In Sickness And In Health

by rainbowslovehl (Larrymateforlife)

Harry/Louis || 83k || 8/8 Complete.

“Just make sure that you head down to the immigration office as soon as you can, alright?” James reminded them, making them look towards the man and nod in unison. “Remember Louis, you have only two weeks. So make it legal quickly so you don’t get deported.”
“I’ll be sure to remind my assistant to schedule our appointment,” Louis joked and laughed.

A loosely based The Proposal Au where Louis is to be deported in two weeks. Since he doesn’t want to lose his job, he asks his assistant, Harry to marry him for a green card. If it makes them realise they’re in love, oh well. There’s also the fact that no one doubts their credibility.

Written for @hlsummerexchange2018 for sweetharry.

redheadgleek  asked:

Zimbits, superheros AU?

“So, what’s your power?“ Bitty asks, leaning forward on his elbows, eyes bright with excitement. “I’ve never met a real superhero before. Let alone dated one. You could have told me sooner, hon. You know I can keep a secret.”

“I’m not a hero,” Jack corrects lamely, taking a roll from the basket in front of his mother. “My power is this rare ability to feel unfocused shame and anxiety at the drop of a hat. Also, I’m pretty good at hockey.”

Bitty doesn’t falter, patiently waiting for Jack to get through his defensive explanation.

Kid.” Bob makes a face and looks up from his tablet and Jack flashes a smile in response.

“Oh, you mean my actual ‘power.’ Sorry, just thought we were discussing my overall skill set.”

“Oh, I bet you were,” Bitty chirps under his breath, causing Jack’s father to snort.

“I get cold,” Jack sighs, leaning back into his seat. “And I can make other things cold. That’s my ‘superpower’. It’s not impressive.”

“Cold,” Bitty repeats, looking Jack up and down before turning on Bob and Alicia. “Like, Disney, Let It Go, cold? Frozone cold?”

Bob says ‘yes,’ the same time Jack says ‘no’.


Characters: Loki x Reader

Summary: Loki is in love but is that enough for him to pull down his barriers and let someone see the real him?

Word Count: 1411 words

Prompt: Positive Body Image.

A/N: This one is for square 1 of my @marvelfluffbingo Challenge Card.  This one was a bit of a challenge for me because I wrote a positive body image fic for Bucky which I still absolutely love and I wasn’t entirely sure how to approach another so I hope you enjoy this.  As always, feedback is welcome.

“We should spend some time apart.  For both our sakes.”  Those were the words still rolling around his head in the early hours as he lay on his bed, staring up at the ceiling as if the blankness of the painted plaster could pull all his fears, his insecurity, his self-hatred from him and leave him pure and spotless.  He was so used to projecting an illusion, an image of himself, being whatever everyone else expected him to be.  A villain, a trickster, an irritant.  Letting out a huff of air he rolled onto his side, punching his pillow in frustration.

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There are lots of places to hide in Hawkins– hollowed out trees, rolling forests, darkened bathroom stalls in mom and pop coffee shops that have seen bitter patrons and better days. Billy knows this, but always hides in the worst places, tries to hide in the light with a tight smile and his fast car.

Sometimes he thinks people can tell. Sometimes he thinks they know he fakes everything.

Steve Harrington isn’t something Billy has to fake. He can own Steve, become Steve, take his friends, his title, his team, his town. He could get Wheeler, if he really wanted. He could adopt the brats.

(Not that he wants to. Max is annoying, always going on about arcades and skateboards and boyfriends like they fucking mean anything. Boyfriends mean nothing. All boys are ruthless. Billy knows, all he does is take and take and take, well versed in never giving back.)

Billy can put himself on the top of the food chain easily. He just needs some hair spray and some tight pants, a cat’s smile, a vicious laugh. He doesn’t need people, exactly, but they shield him like penguins in an Arctic field, block him from view, give him warmth.

(He thinks of Steve’s back pressed to his chest and the quick pants of his breath. He thinks of Steve as owned as his, like it even means something. Billy’s never really owned anything, but he takes and he takes and he takes.)

