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And turns me to gold in the sunlight [insp]

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     This post contains magi spoilers now because i got the two latest issues of weekly shonen sunday where the latest magi chapters got released!

I got issue 24 with othaka’s coloured drawing of older!Aladdin and issue 25 where Aladdin, Hakuryuu and Morgiana pull this Atlantic shit move against Arba. Best moment ever.

The books are kinda big tho cuz at least 12 popular manga series get published there at the same time every week! Still worth it tho… I love them…

Thank Othaka for putting Furigana to her series so that people with crappy japanese skills (like me) can still read the entire manga!


Watch Adele’s Send my Love to your New Lover New Music Video

’Send My Love (To Your New Lover)’ is taken from Adeles new album, 25, out now.

@ dc fans

rec me dc comics,,,, please save me from the mess that is marvel

Getting 39 victims in 30 minutes of gameplay as the Sniper more like:

Damn I feel good.

Before people get nuts, let me repeat: I know I’m not the best at the game. But still, after 8 hours of playing the Sniper, I feel pretty good with my results. >:3c

slight addition to some athene international headcanon.

they do your standard private military operations, but now they also provide security for both terrorist and government black ops scientific research projects. lots of freaky shit involving bioweapons and fringe science and very sketchy genetic research. this is very, very hush-hush. charlie didn’t even know this until adam came back from an op and told him all these stories (lol way to break ur nda, bro). like everything else in his life he doesn’t like to think about it much. 


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idk i just really love my latest jeffreestar lipstick and it’s getting really close to winter which means dark clothes!!!!!! i look like a potato in these photos bfjdb bye

also i got new glasses yay!

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