my latest love

s/o to my parents who told me yesterday that “without sex a relationship will not go far”

you remind me why I am glad to be aroace

A Writing Lesson

The morning sun bloomed
thru the window as
I lay on my side and
read her my latest
love poem.
“It’s sweet, your poems
are romantic and soft and
Eyes looked away,
teeth found
her bottom lip.
She straddled me,
leaned on my chest
eyes drinking
“But, that’s not the way
you love me. You love me
hard, you love me strong
with a passion so hot
it sets my heart on fire….
write for me way you
fuck me.”
I wrapped her in
my arms and kissed
her deep until I felt
our souls ignite.

Lesson learned.

JWB 2016

i just want to say here that i’m so happy to be writing and publishing stuff again on my real life side of the internet.

i had this horrible dry spell for two years where i only did poetry (which is great and i love), but i really missed writing stuff, and now that i’m back i can feel how much my writing’s improved despite not writing for two years or so (we don’t count nano or my editing or rewrites of old stories because those, well, don’t count).

anyway, i’m super pleased with what i’ve been doing so far this year and i hope to keep up this good streak of productivity.

Nearly at 300 followers!!

You guys! I’ve gained about 30 new followers since the writing mojo returned :)

And I definitely feel like this one deserves celebration!! 

Leaning toward one of two options -

1- TUMBLR TAKEOVER! I feel they boys might need to come visit :)

2- PERSONALISED LOVE LETTERS! From whomever you need :)

Let me know if you have any preferences! Otherwise I’ll just pick. But regardless - I’ve still got 4 more followers to gain!!

On a side note, thank you all for giving my latest fics so much love!!

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