There’s one place he can’t hide, he learns, one place that leaves him bare, breath short and mind spinning. Those eyes catch him open-mouthed and stripped. Steve finds him in the lush woods of Hawkins, in the rare back alleys. Steve finds him everywhere, unplanned.

In the school showers, three hours after close, he finds Steve rubbing his jaw. There’s black blood on his hands and a cut on his cheek that stretches when he purses his lips. Billy wants to ask why, but then Steve will ask why he’s there, will want to know about the hand-shaped bruise around his bicep and the lashes on his thighs. Billy will have to explain how fucking belts work, and he’s too tired, too raw.

He licks his lips and nods at Steve, feels breathless as Steve touches his waist, first hesitant and then hard, rests his head on Billy’s shoulder like he owns Billy, like maybe it could mean something, except it doesn’t fucking make sense, they’re not friends, but maybe Billy doesn’t want to be. He just takes and he takes and he takes.

An Outreached Hand [6/?]

Summary:  On a cold winter’s day in 1982, Stan Pines shows up at his brother’s door with two cats tucked in his jacket and no heartbeat in his chest.

Notes:  I am back after Forever, and I have a single chapter that’s half the size of the whole fic up to this point! I’ve hit the longfic groove and I’ve got a whole plot/ending planned out and ready to go.  I’ve even made a playlist with songs that correspond to the plot ;o;


I’ve never made one before so let me know if another site is better lmao. But please listen and let me know what you think, hee!

…You want me to explain. Stan says slowly, thoughtfully.

He leans back with Ford’s body, props himself up with Ford’s hands. Huh. Bitterness creeps into his voice. That’s a first.

There’s an easy fluidity to the way Stan uses his borrowed body. He moves like he’s meant to be there.

Ford feels bile burn at the back of his throat.

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Locked out, Part 11

Part 1   Part 2   Part 3   Part 4   Part 5   Part 6   Part 7   Part 8   Part 9   Part 10

CW: We get a dose of Bitty’s internalized homophobia here

Eric took stock of the contents of his pockets. His keys were there, and his wallet. So he could get on the bus and get into the Weavers’ house. He had his laptop in his room; he could message Jack about getting his phone back sometime tomorrow..

So many of his baking supplies and so much of his equipment were in Jack’s kitchen, too. Well, he wouldn’t think about that now. Maybe he and Jack could still be friends. Maybe he could still use Jack’s kitchen. He just had to be more careful.

He probably shouldn’t have said anything to Harvey about having a key. That made it look like they had the kind of relationship where people presented keys to their significant others. As though he was significant  … . Maybe he should give the key back.

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prompt: silver brings home a box of kittens because they were getting rained on and he’s secretly a cat lover

They’re two days at sea, on their way back to the Maroon Island after a supply run in Tortuga, when Flint sees a blur of white streak across the galley floor. He attributes it to some sort of mild heat stroke and gets a pitcher of water for his cabin. That evening, he could swear he sees something small and orange winding around Silver’s peg leg down on the main deck, and again he thinks nothing of it, deciding he perhaps needs to turn in early.

On the third day, though, he can’t disregard the sight of a black kitten creeping into his cabin through the cracked door. Silver follows about five minutes later, whispering and calling for someone called ‘Jason’, who Flint assumes is the kitten. The look on his face when he realizes Flint is actually in his cabin is almost comical; he looks thoroughly caught out. 

“Ah. Captain,” he says, straightening up and trying to assume a casual pose. “I was just - ”

“Looking for this?” Flint interrupts, lifting the kitten from off his lap and dropping it on his desk. “Jason is a terrible name for a cat, by the way.”

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you are my sunshine, my only sunshine (j-hope x reader)

Summary: Your ex-best friend, Hoseok, gifted you nightmares and depressing memories.  Entering university, you believed you’d never have to see him again.  Oh, how wrong you were. 

Word Count: 1.7k

Genres: alot of angst, small fluff

Note: this was a longer fic I wrote but I decided to break it up into a series.  the first part will be 3 chapters.  i also suck at writing summaries so i might change that later.


