Don’t Make Me Regret Saving You - Gavin Reed DBH

pairing: Gavin Reed x android!reader - gender neutral

warnings: swearing, mentions of blood (blue blood/thirium)

word count: 2.3k

A/N: If you know me, you know I am TRASH for my asshole son. He’s such a royal dick but I love him anyway. He needs more appreciation imo and so I am doing my part. This is a prompt I have in my word challenge (*cough* join maybe? *cough*) and just had to do it myself too. Enjoy :)

taglist: @connorshero @spectacular-spiderboy 

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Everyone felt sorry for you the day you were assigned as Gavin Reed’s partner. He never hid his dislike of androids and everyday was filled with torture and annoyance from him. It wasn’t so bad in the beginning, you were used to being disrespected as an android, but then Connor became deviant and you soon followed. After that, you never much cared for Gavin’s tart remarks and threats to dismantle you. One day, you snapped and yelled at him.

“Who the hell gave you the right Detective Reed?” You spat, catching the man off guard, his face dropping from frustration to confusion. “Why are you so against my kind?” He never answered your question, but from then on, you stood up for yourself more and more and Gavin slowly backed down.

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2017 fics written by lululawrence for @wordplayfics

For 2017 fics written by lululawrence for this challenge, click here (link coming soon).

Easy, Breezy, Beautiful (5k) - Foundation

“Louis, I can’t go to school like this! Help me!”

Louis looked his sister up and down and found that her uniform looked pretty par for the course and her golden brown hair actually looked nicer than usual. Unsure what the issue was, he just rubbed his eyes in an attempt to wake up the rest of the way.

“Okay, erm…so how exactly can I help you?” he slowly asked. Maybe if he tried to have her tell him what she expected of him he could figure out how to help her.

“I need something to cover this spot on my forehead! It’s massive!”

…or the one where Phoebe has a makeup emergency and, luckily for all of them but Louis especially, Harry is just the man to help.

Bloody Mary (1.5k) - Bloodsucker

The Mosquito Direction crack fic you never knew you needed.

I Don’t Know What To Believe (6k) - Hinge

“The fuck is that?” Louis asked. Harry took his eyes off the baby for the first time in who knows how long and didn’t say anything, just held the card out to Louis. Louis, however, seemed to be a bit spooked at a baby showing up in their kitchen with no warning and wasn’t moving any closer.

Harry waved the card in his outstretched hand, showing he was getting a bit frustrated with Louis’ lack of cooperation. “It’s a fucking baby, that’s what! Take the damn card and read it!”

Louis gave Harry his classic unimpressed face. “I know it’s a fucking baby, you twat. Whose baby?”

“Maura and Bobby’s, I’d imagine,” Harry mumbled quietly, letting his arm fall to his side.

Or the one where Harry and Louis find Niall has somehow become a baby and turned up on their kitchen table.

(Make You Want To) Scream (16k) - Scream

While Louis’ left hand plays with his nipple, his right reaches down and wraps around his dick and that’s when he really knows something is wrong.

The dick in his hand does not feel like his own.

The Day Is Up And Calling (3.5k) - Cat

All Harry was trying to find was his flatmate, Ed, but if he finds Ed’s new fit employee instead? Well…things could be worse.

tell me what’s the move (and i got you)

“Uh, Parson?”

That definitely wasn’t Jack.


“Oh my god,” Kent said. He felt his blood run cold. He pulled his phone back, double checking the name on the screen. Yup. Jack Zimmermann. “This is–this is Jack’s number.”

“I’m uh, roommate on road,” the voice said. It sounded like…


“Yes, Kent Parson?”

Kent’s stomach twisted at the smile he could hear in Mashkov’s voice. Of course. Of course this would happen. God, he should just throw his phone in the road and cross his fingers that someone would run it over and crush any evidence of this humiliating interaction.

or: kent drunk calls jack, but someone else picks up.

rating: T | words: 15k

Keep Me Safe

Summary: Maybe Jacob Seed has a heart after all, even if it is just for you.

Pairing: Jacob Seed (Far Cry 5) x Gender Neutral!OC

Word Count: 1,015 words

Triggers: Captivity, abduction, mention of nightmares, post-nightmare

Authors Note: Doing this prompt game with Jacob, John and Joseph! This is the slow burn one. Thank you and enjoy!

John Seed (Fake Relationship) [unfinished] | Joseph Seed (Enemies to Lovers) [unfinished]

“Are you having nightmares again?” Jacob asked.

You hadn’t even realized you had fallen asleep. You gasped after your quick awakening to see Jacob towering over you from the other side of the cage.  No wonder I even have nightmares. 

Jacob gripped two bars of the cage and stared at you, not necessarily waiting for a reply, but he was studying you. You couldn’t even imagine what you looked like by now. It’s been three months and seven days since you were free.

Three months and seven days. The days were easy to count when you have nothing better to do than sit inside a cage all day, though you didn’t have much of a choice in the matter.

“Was it me again?”

Such a cruel question to ask in a calm and soothing voice. 

His gaze burned into the side of your face. Eventually, his eyes shifted towards the lock on the cage. You watched his expression change as he began to unlock your cage. Perhaps he was confused himself as to why he was even doing this.

