you’ve DEFINITELY heard of changlix, there’s no doubt the same for minsung, and maybe you’ve even heard of jilix

… but today, my doods, allow me to introduce you to minbin. you’re welcome.

To celebrate Brendon Urie coming out as pan I wanted to make a piece of my emo heroes! 

Brendon reminded me that three of the most important people in my life growing up both in general and in my coming out process where him, Billie Joe Armstrong of Green day and Gerard Way of MCR. All of them are queer and their presence and music made me feel safe and important. So thanks my emo/punk parents for being there for me then and still being there out and proud for me now!  

Brendon Urie- Pansexual 

Billie Joe Armstrong- Bisexual (coming clean is THE coming out bop) 

Gerard Way- Has spoken about not fitting into the gender binary many times

enjolras? a put-together individual??? i doubt it