He emitted an aura of radiance, of pure beauty, and of true happiness.  Always making everyone laugh, he saw the glass half full.

He was your everything.

The two of you had been close friends ever since elementary school. You were inseparable, attached at the hip. You were there for each other in times of darkness. However, he was never really in the dark.  During your times of depression, he always helped you see the brightness and embrace his lively view of the world. That’s how you came to love him. You admired him, loved every single speck of his existence, and wanted him by your side forever.

Then she appeared.

She was on par with his light. She made him laugh, smile, and be another positive being that you soon came to not recognize. The two started dating when you came to terms with your romantic feelings for him. It hurt, seeing him hold her hand and kiss her. Your conversations with him were no longer filled with past adventures but instead with stories about her and how she made his world. The depression ate you up. You could not bear to look at him without the tears filling the corners of your eyes. Your heart ached at seeing him love someone that wasn’t you.

He soon grew to forget you. He stopped visiting your house as often and stopped eating with you at lunch. The only times you saw him were either in the classroom or in the halls. But in class he was on the other side of the room and in the halls he was with her. Eventually, you two stopped talking altogether and the happy memories you had of him were tainted with feelings of depression and heartache.

University came around and you came to forget the name “Jung Hoseok.” He was now a distant memory, a dark past that you kept hidden away in a locked box. You deleted him from your contacts and erased every trace of him from your life because you were sure he would never bother entering it again.

You made new friends at university who helped you find your own light. Your depressive days were now nonexistent and you were eternally grateful to them.

“I heard we’re getting a transfer student,” your friend Jimin stated. Your university was small, so it was no surprise that Jimin heard this. Everyone probably knew about it already.

“Guy or girl?” your other friend, Namjoon, asked.

“Guy,” Jimin replied.  You took a sip of the drink that sat in front of you, clearly showing your disinterest in the conversation. However, your two friends were oblivious to your attempts.

“When’s he arriving?”


The clock tower rang, indicating that it was 1 pm.  Your next class starts at 1:15 so you stood up from the table you were sitting at.

“Class starts soon,” you bluntly stated.

Jimin and Namjoon nodded and took their bags. The three of you began to walk to class.

You met Jimin on your first day of university. He walked in on class late, a bit disheveled, and with no supplies at all. You kindly lent him paper and pens and shared your textbook with him. He was grateful and offered to buy you coffee as thanks. The two of you grew to like each other as friends.  He cracked ridiculous jokes that made you snort and in return, he’d laugh at your reaction. You were comfortable with him and he was comfortable with you.

You met Namjoon a few days later. Jimin introduced him to you as one of his high school friends.  He was a bit shy but soon opened up to you. He loved to read and one-up Jimin on everything. Jimin didn’t appreciate the latter but the two would always laugh it off. Eventually, you, Jimin, and Namjoon became close friends.

The three of you entered the class with smiles plastered over your faces. Everyone knew that you three never failed to fill the room with a positive radiance since you were always happy.  No one has ever seen you three upset. You cracked a few jokes with Namjoon, some making fun of Jimin, and sat down in your respective seats. Jimin smacked the back of your head, showing his disapproval for your previous joke about him. You turned to look at him and he stuck his tongue out at you.

The teacher walked in and stood at the front.

“As you’ve probably heard, we have a new student joining our class today. Please welcome him with open arms.”

The teacher walked out again to grab the new student.

You turned to Jimin and you started fantasizing about the new student. Maybe he was tall? Maybe was athletic? Maybe he’ll be on par with Namjoon’s intelligence? Jimin laughed at your over-dramatic fantasies. You laughed back. Nothing could break this moment. You finally found your happiness and you won’t let it come crashing down.

And then it did.

The new student walked into the room and your mind was filled with the negative thoughts you’ve forgotten. Those memories you kept locked away were suddenly free.  There he was in flesh and blood. Jung Hoseok. The source of your nightmares. He looked very different than when you last saw him a few years ago. He dyed his hair orange and he was more fit. What struck you as odd, though, was that he was frowning. He wasn’t radiating that familiar positive aura and his eyes didn’t have that twinkle of joy in them anymore.