He walked into the cage and knelt down to your height. You looked into his eyes as he brought his hand to your face and began to wipe a tear from your cheek. You hadn’t even realized you were crying.

“I’m sorry, darling.”

He brought his hands under your armpits and hoisted you up. As you instantly collided into his chest due to lack of strength, he lifted you up and held you in his arms. As he began walking to God-knows-where, he slowly stroked the small of your back. It was almost ironic seeing the man who’s kept you captive suddenly become so nurturing.

You quickly realized where Jacob was taking you as he took you up more and more flights of stairs. You’ve heard some of his soldiers talk about never going up to the fourth floor of the Veteran’s Center, and you’ve heard stories as well about people who did go up there getting their neck snapped by yours truly.

Jacob lives in the Veteran’s Center. You’d never given much thought as to where he lived, but the thought still surprised you. Jacob’s little home was surprisingly lively and actually air-conditioned, a nice comfort from the hot Montana summer air.

He carried you to what you assumed was his bedroom. It was small and barely decorated, but at least it had a bed, which you suppose it all it needed. He sat you down on his bed and then disappeared from his room. He returned with a pile of clothing and a bottle of pills.

He gave you the pills first. “Take these. It’ll help you sleep.”

You looked at the tempting little bottle in his hand and then back at him. “I’m not taking anything you give me.”

Jacob didn’t push it. He sat the pills down on the bedside table in case you changed your mind. “Fine, suit yourself. At least change your clothes.”

He handed you a navy blue shirt and gray sweatpants. You wanted to decline his offer, but your clothes had started to smell three months ago and your jeans were deathly uncomfortable, to say the very least.

You changed into his clothes and handed him your old ones. As he left the room to discard your wretched previous wear, you tried to ignore the fact that you’re wearing his clothes.

When he walked back into his room, he was wearing considerably less clothing than before. He was wearing a red t-shirt and black boxers. You’d never seen that man wear anything without his army jacket. It almost took you by surprise.

When Jacob got under the covers, you assumed that’s what he wanted you to do, too. To sleep. When he unlocked the cage earlier, the very first thing you thought he would do was kill you. Now you’re lying in his bed wearing his clothing.

You let yourself pull along into his games. Not that you had a choice in the matter, but you were also too tired to ignore the comfy bed after spending months sleeping on the ground. 

You laid down facing him. Studying his face, his heavy eyes closed as he rests the bags under his eyes, you weren’t sure what to make of this. Three months and seven days and this was the kindest he had ever been to you. What make’s me so special?  Surely he hasn’t shown this side to any of his other soldiers. What kind of herald would that make him? 

None of it made any sense to you. Not a lick of it.

“I dreamt,” you said, “that we were in love. You were in love with me and I loved you back. And we were happy together.”

Jacob’s eyes remained closed. In fact, his expression didn’t change when he said, “What a nightmare. I could see why you were screaming and crying earlier. Loving you has seemingly been my worst sin yet.”

What the fuck? You released a breath.

“Especially when I don’t love you back.”

Your eyes widened at your own statement. You had dared to have been too honest with Jacob, and you were almost certain that there would be a punishment for that.

“I don’t need you to love me back,” Jacob opened his eyes and turned his head towards you, “I need you to be safe and not to fight me.”

“I wasn’t joking.”

“And neither am I,” his face was utterly cold as his jaw clenched. “That’s my nightmare. I meant what I said.”

For once in your life, you were at a loss for words. The silence was deafening, and it stretched more and more to the point where even he couldn’t bear it. So he turned his head back around, closed his eyes and said, “Go to sleep”.

I need you to be safe and not to fight me. For a quick moment, an impulse decision really, you decided not to fight him. You scooted over towards him, leaned your head against his chest and fell asleep almost instantly.
Even If You Cannot Hear My Voice - Chapter 1 - Superhiro - Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency (TV 2016) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Truly, Dirk had been wholly prepared to avoid death until he was on a hospital bed at age ninety and it was the only logical place for the universe to guide him next. That sounded like a rather nice option; the almost pleasant sort of conclusion everyone silently prayed they would get.

Fate, it seemed, had other plans for him.

Dying for someone else was different than ordinary dying. It was meaningful – a necessity even, if the person threatened was worth enough to you.

And no one in the world meant more to Dirk Gently than Todd Brotzman.

Dirk is a magnet for dangerous activity; this has always been the sad, unfortunate truth of his universe controlled life. As a result, he must always be prepared for the bizarre, and often life-threatening situations that actively await him day in and out. What he never prepared for, however, is the sudden arrival of a group led by an Ex-Blackwing employee seeking to lure him in using any means necessary. In order to save what he holds most dear, Dirk must be willing to sacrifice everything. Thus, leaving Todd to deal with the bitter aftermath, and once more desperately search for a way to fix everything.

IT’S FINALLY HERE! I’ve been working away at this fic for the @dghdabigbang for over four months now, and I’m so excited to finally share it with everyone! I poured my soul into writing this fanfiction, and it is easily the longest thing I’ve ever written. I hope you all enjoy reading this emotional roller coaster as much as I enjoyed writing it! 

The lovely art for this fic was done by @yogurtpo3 and will be linked ASAP! <3

Dancing Queen (Peter Quill X Reader Smut)

You love dancing, Peter loves watching.

