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Ok so if you haven’t read Where the Ocean Meets the Sky by @pitviperofdoom then you should cus it’s really good and my drawing doesn’t really do it justice. Let’s just pretend that the background looks good and that the perspective makes sense ok

But seriously, it’s a good fic, as are all Pits fics for that matter.

Years after they graduated from UA, Todoroki usually comes home tired from work and Midoriya always comforting him
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Fanfic writers be like:

“So this is what my mind came up with at 2 AM.”

“Behold, the product of my sleep-deprived ass.”

“I wrote this at 3 AM instead of sleeping. Enjoy.”

“It’s exactly 2:53 AM but I want to write some self-indulgent fluff.”

“wHaT iS sLeEp.”

Todoroki knows what he wants 🤤
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Every Person Who Reads Fanfiction
  • "I just squealed and yelled at my phone for 45 minutes."

Me: “ Ugh I used to read so much back when I was a teen, what happened to that”

Also me: *reads a twenty-three chapters long fanfic in an afternoon, and another couple ones til 3 am*

I need a omake about this

Momo as Bakugou…I NEED IT


“You get all that?” Shigaraki asked in a tone of voice that implied you were stupid, untrustworthy. You only nodded at him, keeping your biting retort barricaded safely behind clenched teeth. It wouldn’t do well to antagonise this guy - he was unpredictable, put you on edge. One wrong word and he’d put you five feet under, one way or another. He eyed you suspiciously, then nodded, pleased by your cooperation. “One more thing,” he said slowly, keeping his eyes on you to gauge your reaction as he pointed at something over his shoulder. “You’ll be taking him with you.”

Son of a-

A muscle jerked in your cheek - the only outward sign of your irritation as your eyes followed the direction of his stupid, skinny, pale finger. This wasn’t part of the plan. You specifically told him that you work best alone, and you just knew he did this to test your loyalty - to see how expendable you truly were.

That scheming, irritating little-

Blue eyes made you pause, stopped that train of thought in its tracks, and you just… stared.

Two blue orbs stood out amongst the darkness in the room, distracted you from the scars decorating the skin around them. They were so blue - Jesus - and so dangerous, set entirely upon you with an intense curiosity that had your toes curling in your shoes.

“Gotta say,” the newcomer spoke, breaking the silence. “I was real’ reluctant about working with a newbie, but you’re pretty easy on the eyes, stranger,” he rumbled, his voice deep, sexy, as he tilted his head to the side, looking you up and down. A beat of silence passed before those eyes found their way back up to yours. “The name’s Dabi.” He licked his lips, then smirked. “And you are?”


Both Todoroki and Midoriya are a big fan of All Might since they were little. Happy national children’s day!

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I’m back with a really messy bkdk comics inspired by this great fic Grief Counseling by @merrywetherweather

This is my type of drug, damn. 

So I know we adore the fantasy Au but oh may GAHD look at this one

Aizawa looks so condescending…. I love it