He introduced himself and sat down behind you. You freaked out. There were plenty of seats in the room and he decided on the one behind you. He clearly remembers you.

You felt a hand touch your arm and you hesitantly looked up. You saw Namjoon, looking a bit worried. You realized that a few tears have dropped down your face. Quickly, you wiped them away and gave him a reassuring smile. The class continued.

After class ended, you had to leave alone. Namjoon wanted to stay after to ask the teacher a question and Jimin had to stay after to discuss a failing grade he received on his recent test. They asked you to meet at the usual café. You walked outside of the class as quietly as possible. You didn’t want people to notice you since you were feeling uneasy but the few who did received a fake and forced smile. A hand grabbed your arm and turned you around.

“Hey,” a familiar voice said.

You locked eyes with Hoseok, who was staring intently at you and tightening his grip on your arm. You winced at the pain and he noticed, freeing your arm from his grasp.

“Can we talk?”

You weren’t sure why you agreed to this meeting. You weren’t ready to face your demons. However, those lingering feelings of romance you had for him took control and allowed your mouth to speak words of agreement. You took him to your usual café. After ordering a cup of coffee, the two of you sat down face to face.

He took a sip of his coffee. “So, how have you been?”

“Great. How about you?”


Then, there was silence. You weren’t used to this awkwardness since in the past there was always something to talk about. You used to wish there was more time in a day just so you could talk to Hoseok more.

“Do you remember the time when we first met? The time we were in the playground? You were playing in the sandbox and two boys came up to you. They asked you to leave since it was their sandbox but you refused. The started kicking sand in your eyes and you started crying. I then came and stopped them. They were afraid of me since I was a bit taller so they ran,” he recalled.

You slowly nodded your head.

“Please say something,” he said.

You opened your mouth slightly, hoping the words would naturally come out. However, you were at a loss.  Your head felt heavy and you knew that if you started talking you wouldn’t be able to hold back the tears.

“Tell me. What did I do to deserve your cold shoulder? I’ve done nothing wrong. All of a sudden you stopped talking to me and cut me off. What was that about?” He stated bluntly.

The shock went to your head and you felt a few tears roll down your cheeks. You looked up at him. His arms were crossed and he was leaning back in his chair.  He looked stern and was clearly not fazed by your reaction to his harsh words.

“You left me alone,” you replied.

He sat up, looking a bit concerned. You continued.

“You would always come to my house on the weekends and we would watch TV shows and binge on food. We ate lunch together every day without fail. That one time you were sick you ran away from home just so you could hang out with me. But when you met her, that all stopped. Making her happy was the only thing you could think about and the cost of that was our friendship. I was alone for those remaining two years of high school, Hoseok.  You were my only friend and when you left me I had none to turn to. You left me alone.”

“Why did you talk shit about me then?”

You looked up at him, confused at his statement. He shoved his phone in your face. On it was a photo of you and some of your classmates talking.

“You were talking shit about me after school, saying that you didn’t like me and that I was just a pity friend.”

“What are you talking about? They were just asking me for help with their homework?”

You were close to bawling when you saw Jimin and Namjoon outside. You quickly stood up and ran to meet them.  They were deeply concerned by your tears. However, you brushed it off and asked them to eat somewhere else. The three of you walked away.
take me back to the night we met - ktlsyrtis - Holby City [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Holby City
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Serena Campbell/Bernie Wolfe
Characters: Serena Campbell, Bernie Wolfe
Additional Tags: Angst and Feels, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence

Eight years, Serena’s mind supplies through the fog that descends over it. Eight years since she last saw Bernie Wolfe; sitting on a hallway floor, smiling with tear filled eyes as she watched Serena walk away to meet her great niece.

And out of the blue, here she stands.

written for Berena Appreciation Week 2018 - Day 3: Break-up and Day 4: AU

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Can you write something about Steve takin care about hurt Bucky?

Thanks for the prompt nonnie!! I hope you like this!

“You really need to learn to be more careful, Buck.”