Loving you isn’t the right thing to do
How can I ever change things that I feel?
Go Your Own Way by Fleetwood Mac was playing in your room on the Milano. You were singing and kind of dancing as you cleaned your room. You weren’t full-on dancing, but you were definitely swaying and bumping your hips along. Meanwhile, Peter was laying on your bed, half his attention on a book, half on you. Maybe more than half his attention is on you at this point.
You’re having a great time, that is until you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and stop dead in your tracks.
“Do these leggings looks really tight on me?" 

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A ficlet to celebrate friendship.

“I can’t believe I’m letting you do this,” Matt said shaking his head.

He was pretending to be annoyed because Karen had made him take off his glasses and he was now wearing green-tinted ones.

“Stop pouting, Matt.” She demanded him patting his shoulder twice. He let out a laugh.

“This is an important tradition in New York and I want to live it.” She crossed her arms and frowned.

“Come on, Matt.” Foggy complained. “We have to do this. For her. Remember the slogan? Do a good turn daily.” He announced solemnly.

“This is definitely a good turn.” Karen said with conviction as she nodded.

“None of us has ever been a scout.” He pointed out laughing.

“Who cares?” Foggy said with arms wide open, palms facing up. “Look Matt, you are the one with an Irish origin, you should be the leader of this mission.”

“And you’re a catholic, right?” She added a bit louder than necessary. “Not celebrating it must be a sin or something, don’t you think so, Foggy?” He nodded. “Just go check the Bible, I bet it’s written there somewhere.”

Matt sighed and Foggy winked an eye at Karen.

“Keep going like this, K., you might just end up working at a prosperous law firm.” Foggy joked, making her laugh.

“You know what?” Matt said tilting his head towards Karen. “You got me with the catholic thing.” She looked down and smiled. “So… where are we going?” He asked.

“Hey, not so fast. We need to work on our outfits, first!” Foggy exclaimed as he picked up a bag he had brought when he left for lunch and emptied it on top of Karen’s desk.

“Our what?” Matt asked, raising his eyebrows.

“Oh my god! Foggy! You brought lots of stuff!” Karen cried out clapping her hands. “Oh! I love this hat. It’s so funny! It’s a green and white beanie, Matt, it has shamrocks on it and it even has strings attached. It’s really, really funny.”

“Oh, no, I’m not wearing that.” Matt declared shaking his head and laughing.

“Of course not. I am the one wearing that hat. It makes me look hot, doesn’t it, K.?” Foggy asked as he posed.

“The hottest.” She said giggling as she kept picking up the different items on the desk.  

“Oh, this T-shirt is perfect for you, Matt.” She suggested.

“What’s it like?” He asked.

“Well, it’s green and it has this big white shamrock on it that has little shamrocks inside. Nothing striking.” She explained. “I like it.”

“That could work.” He nodded and smiled. “What else have you got for you two?”

“Well, there’s a shamrock scarf that matches Foggy’s hat.” Karen handed it out to him. “A thingy for the head that has shamrocks that— Oh! They swing!” She exclaimed. “I’m sorry, guys, but I’m keeping it for me.” Matt laughed. “And then there is this green dress with a sweet leprechaun on it which I guess is for me.” She said looking at Foggy, who smiled and shrugged. Karen left the dress back on the desk and went to hug him. “Aww, Foggy…Thanks for doing this!”

“My pleasure.” He said hugging her back.

“Ok, so, I’m going to get changed.” She said as she took the dress to head for the toilet. “You guys get ready too. We’re gonna have soooo much fun tonight!” She said enthusiastically as she left hopping.

“We’re going to have such a hangover tomorrow.” Matt said.

“You can bet on it.” Foggy answered.

          A few minutes later.

“I’m ready!” Karen announced exiting the toilet.

“So are we.” Foggy answered happily.

As soon as she saw them she covered her mouth with her hands and chuckled.

“Aww. You look so adorable,” she complimented them.

“Is it too much?” Matt asked her frowning his eyebrows.

“Oh, no, no. It’s… perfect!” She exclaimed and then sighed.

“Come on, let’s get the hell out of here.” Foggy said interrupting Karen’s captivation as he headed for the door. “There’s a party out there that’s waiting for us!”

“And where exactly are we going?” She asked as they were walking down the stairs.

“Well, our final destination is unquestionably Josie’s,” Foggy answered making them both chuckle, “and don’t– don’t even try and pretend you don’t agree with me on that. But first, our newcomer needs to see the parade.” He emphasised the last two words using a solemn tone and a much louder voice.

“The parade?” Matt repeated thinking about all the uproar and the odor he would have to put up with. A crowd of people was always far from being pleasant for him. “Of course, Karen, you can’t miss the parade.” He asserted joyfully even though joy was not exactly what he was feeling then.

“Oh, guys, thanks for doing this, I’m so excited!” She admitted.

“Don’t worry, we never say no to a party, do we, Matt?”

“Well, I was about to suggest attending the Mass at the cathedral after the parade, but I don’t think we got the tickets.” He added jokingly.

“Damn it. I knew I was forgetting something.” Foggy played along.

