my latest love

*wakes up at 6.30am feeling strange*

*checks tumblr*

*sees that her latest lourry fic has somehow jumped to 87 notes overnight*

*checks feed*

*sees that harry sang a song with his idol apparently out of nowhere*

No wonder i woke up. My brain KNEW strange stuff was happening.

i had such a tough day at work but the second i come on tumblr and see BTS’ dumb smiling faces i feel 1000% less stressed


it is NOT FAIR that lorelai reacts the way she does to luke’s whole thing with april.  it is NOT FAIR that she freaks out about him postponing the wedding when he was cool with her postponing their wedding because of her whole thing with rory.  it is NOT FAIR that lorelai doesn’t say anything to luke about her feelings about april when luke had that whole come clean moment with lorelai about rory. 

I Could Do Without A Tan On My Left Hand by fookinglousers
Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences
Words: 7,317
Chapters: 1/1
The five times Harry’s blind dates go horribly wrong and the one time it goes horribly right.

The range of ploys used to extract money from punters varied from pimp to pimp and from tavern to tavern. Casanova, who was doing the rounds in London in 1764, complained bitterly of his treatment by a waiter at the Star Tavern in the Strand. The great lover called for a woman, and much to his frustration learned that he must pay a shilling for each one to be viewed, whether he chose her as his bedfellow or not. The pimp marched a string of unappealing whores by him, leaving the most attractive to the very end. Twenty shillings later, and still without a woman to show for it, Casanova left in a huff

The Covent Garden Ladies: Pimp General Jack and the Extraordinary Story of Harris’ List // Hallie Rubenhold

tag yourselves, I’m the 19 ugly women who came out first and basically fleeced Casanova of his money for being such a picky bastard

im really emotional rn i just told siri i appreciate her and she said “i don’t know what you mean by that” like wth siri ur wonderful and deserve to know that

Au where Alex can cook some things. I mean, Eliza probably wasn’t around a ton when she and Kara were growing up after Jeremiah was presumed dead, and a growing Kryptonian couldn’t survive on just take out in a tiny town. And so she and Maggie are about to cook something for the first time together and Maggie opens a cabinet and bursts out laughing. Because of course Alex Danvers doesn’t have measuring cups like a normal person, she has beakers

binge listen to The Adventure Zone and all of your internal monologue will become narrated by Griffin McElroy. you’ll hear his voice recite your shopping list. his voice will read your texts and text posts. he’ll describe the room you’re walking into. you’ll hear the laughter of his brothers and dad before you go to sleep.