Bucky winced as Steve cleaned the jagged cut across his palm, both of them sitting on the floor of Bucky’s hut. Bucky was shirtless, the one he’d had on having been used as a makeshift bandage after he’d cut himself, and he managed to crack a smile through the sting as he retorted, “You know, that’s pretty funny comin’ from you.”

Steve glanced up at him, eyes distinctly unamused. “Did I cut my only hand on some broken wire trying to fix a damn chicken coop instead of asking for help?”

“I still fixed it, didn’t I?” Bucky replied as Steve began wrapping his hand up in gauze. “Besides, I can’t be askin’ you for help all the time and get used to it. You’ll leave again soon enough, and…”

Steve sighed, the truth of those words undeniable. “But there’s always someone around you can ask for some help. There’s no shame in it.”

“I know. But it’s just a cut,” Bucky chuckled. “And it was just some wire. I’ve had worse.”

The wound now dressed and Steve finished with his task, he turned Bucky’s hand over in both of his before bringing his knuckles up to his lips. He kissed them softly and looked up at Bucky through his lashes, murmuring, “I know.”

“I’m the one who’s gotta worry,” Bucky said quietly, shifting his hand in Steve’s grip so that he could brush his fingertips against his beard. “You runnin’ around all over the world trying to get yourself blown up all the time…”

“I don’t try to get myself blown up,” Steve pointed out with a rueful smile. “It just happens sometimes.”

“Either way,” Bucky shrugged. “S'always there in the back of my head that one day you’re not gonna come back and…” He looked down, taking a breath and avoiding Steve’s softening, gentle gaze. “I don’t know what I’d do.”

“You won’t have to find out,” Steve murmured, reaching out to cup Bucky’s scruffy face with his free hand. “I’m not going anywhere.”

“Better not,” Bucky replied, leaning into Steve’s touch and kissing his palm, never breaking eye contact.

Steve’s cheeks flushed and he pulled Bucky closer, not stopping until their lips met in a soft, tender kiss. They stayed like that for awhile, Bucky’s hand finding its way into Steve’s hair while Steve’s arms wrapped around him, both of them warm and safe and content inside their Wakandan refuge.

“Bed?” Bucky mumbled against Steve’s lips with a shameless smile.

“It’s barely sunset,” Steve pointed out with a chuckle as Bucky reached down to start pushing up his t-shirt.

“Yeah, we’d better get a move on,” Bucky teased, running his hand over Steve’s chest under his shirt. He brushed his lips just under Steve’s ear and whispered hotly, “I’ve got plans for you.”

Steve shivered, turning his head to catch Bucky’s lips in a deep, heated kiss. Bucky was right - he’d be leaving any day now, and they had to make the most of the time that they had while it was theirs. And there was nothing Steve would rather do than exactly what they were.

“Funny,” Steve grinned as he flipped Bucky over on his back on the floor, climbing over him and dragging his body against Bucky’s. “I’ve got plans for you, too.”

“Yeah?” Bucky asked, watching Steve lean back to shed his shirt. “What kinda plans?”

“The kind that’ll make you miss me even more when I’m gone,” Steve replied with a mischievous quirk of his brow, kissing the center of Bucky’s chest and slowly trailing downwards.

Bucky sighed and closed his eyes, surrendering to Steve and to whatever he had in store for him. These hours spent together would be the memories that kept him warm at night once Steve left again, and he intended to make the very most of them.


Doctor Who fanfic

Summary: Stuck in a hotel in Bergen on the parallel world, the metacrisis Doctor and Rose Tyler have some things to discuss before they can move forward.

Characters: Tentoo, Rose Tyler

Genres: Angst, romance

Pairings: Tentoo/Rose Tyler

Rating: Teen (rating may go up)

Warning: none for this chapter

a/n: Yet another take on the events following BWBII, and inspired by the recent BF audios, a comment by Billie Piper at a convention, and the following prompt: Tentoo x Rose, “Can I touch you?”. Assumes an established Ten/Rose relationship. Starts out angsty, but won’t stay that way. Please note, this is still a WIP. I’m guessing this will have two or perhaps three chapters, and I haven’t yet decided whether this will remain at a T rating or need to have the rating go up.