“Matt, I’m afraid we’ll have to make do with some beers.” Karen added, faking a sad reaction but winking an eye at Foggy, who winked back at her.

When they were outside, they realised how packed the street was. The parade was not far from where they were so it took them barely ten minutes to get there.

“Oh my god, no wonder we could hear the noise from the office.” Karen yelled.

“I know, Karen, with the bands, all these people…” Foggy answered loudly.

“And some are wearing costumes!” Karen exclaimed. “Matt, there’s this couple dressed all in green and wearing hats that make them look like shamrocks, and all their kids are wearing Leprechaun hats, they’re so cute! Aww, I love it!”

“Oh! Oh!” She added laughing. “And a group of friends are all wearing green wigs, white t-shirts and green pants! They look so funny. Oh, Matt, I wish you could see all this. It’s so colorful!”

“It’s ok, I can enjoy the music.” He answered with a smile.

“Oh, you liar!” Foggy teased him.

Matt shook his head and lowered it knowing the inevitable was about to happen.

“Foggy, please.” Matt told his friend.

“What’s going on here?” Karen asked.

“Admit it. You never want to come.” Foggy went on. “That’s why I can never see the parades!” He added and then looked at Karen.

“Sorry, Karen, you were plan B in my strategy to get him to come.” He admitted. “And it’s worked!” He raised his eyebrows twice triumphantly.

“What?” Karen asked loudly, eyes wide open.

She turned to Matt and placed a hand on her chest, the other one covering her mouth.

“I’m– I’m so, so sorry, Matt. I swear I didn’t know!” She apologised. “He obviously didn’t tell me.” Karen added looking at Foggy, then at Matt again.

“It’s ok, Karen, I mean it, don’t worry.” Matt insisted.

“And you–” she scolded Foggy with half-closed eyes and pointing a finger at him.

“I had to do it, Karen.” He laughed and put his hands in the air. “I couldn’t come up with a plan A. Besides, I knew Matt wouldn’t say no to you.” He teased Matt again.

Karen gulped and Matt moved his hands nervously on the grip of his cane. Foggy couldn’t help himself and chuckled.

“Hmmmm.” Karen looked at Foggy not really knowing what to say and then scowled in jest.

“Fine,” she grunted, “let’s go to Josie’s then.”

“Oh, no, Karen, we’ve just arrived. We can stay a bit longer if you want.” Matt suggested smiling at her.

“See? He did it again! You can’t blame me.” Foggy let out a laugh and both his friends got noticeably nervous again.

“It’s fine, Matt.” Karen reassured him. “He’s proven guilty and now he shall buy us some beers to help us forget his trickery.”

“Oh yes, Your Honor! That’s a sentence I’m more than willing to serve.” Foggy announced as he turned around to start walking towards his favourite bar with his favourite people.

claudeng80  asked:

Prompt: either Tackle or Moonlight. (Obiyuki if you feel like it)

Why not both? :)
@claudeng80 Thank you!
(Obiyuki, erotica prompt. More under the cut!)

The hazy moon slid in and out of the clouds, silent but watchful as its light danced over Obi as he crouched in the undergrowth. The night was cold, yet Obi welcomed the coolness on his skin. The days at the castle ran too long and too hot for his tastes. Whereas the night always felt like home. 

Silent as a whisper, he dashed through the foliage, scanning the ground for signs of his prey. A small dent in the dirt, nearly invisible in the shadows, pointed him northward. A snapped twig. Broken stems of long-necked plants.

He couldn’t help the smug grin that crept across his face. With sloppy tracks like this, it was almost too easy. 

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“Regis?” Clarus called out as he walked towards his King with a smirk on his face.

Regis raised his eyebrows.

“I found old videos.” Clarus held up the chip in his hand. “I’ll think you’ll want to see them.”

“If you say so,” Regis nodded, and walked with him into the Crownsguard offices. The guards all watched the shield place the chip into a computer, and turn on the projector. “Really, Clarus?” He asked.

Clarus grinned. “I think the guards will want to see this, too.”

That’s all that they seemed to be waiting for, as one by one they escaped their desks to flock around the screen. Clarus pressed play.

There was an immediate noise of a pissed off kitten - a high pitched yowling. The only thing could be seen was a piece of grass.

“I -” Past Clarus broke of into laughter. “This isn’t the first time this as happened, but I’m finally filming it. That noise you hear is Cor.”

Somehow everyone turned to look at Cor’s office door at the same time. Regis was smiling already, having realised what this was about.

“I know it sounds like he’s being murdered,” laughed past Clarus, “but he’s not. Look at this!”

He moved the camera and everyone - Guards and Regis - were treated to the sight of a dangling cheetah cub, yowling as it was held up by the scruff of it’s neck.

“That’s Prince Regis,” past Clarus said.

They had known what Cor looked like now, in his cheetah form but then - as a small fluffy cheetah cub? That was completely new to the Guards. They were all giggling.

Prince Regis carried the cheetah cub across the campsite towards past Clarus. By the time he had gotten over there, the cub realised that the Prince wasn’t going to let him down, and stopped yelling. But he had started bleating sadly instead.

“I didn’t know he could make that noise.” A guard whispered to another.

