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Post your lockscreen, the last song you listened to and your latest selfie ☺

My lovely cat Sammy as my lockscreen, last song I listened to is from a German band (I adore this band so much) & latest selfie from Snapchat, totally counts too right? 😜

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and to my latest love
i really hate that you’re gone
and every nightmare i have
the pain grows so strong

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I hate to bother you, I know this is annoying, but would you mind reblogging my latest blurb? Much love to you xx

I don’t really reblog writing on my blog, I’m sorry, my lovely. But, if my dear followers wouldn’t mind, I’m sure they’ll head on over to your blog and give it a read. I’ll even go and check it out myself, my lovely. 

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If you guys wouldn’t mind, go and check her piece of Harry writing out. xx

My latest love is binge watching CNN for the sheer pleasure of seeing  Trump surrogates and supporters literally impaling themselves on live television trying desperately to defend the indefensible by pivoting when they are asked simple questions by the anchors with those deer caught in the headlights stares and the anchors themselves with lips pierced so tightly so as not to laugh out loud at their responses ( all praise to Anderson Cooper for not losing it with a fit of his adorable giggles, although I do wish it would happen if only so we can giggle right along with him ) I fully expect them to start answering questions in this manner soon. 

Anchor: “How do you respond to the fact that Donald Trump said in a speech just today that he could not possibly have assaulted the People reporter because she was not attractive enough? “

Surrogate: “well I’m glad you asked me that because today dinosaurs have been spotted on Mars eating at Chuck e Cheese. Mr Trump has plans to build a wall around Mars to prevent these illegal and criminal carnivores from invading the U.S to keep American fast food restaurants  safe and make them great again” 

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I was unmoved by the sky. someone somewhere said my name but my heart did not recognize it. i stared out the window looking for something to come back. my brother made a joke about me not having what it takes to be a mother. i’ve forgotten every name intended for the children i might never have. i dreamed something terrible and told no one. a man on the street asked me for help and i did nothing. i did nothing. yesterday, i went home and wrote about a ghost. there’s one in my driveway. i miss that old minivan we used to have. i don’t call the people i want to talk to even though i know they’ll pick up. something inside of me does not want to be touched. i have a feeling that this place won’t be mine anymore. it’s been brought up at dinner more than once. i can’t forgive myself for my latest mistake. love is just a word to me now. when i can’t fall asleep at night, i practice saying it out loud. it doesn’t feel right on my tongue.  i used to think it was something i’d be good at, but i don’t even look for it in my own poems anymore. i think it must have went out the back door when i wasn’t paying attention. i hope it finds someone who remembers to leave the lights on. 

So at what point do you turn your involved AU into an original story?
I dunno
It feels like I’m supposed to do that. I’m sure it comes from the normal self-doubt and loathing. Like I shouldn’t spend time thinking of involved AUs when I could be “productive” and write abt my own characters.
Which is a load of bull bc fanfic is supposed to be self-indulgent and there’s no such thing as too involved or too developed, if you have fun doing it

But I’ve got a few universes already.
There’s the fantasy and magic and dragon universe (four separate stories in the same universe)
The normal world/secret magic world universe (one really long story)
Space sci-fi universe (two stories)
And Earth steampunk sci-fi universe (my latest creation that I love dearly. One story so far)
Also they’re all connected somehow, bc I enjoy the idea of my OCs being able to canonically hang out

Either way
Maybe I should like, write short stories instead of planning a novel right off the bat
Yeah that sounds good


Perfect Discolusion. It wasn’t love.🎙💿🎤 My latest obsession…. not a fan of the original version, but this is everything 😍 @ladygaga #robskouteris #bootleg #freemasons #mashup #madonna #papadontpreach #perfectillusion #musicismylife #letthebeatcontrolyourbody #bop (at Peterborough, United Kingdom)

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“You should study arts.” My Auntie Cel said to me while I was working on my latest painting.

I just love doing a bit of everything. I like painting, baking, cooking, singing, dancing, gardening, etc. and every time I am doing something, I make sure that I am giving my best to it, I am always passionate to what I do. And that’s what made me so confused about what I really want to do with my life. *lmao*
romancelvr replied to your post “I love finding new video game crushes. Bioware writes the best video…”


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“I love finding new video game crushes. Bioware writes the best video…”

Who are you romancing????

YES, Sarah. Dragon Age romances are my jam. Cullen was my latest love and I just adore him. <333

But I’ve been playing SWTOR (Star Wars, The Old Republic) and you get companions and can romance a couple of them. Each character class gets 5 companions they can take with them on missions and such and you build up their “affection” to get new romance options. And I LOVE the romance stories in the original storyline.

BUT, they’ve come out with a few expansions to the game and I’m just now playing through them, they’ve been out for awhile. And I had no idea you got MORE companions in the new expansions and well…this is Theron Shan, the secret son of a famous Jedi Master who was raised by the Jedi but never connected with the force as they did so he wound up working for Republic Intelligence:

AND IT’S RIDICULOUS HOW MUCH I LOVE HIM. I just started the third expansion and you wake up 5 years after the previous one because you were captured and frozen in carbonite and when you wake up and check your mail, THIS is what is waiting for you.


I’m drowning in feels. LMAO.