AO3    TSP (when approved)   ffnet

Part One

There was a soft brushing sound as the bottom of the heavy hotel door skimmed the top of the carpet, followed by an almost inaudible click as the door’s lock engaged.

And then they were alone. For the first time since the whole mess with Davros and the Reality Bomb began.

No, actually for the first time since the Battle of Canary Wharf, where he had lost her. For good, he’d been convinced. Lost to a different universe. Never again to travel with her, never again to have the same ground underneath their feet, never again to stand hand in hand underneath the same skies with the same stars overhead.

Never, he’d believed, to be in the same room again with her, close enough to feel the warmth of her skin, breathe the same air as she, warmed from being within her lungs, within her body only moments earlier…

Thoughts of the warmth of her body, of the last time they had truly been alone flooded his mind, of hot human skin, a burning human mouth, leaving searing kisses trailing down his chest and stomach only to engulf him… Five hundred and twenty-three, and three thousand six hundred and nine to three thousand six hundred and twelve inclusive, he thought absently, as his newly part human body began to react to the memory. No, he told himself firmly. Time and a place. And based on Rose’s body language this was clearly neither.

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can i second the knitting flint prompt?

Silver has always hated the cold, ever since he was small. The chill of the wind makes him think of the draughty attic room where he and the other boys slept, huddled for warmth in trios and pairs on their little mattresses, piling their thin blankets all atop of each other. By the time he was eleven and out of the orphanage the sight of snow no longer filled him with any sort of wonder or thrill; instead he would panic and pray he could find some shelter for the night, for sleeping on the streets during a blizzard could spell death for a frail, sickly boy. 

Even now, when he has a home to which he can return and a hearth to warm his aching bones, Silver still can’t shake the dread he feels when the weather starts to grow colder. 

Why Flint and Thomas had relocated to Massachusetts instead of literally anywhere else, Silver will never understand. 

He knows for a fact that Madi finds his whining about runny noses and freezing chamberpots and damp socks amusing. Perhaps the only good thing about winter at all is that the sullen anecdotes in his letters make her smile, even if he cannot see it in person. 

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A Little ‘XO’ Wouldn’t Go Amiss (Chapter 1/3)

Characters: Wade Wilson & Nathan Summers
Fandom: Deadpool 2 (SPOILERS. Bad Ending.)
Rating: M (language, blood, slight sexual content/humor etc)
Word Count: 8k (so far)
Tags: Roommates, Angst and Humor, Domestic Fluff, POV Alternating, Deadpool 2 Spoilers, Nate is an asshole, Non-Consensual Telekinetic Heimlich Maneuver, Grief/Mourning, Miscommunication, Mental Health Issues, Mental Breakdown, Implied/Referenced Abuse, Suicidal Thoughts, Platonic Cuddling, Unresolved Romantic Tension

(Oooof these TAGS! I wanted to cover my bases, but I promise it’s not so rough. If you have any concerns about specific content before reading, message me to ask~)

Thank you @reyiosa​ for being an awesome beta and willing victim!

Originally posted by wadenathan


Wade finally learned his roomie’s real name on day two, when the proposed nickname of ‘Priscilla’ was rejected via stabbing.

“Y'know- I usually know a guy’s name before I let him penetrate me,” Wade joked, gritting through the pain.

“My name is Nathan Summers. You can call me Nate. Or you can shut your whore mouth.”

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Hey for the trope mash up could I have 33 & 51? Pairing dealers choice

(33. Baby fic & 51. Arranged Marriage) 

(1.6k, hidden identity, SFW)

The galaxy today is celebrating the announcement of the engagement of Prince Ben Organa of Alderaan and Lord Armitage Hux of Arkanis. The marriage is to be the final step in the peace negotiations between the Republic and Imperial held space, bringing an end to over two decades of aggression and warfare. The marriage ceremony is to take place on a specially appointed station in neutral territory, and will be concluded with the sampling of genetic material from both grooms, which will be combined to create a new lineage which will-

Kylo groaned and cancelled the newscast. The wedding was all any station was talking about, even down to the dingiest cantina feed. With the increased security, most traders of negotiable repute had opted to lie low rather than risk imprisonment. But to Kylo, a pirate and smuggler renowned throughout the galaxy for being willing and able to steal anything and disappear like a shadow, it sounds like an incomparable challenge.