Prince Regis finally placed the cub down, but put his paw on top of him and pinned him. The cub looked up at the Prince and chirped. Prince Regis meowed - then leaned over and licked the cub.

There was a pause as everyone held their breath.

The cub hissed and started fighting to get away. Prince Regis leaned down again and started grooming the hissing, spitting, furious cub. So tiny, and so angry.

Past Clarus was almost hyperventilating with laughter, and he clicked the camera off.

“You recorded that?” No one noticed Cor coming out of his office, and the Guards sprang away from him as soon as they spotted him.

Regis grinned at him. “Of course.”

Cor snorted, and turned away.

The Guards collapsed into muffled laughter - and the people who watched him could see his ears start to blush.

Clarus turned to Regis. “He’s going to kill me later.”
something that we both know - doofusface - Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

“This can’t be right.”

Cindy shakes her head, her voice carrying on. “He took a bad hit,” she sighs heavily, leaning back on the tree. “I hope he makes it.”

Rating: G

Relationships: Michelle Jones/Peter Parker, Michelle Jones & Ned Leeds & Peter Parker & May Parker

Blue is the New Red Chapter 47

Masterlist (including AO3 and FFNet links)

Rated: M for torture, flashbacks, trauma reactions, PTSD, sexual assault of minors, consensual sexual content and related freaking out about it, drug references, non-consensual drug use, possibly underage drinking, homophobia and biphobia, references to self-harm, suicidal ideation and attempt. Chapter warnings:  animal cruelty, hints of PTSD, agoraphobia-liked symptoms related to PTSD

Main Pairing: Birdflash

Status: Multiple chapters, in progress

Overall summary: Nightwing has finally made his return to the Team, but he finds the events of the past two years aren’t quite done with him yet.

Chapter notes: The Team have a few surprises to contend with, and Nightwing encounters something he never wanted to see again.

Additional notes: I borrowed Sitka from Batman: The Animated Series

Chapter 47: A Bonus Mission

“Everybody stay calm,” Nightwing said.

“We’ve got at least one animal down here,” Superboy relayed to the rest of the team. “Be quick.”

A panicked chatter swept through the dozen-or-so scientists.

“We will hurry,” said Aqualad. “Be prepared to hold the animal off to allow the scientists’ escape. Superboy can break into the elevator shaft afterwards if you need to escape. Zatanna spotted a hatch on the bottom of the elevator you can access from outside.”

“Everyone stay close to the elevator,” Nightwing instructed. “As soon as it opens, hurry inside. We’ll keep this thing off you.”

“These things are super predators!” said their female scientist friend from earlier. “We made them to hunt humans.”

We’re humans,” said one of the others.

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Makes a Great Gift! - EvilMuffins - Dangan Ronpa [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Dangan Ronpa
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Fukawa Touko/Togami Byakuya, Naegi Komaru & Togami Byakuya
Characters: Naegi Komaru, Togami Byakuya, Fukawa Touko
Additional Tags: POV Outsider, Fluff, Post-Canon, setting ur bff up with the grump of her dreams, Togafuka exchange

Words: 1681


He was so grumpy, Komaru thought again. Although she still wasn’t completely certain that she also saw whatever it was that her friend saw in him, they suited one another and Komaru was determined to make this work. If she could help to save all of Towa City, she could almost certainly get one (1) sour-puss to admit his feelings, couldn’t she?

Komaru is determined to have Togami confess his feelings.


Written for @togafukagiftexchange ! My recip was @bakalaito, who wanted Komaru trying to set them up!

anonymous asked:

angst 5. sheith

“what’s the point?”

It’s not like anything had really changed, but they had.

He was seeing Shiro less and less and when they did talk, Shiro seemed to speak with a bit of distance. In fact, it seemed like he was speaking to everyone like that.

Keith would be lying if he didn’t say that it didn’t hurt. He thought they’d been closer than that. No, he didn’t think that..he knew it.

Shiro was hiding something.

That much was confirmed when Keith walked into Shiro’s office unannounced one day to find him leaning back on his chair and his hands covering his face.


It was almost painful to watch him freeze and scramble to regain his composure. His eyes were bloodshot and there was a trail of dried tears on his cheek, but he still smiled. Keith hated it.

“Keith! Didn’t hear you come in. What’s up?”

“I could ask you the same thing,” Keith tried to keep his voice even but it wasn’t working.

“I’m not sure what you mean,” Shiro said.

“Come on Shiro, I thought we were past keeping secrets from each other. I know something’s wrong. Everyone does!”

Keith’s voice rose with every word. He didn’t like raising his voice with Shiro of all people, but it was frustrating when Shiro wouldn’t share his pain and suffered in silence.

Shiro looked down then, “It’s nothing…”

“You’re sitting in your office crying. That’s not nothing. Shiro, you can tell me…”

Shiro sighed, “What’s the point? It’s not going to bring any of them back. It’s not going to bring him back…”

Keith wasn’t good with talking to people, but it was different with Shiro.

“So that’s what this is about…”

He saw a lone tear slip down Shiro’s cheek then, “I never got to tell him how sorry I was. Now I’ll never get to…”

It took a brief second for Keith to step behind the desk and wrap his arms around the older man. Shiro didn’t fall apart but there was sniffling.

“Keith. Thank you…” was all he could say.

