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acmf character intro: tora assai

— “you’re gonna need a bigger ship,” tora said, muscles flexing as she pulled the rope harder. there was a crease in her brow and a glint in her eye. duama wondered if it was anger at the empire or at herself for accepting this foolish quest for freedom. either way, a crooked grin was spreading on the pirate’s full lips. “ships.”

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I was going to compile a list of relatable quotes from Dragon Age companions but i got hung up on Sera who is the most relatable

  • (Locate a shard while looking through an Ocularum) I don’t want to touch anything a skull lit up. Skulls don’t say “here’s a good thing”.
  • (Crestwood) We should drag the nobs in Val Royeaux out here. See how they do.
  • (Emerald Graves - near waterfall) There could be stuff behind the falls. That’d be clever.
  • (Emerald Graves - spreading ashes during Last Wishes) Phnngghhaa… Pleh. Phfftt. Got… in… hnnng… my… it’s in my mouth.
  • (Emprise du Lion) Where are we again? So I don’t come back?
  • (Exalted Plains - find Valorin during Someone to Lose) What was there? Because that’s blood and magic and that’s not good.
  • (Exalted Plains - Crow Fens)
  • Sera: Stupid mud and water and something brushed against my leg.
  • Solas: (Chuckles.)
  • Sera: Shut it, I’m right, it’s wrong and horrible!
  • (Forbidden Oasis) I have sand… in places.
  • (Hissing Wastes) Wow, that’s… so much nowhere.
  • (Hissing Wastes) Sand is dirt that’s bad at it.
  • (Storm Coast - see the High dragon and giant fighting) (Laughs.) Wow. We can watch, yeah?

Bonus: Sera and all her friends making fun of Solas

  • (Frostback Basin) 
  • Sera: The veil is wobbly here.
  • Dorian: Perhaps a bit warbly instead?
  • Cassandra: Certainly not! It’s much more squeaky.
  • Iron Bull: I was going with spicy.
  • Blackwall: You sure it isn’t wiggly?
  • Varric: I’d say more wonky, myself.
  • Sera: What? Let me check. Sensing. Sense-y. Definitely wobbly.
  • Solas: (sighs)

also yeah that was a good episode but i am and forever will be bitter about how they’ve completely condemned lila to be an ‘evil’ character when a. she’s a child and b. they’re only doing this b/c chloé’s been somewhat redeemed

not to mention literally the first five minutes of the episode were mari losing her mind over lila lying and shit but THEN SHE FUCKIN LIES TO HER WHOLE CLASS WHICH WILL PROBABLY NEVER BE ADDRESSED LIKE WHAT THE FUCK

deadass just had a panic attack about my spanish assignment so instead of skipping it like last week I dressed up as my oc to cope bc ANNABETH COULD DO THIS!!! ANNABETH DOESN’T GIVE A SHIT!!!! updates to come on whether it actually works but i feel a bit better already

Yesterday’s University Visit…

It was a very long day!! Both of us having periods and me with extreme hunger/Anxiety!!!

We got the train and thanks to the prep work I did with my psychologist I did ok. Extreme hunger hit on the train, flippin typical!! 1 x triple chocolate shortcake, a chocolate bar, chocolate filled croissant, ½ my bag of (Steph Marie) mix & a red bull later….Hmm hormonal much!!! When we got there, I had a venti Frappuccino 🙃 We had to get a bus to the university. It was super busy & noisy, literally my worst nightmare but with ‘G’ by my side we got to the campus.

We signed in and basically just looked around and explored. We went to a lecture on studying abroad as my daughter would love to do this. We didn’t go to the education talk as ‘G’ had been to the talk with a friend. We took a tour of the accommodation, they were lovely rooms with en-suite. And a really nice kitchen/dining area.

The campus is huge, a lot of concrete but clean and friendly. We visited the sports centre, which my daughter was really excited about as she wants to take up yoga and they have a rock climbing wall (something I really want to do but know I have to keep eating/gaining strength to do, as right now it’s just too dangerous. So that gave me a massive recovery push!!)

We had both been snacking on and off but it was 2.30pm and we both needed a proper meal. So my daughter was ‘let’s get the bus to the centre/shopping arcades?’ Que inside meltdown I was already up to my quota of being brave but I put my emergency big girl pants on and off we went. We ended up in a food court eating KFC, it was incredibly anxiety provoking but seeing the happiness on my daughters face was so worth it. Especially when she told me how proud she was of me and ‘isn’t this great, we’re eating together for the first time since Christmas Day’.

We had to get back to the station but went via the American Sweet Shop, where I brought ‘Reece’s mix bag’ my reward & a bag of mini ‘Reece’s peanut butter cups’ for ‘G’. And then to Krispy Kreme and brought donuts 🍩 yum 😍

Then it was another bus ride, back on the train and then finally home. We were both knackered but I did it! I had 10mg of diazepam alongside my KFC!! But ‘G’ had a lovely time & so did I and best of all I survived!!

What makes my girl amazing to me is her character and her heart. Her kindness and her selflessness. She is willing to give her all to others as best as she knows how through Jesus and there’s nothing you need to ask of her, because she knows God’s made her to be all she needs to be for Him. And your honor as her man is simply having the privilege of witnessing her shine.

one (1) whole girl holding a pumpkin
this is my newest daughter sigili (yeah i named her that on purpose) and shes. a witch. and. shes…. good.
happy fall yall


Take Your Kid To Work Day!

Elin spent the day at Anoki’s office (Noelle usually paints at home, so Anoki’s office was the better choice). As the owner of the Bachelor Bears, Anoki is very involved with the franchise and works tirelessly to maintain the team’s winning culture. However today was all about Elin! She mostly just met the team’s managers, coaches and players and toured the facilities. She did however have a chance to play against a couple of the Bears in the gym; Uncle Vince was of course on her team! Overall, Elin had a fun day at the office!

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Well, hello there! This is Sydney Moore, and today is the day that Slim finds out he has a daughter. 

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gay apocalypse daughters + kissing their gfs