Other smugglers were right to avoid the planets themselves, and the station that was to be the site of the ceremony itself, but Kylo had a contact within the wedding organisers, who had fed him pertinent information. Thanks to the contact, Kylo knew the time of departure of Hux’s shuttle from Arkanis, the route it would be taking, and where exactly he could intercept it. Arkanis wasn’t a rich planet, but Hux should still have a decent dowry he could steal. And if all else failed, he could ransom Hux himself back to the Republic; the treaty couldn’t be signed without him after all.

Adjusting his cowl around his helmet, Kylo exited his quarters, finding the other knights at their stations and ready for his orders. He took his place at the helm, punching in the coordinates, He could feel a broad grin spreading on his face as the starfield dissolved into streaks beyond the helm. This was going to be perfect.

* ** *** ** *

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caught out in the rain; kolivance; teen

a little kolivance i wrote to get me geared up for the au event (which i am unlikely to finish on time uwuu) featuring post-season 7, sorta love confession, kisses, and a hiiiint of size kink lol

“Oh – Are you –” Lance could hardly speak for how he was snorting with laughter and the way they were dashing across the debris strewn square for shelter beneath a fallen billboard. “Are you growling? Seriously, you just – you can’t growl, dude, not with that face, it – too much!”

“I do not,” insisted Kolivan, “enjoy being wet.”

“Yeaaah, I got that. What with the whole full body shudder and glare o’ doom at the sky.” Finally making it to safety, he grinned a little lazily, slicking back his hair and trying to get the rain water out of his lashes. “You were like a cat, man. Which like. Seriously, with the – ears – the alien biology, it just – it’s like you want us to coo, or something.”

Kolivan, squeezing out his long, sopping braid with a miserable looking frown, glanced down at Lance from narrowed yellow eyes. “You are the alien,” he said. “And my hair curls. I’ll have to re-braid it.”

Lance blinked. “Oh.”

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Jonathan buries his face in the curve of Edward’s neck. Wraps his arms around him. Presses kisses against his skin as his fingers grasp at the back of his shirt.

Edward sighs softly, his hands moving to wind their way into his hair. “Are you okay?” he murmurs, breath hitching in his throat as Jonathan’s lips find his pulse.

“I don’t know,” he mumbles. “Maybe not. Should I stop?”

“I don’t want you to stop.” He trails his fingers down Jonathan’s spine, their legs tangling beneath the blankets. “Is this helping?”

“I think so. It’s distracting me. Which is good.” He pulls Edward tighter against his chest, kissing a line up to his jaw. “And you’re… You’re good for me, I think.”

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First Impressions Last - Squishmitten - Holby City [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Bernie is incredibly nervous about this meeting. She must make a good impression.

A brief revisit to Superflexi Serena and no longer Grumpy Bernie.

anonymous asked:

350 on body swap plz?!

sure! Actual Word Count: 437

By the third suspect Chloe knows something is wrong. Lucifer looks exhausted even though they’ve done nothing more strenuous than sitting and interviewing the persons of interest.

“What is it that you truly want?” he asks. The girl’s eyes go distant, like all the rest, before suddenly snapping to attention. 

“Hey, are you okay?”

“What?” Lucifer asks. Chloe leans forward to look at him and blood has dripped from his nose, dark scarlet dribbling down his mouth. He wipes at it, stares at the red smear on his hand in some kind of shock. “Actually, I…I don’t feel very well.”

Chloe doesn’t even have time to be concerned about how his voice has slipped into his natural accent because she’s jolting forward to catch him as his eyes roll up in his head and he passes out.

“Is she okay? Oh my god.” The suspect is standing up, concerned and Chloe has an armful of completely limp Lucifer.