“No need to thank me. I’m always here…”
first date - kwonsus - 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Kirishima Eijirou/Reader
Characters: Kirishima Eijirou
Additional Tags: almost turned into a smut lol, but its cute and fun, Fluff, with a bit of smut (?)

„C’mon, you didn’t think we’d actually play games did you? Well, not those type of games at least.”

“Your puns are really turning me off, man.”

“Did you just call your girlfriend ‘man’?”

“Uh, I meant, babe?”

(so basically kiri and reader go on a date in the cafeteria bc … kirishima is a broke student ok. some fun fluff ensues)

(btw, please please please put some requests in my inbox !! im cravin it man. i will also do lil bulletpoint headcanond if ye like. no ships tho soz)

The Voltron Project

What is it? The Voltron Project is a retelling of the Voltron story following Season 6. Like many in the fandom, I was left dissatisfied with Season 7 for many reasons. The Voltron Project is a fan endeavor to give others feeling similarly the content that was lacking in Season 7. I won’t rehash the discourse here, as this is meant to be a positive move forward, and while I think a lot was learned as a result of Season 7, I want to carve out a positive place for both myself and others should they so wish to partake.

I also want to make it clear that this is not a project resulting from spite or a desire to hurt the creators of Voltron. It is simply a fan (me) retelling the story in a way that I will find more satisfying. It is for that reason that I invite everyone to be involved and to have fun with it. You’re not unwelcome if you enjoyed Season 7, but you’re definitely going to get a lot of what was missing if you didn’t. This project isn’t meant to spur hate, but to simply take Voltron in a different direction. An AU, if you will, though it takes off following Season 6 of the canon.

I’d also like to add that this is not connected to the “Reboot” or the Leakira stuff going around. This is something entirely different. I am not involved in any of that.

With that out of the way, I can actually TELL YOU ABOUT THE PROJECT!

Details: The Voltron Project will be a novel length fic taking place following Season 6 of Voltron. It will be divided up episodically, meaning that there will be 13 chapters in total. It is meant to reflect the best of what we’ve seen of Voltron, while doing away with the worst. That means focusing on the main characters and their arcs, interactions, and development, as well as keeping alive the space epic atmosphere of the show. This is not a ship-spurred project, being that the goal is that anyone who enjoys the show or any of the characters in it will also enjoy. Fanfiction is a place for people to explore the character dynamics of those they love most, which means that most fics focus solely on only a few characters. Which is great! But the goal of The Voltron Project is to bring the team dynamic of the show to the page. Each character will get their story and their spotlight, and those that have fallen on the backburner will finally get their due (yes, this means hefty arcs for both Lance and Hunk that will actually be pertinent to the story and related to the plot, though these arcs will be spread over the “Season 7” rewrite as well as the newly written “Season 8” finale book that would be written if this project is a success). That isn’t to say there won’t be ships at all (because there will be), but this isn’t a ship driven narrative.

It is a Voltron and character driven narrative.

So what does this mean? Well, I’ve outlined the story fully, so I can provide you with summaries of what would be to come. If only to get y'all interested, because it won’t be worth me writing if people aren’t interested in reading ;)

The Voltron Project: Season 7 - Summaries

Episode 1: Keith struggles to find his confidence as leader with Shiro back, leaving him to reflect on all the times Shiro was his guide growing up. Certainly it’d make more sense for Shiro to take over the team and get them through this difficult journey back to Earth? Meanwhile, Allura struggles to find her confidence and place on the team following Lotor’s betrayal. Stranded on an unknown planet, she fails to find a peaceful resolution with the local population, leaving Hunk to step forward with a new perspective and perhaps a new way of looking at Voltron’s previously tried and true methods of diplomacy.

Episode 2: Having set out on the long journey back to Earth, the paladins struggle with close-quarters as well as the fear that with their lions not fully charged, they may be unable to defend themselves should the situation turn dire. Luck is not on their side, as they encounter an invisible force that seems to enjoy toying with their insecurities. Left to soul-search their way to answers, each paladin must grapple with the fears holding them hostage in the hopes that they—and their lions—might come out stronger on the other side.

Episode 3: Discovering an old altean base from the days when Daibazaal and Altea were allies, the paladins make a pit-stop in the hopes of salvaging supplies for their trip. While Romelle and Coran indulge in Altean culture and history, Allura must face the heartbreak Lotor inflicted on her emotionally as well as how his actions shook her faith in the art of altean alchemy itself. But as Lance points out, Allura must shape her own story with her own actions, not reflect on the misguided deeds of others against her. Without her abilities, they may not escape the faulty altean base alive.

Episode 4: While the team attempts to get the archaic teleduv up and running, Lance is left to ponder his own relationships with the other paladins, as well as his many mistakes. But if there’s anyone who understands interpersonal missteps, it’s Shiro, who divulges the many regrets he’s accumulated since he’d made the decision to go to space. But the team’s ultimate goal is Olkari, as that may be as far as they can get with the questionable teleduv. Personal reflections may have to take a backseat to the bad news that awaits them. Meanwhile, Haggar and Sendak strike up an alliance.

