not sold to the ship yet


they both have so many different feelings about each other piled up on top of the other that they don’t know how to interact anymore. it’s not something that can be resolved any time soon but i’m sure their cooperation will one day be a big step for them in the future


15/9: coffee date with the birthday boy

happy birthday my sunshine, ily ♡