Episode 5: Since Sam Holt’s return, the Earth has been informed of the war beyond its solar system and prepped as best as possible for an inevitable attack. But Earth’s technology is too far behind to catch up, and so the citizenry must hope for Voltron and the coalition when Galra ships appear on the horizon. Hopes that are devastated when news that Voltron was destroyed reaches Sam Holt via the Olkari. And without an altean, the coalition can’t provide aid in time. Earth is, seemingly, on its own.

Episode 6: Back on Earth, the paladins are finally reunited with their loved ones. But things aren’t the same as when they left and the paladins aren’t the same people they were on that fateful day the blue lion carried them into space. Pressures are mounting and tough decisions must be made, many of the paladins having to face their positions in ways they hadn’t considered before. Meanwhile, Shiro attempts to deal with the politics of Earth, Voltron, and the Coalition, all while trying to work around personal obstacles from before he’d left on the Kerberos Mission.

Episode 7: All the paladins need a break, so Lance invites them down to Varadero for a day out under the sun and on the water. After all, what better solution is there for stress and doubt than a relaxing day on the beach? Yet even as the team seems to be embracing Lance’s idea and having a good time, he’s eventually the one left floundering and uncertain. But none of that may matter soon. The notion of peace is fleeting and everyone knew the Galra would be back sooner rather than later. Even with Voltron and the Coalition, Earth may yet be in danger.

Episode 8: Everyone is scrambling to Earth’s defenses, which are far from being prepared for another attack. Team Voltron is tested both together and apart by the combined forces of Sendak and Haggar’s forces. With so much to defend and so little on their side, they may have no choice but to separate their priorities if only because so much has to be done and so little is possible. But Voltron is always stronger together and Haggar’s new weapon may be the strongest foe the paladins have faced yet.

Episode 9: With their focus on Haggar’s weapon, Voltron depends on the coalition and Earth’s own forces to deal with the assault. But even their faith in the strength of Voltron may not be enough. There’s tragedy waiting in Earth’s devastation. The most personally weighted and important battle the paladins have ever faced may be one that’s impossible to truly win.

Episode 10: Humanity will never be the same, nor will team Voltron. In the wake of the attack, Earth has been tested in ways never before seen, while the paladins must try and pick up the pieces of their own team. With a lion and a paladin captured and another paladin overwhelmed with grief, they must continue to push forward despite the giant fractures that threaten to crumble everything Voltron has worked so hard to achieve.

Episode 11: Having located the energy signature of the captured lion, the paladins and the coalition move in. But retrieving the missing lion—and hopefully the paladin that goes with it—will prove challenging without the ability to form Voltron, and that’s if things go as planned. But knowing the Galra, things are bound to go wrong.

Episode 12: The paladins are working on borrowed time. Infiltrating the Galra ships proves perilous. While Allura is faced with Haggar—as well as the misdeeds of Lotor and their effects—the rest of the team searches for their missing comrade. But traversing Galra ships is challenging, especially when they’ve got so much riding on such a short time allotment. That some of the team’s judgement is clouded in anger and grief does little to help the situation. In the end, the paladins are left rushing toward an end with no clear answers.

Episode 13: With one of the lions having vanished through Haggar’s wormhole, it falls to Keith to do something, as his lion is the only one capable of bending space swiftly enough to catch up. Meanwhile, Sendak awaits, having used the paladins’ weaknesses against them to the point that team Voltron may never recover if Keith, and the rest of the team, can’t find him in time.

So those are the summaries for the entirety of “Season 7.” I’ve tried to include enough to explain where the story is going while also leaving out as many spoilers as possible ;D

This is the fic I’d like to write, if enough people are interested in reading it. But a lot of my investment in it is dependent on readers’ investment in it. I’ll write with or without the help of others if enough people want to read it. And in the case that others want to be involved, I have a few propositions to be considered. Different potential “packages” of The Voltron Project, if you will:

Basic – I write the fic and upload it over the course of 13 days to AO3 for everyone to read, simple as that.

BigBang – The fic itself remains a digital interface, while artists that are interested in being involved treat it like a BigBang, as in, artists work on illustrations of each chapter like they would separate stories during a BigBang. These will be released during a thirteen day period, with appropriate credits being given. But this is only possible if at least 13 artists are interested. If there are more (which would be amazing), I would like the project to be as inclusive as possible, meaning that multiple artists would work on illustrations for one chapter, etc.

Zine – The ultimate goal, which I think is unlikely, but a dude can dream, yeah? In this case, the book will be released as a digital zine (which would be free) with options for different tiers following. For example:

Tier one: Free—get a digital copy! Awesome!

Tier two: Black and white softcover copy (text and illustrations would be in b&w) with all proceeds going to charity (what charity would be up for discussion at a later date).

Tier three: Color softcover copy! All proceeds would go to charity!

Tier four: Color hardcover copy! All proceeds would go to charity!

(This is only an example of potentially what could be done and could change later)

I also imagine that different tiers would offer different extras, like pins, bookmarks, etc… But again, this is the ultimate thing that could happen and I’m really not holding my breath for this being possible.

In any case, that is where I stand on The Voltron Project at the moment! I’m looking forward to hearing what everyone has to say! 

And if y’all want this project to get off the ground, tell your friends, tell your fav artists, and, of course, REBLOG!

PS: Also, I’ll need beta readers, so if people are into this idea, I’ll open some kind of application for that as well, as would be done with artists ;D Just something to keep in mind!


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I know the Klance Tangled AUs are old news in this fandom by now, but have you considered….. Lance as Rapunzel??

I commissioned the wonderfully talented @edelwary to draw a scene from my fic, But Soft, What Boy Through Yonder Window Breaks, in which I took a lot of creative liberties to put a fresh new spin on this classic AU ~

anonymous asked:

Y’know that echoey thing that happens to Virgil’s voice when he gets really anxious? *starts building defenses against those not ready for angst* what if…what if that happened to one of the others?

It’s not the same. 

It’s so different… so confused and overwhelming. The first time it happens to Logan he’s spiraling; overthinking everything like a snake devouring it’s tail because the problem HAS no solution that will not cause itself it’s own problem in an endless loop, or at least that’s the only logical conclusion Logan can come to. They tell him it’s fine -IT IS NOT FINE!- he’s overthinking things -I AM NOT!- he needs to stop, -MAKE ME!!- he needs to be reasonable -I AM REASONABLE!!- he needs to be calm -I AM CALM!!!- he needs to realize he’s wrong- 

“F A L S E H O O D ! ! !”

He claps his hands over his mouth in a furious;y conflicted and confused panic and sinks down moments after it happens. He’s afraid of what he sounds like, afraid of what he might do. His voice isn’t normal- he can’t think he can’t think HE CAN’T THINK. 

Virgil’s always has that dark overlay when he;s overwhelmed with anxiety… the sound being “monstrous in nature” as Roman once called it.

Not Logan. 

Logan’s is doubled; robotic. Inhuman. 

It startles Thomas at how LOUD it is and how CERTAIN Logan was and Patton and Virgil look at each other in panic. Roman’s spiraling too because of this but not nearly enough- not the same. Virgil has to find him. Thomas can;t think when Logan’t like this. Patton tries to keep him in check. 

Virgil finds Logan in his Room with the door partially open like he’d run inside. He’s in the corner of his room rocking, hyper-fixated on words so many words everything is words words words WORDS WORDS

Virgil approaches but he shrieks and it’s a terrifying booming robotic double voice. 

“G O   A W A Y   V I R G I L …”

“I’m not leaving you Logan.” He says sternly. “You’re overwhelmed.” 

“I  A M  N O T!  I - I - I -”

Virgil can see he’s trying hard to focus and failing, his glasses skewed on his face and his tie undone, his hair a disheveled mess as he rocks back and forth. He’s tugging on it frantically. Logan can feel Thomas’s lungs- he’s thinking about breathing; he’s lost the function of auto breathing. He’s thinking about their heartbeat and he can’t stop counting the seconds between. He’s thinking about all the things that they haven;t done, al lthat he wants to get done, and he;s thinling about thinking. 

Thinking too much, too much it’s too much, his head feels like it;s going to explode! Please please stop- Help, help please!!!

“M A K E  I T  S T O P … M A K E  I T  S T O P … M A K E  I T  S T O P … M A K E  I T  S T O P … M A K E  I T  S T O P … M A K E  I T  S T O P … M A K E  I T  S T O P … M A K E  I T  S T O P … M A K E  I T -”


Virgil shouts and the other stops talking, whimpers and doesn’t look up. Virgil kneels in front of him. “Logan….” He says more gently, though his voice is heavily distorted and he can tell it;s Logan’s fault. He can see him shaking like a leaf on a windy day, and realizes Logan is trying so hard to stop he’s trapped himself in a loop. As much as Virgil realizes all of Logan’s overthinking is sending him into a panic himself, he needs to help. So he grabs Logan;s face and covers his ears, pressing their foreheads together and saying. “Logan stop it stop it NOW.” It’s a clear Anxiety-induced order and Logan halts, still shaking but locks eyes with the other. “Breathe Logan, breathe. Remember what we worked on…” 

In for four seconds…..

That’s it Lo, keep going.” 

Hold for seven seconds….. 

You’re doing amazing…..” 

Release for eight seconds……

“There you go, there’s my egghead.”

Logan feels dizzy and lightheaded but the overwhelmed circular thoughts have dissipated and he slumps into the other’s arms. “Mnng….” He groans and kneads at his eyes under his glasses, trying to alleviate the headache somewhat. Logic did not get overwhelmed that easily. Not…. not like that. That had been a ride and a half for Logan. “Virgil….” He manages quietly. “I’m sorry.” 

“Don’t be.” Virgil pulls him into a careful hug. “You’re alright, Logan. Everyone gets overwhelmed sometimes.” 

“I am Logic, I shouldn’t.” 

“You and I both know that’s bullshit, so don’t even go down that train of thought. You just got out of one of a similar caliber.” 

Logan sighs and sits up, adjusting his glasses. Virgil is right. “I need to apologize to Thomas.” 

“I think Patton and Roman are handling it.” Virgil replies and keeps his grip firm around the other, somewhat possessive. “You can do that later. Right now… I think you need to take it easy for a few more minutes and let me hold you.” 

“Thank you.” Logan buries his head in the other’s shoulder and feels a soft kiss to his temple. “Uhhhhhhhg that sucked.”