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the emotions of hozier’s new ep

nina cried power: standing hand-and-hand with other marchers at your first protest, waking up in the middle of the night and feeling completely alive, looking into a mirror and wholeheartedly loving yourself

nfwmb: laying with your head on your girlfriend’s lap as she pets your hair in front of a fireplace, cheering your s.o. on as they take over the world, wearing black eyeliner and red lipstick and making out

moment’s silence (common tongue): finally kissing somebody you’ve wanted to kiss for years, hearing high heels clack on a marble floor, feeling warm hands around your own

shrike: being held so tight you can barely breath but never wanting them to let go, turning into the driveway of someone you’ve been missing, the feeling of nails down your back


Pix! A race of Small humanoids from the Feywild that exist sparingly in my campaign and could exist everywhere in yours! I love small player characters and I think that there is a lot of roleplay ability for a race of fairy like creatures. I also wanted to make a race that more adequately fit into being a Bard, because I feel that so few of them do.

Anyway, there you have it! Also, I will be making a Ko-Fi soon and anybody who wants to can send me some money for the work I put into these homebrews. The content will never be behind a pay wall, because I do this for fun and because I love it, but some extra cash never hurt anyone. 

As always feel free to use in your game and for your setting and if you do, and feel like it, let me know how you like it and how it goes!

I am so upset. Bitty you are such a fucking unreliable narrator. Have you seen Annie’s???? How the fuck did you never mentioned it is also a bookshop. HOW BITTY? Have you any idea the possibilities this raises.

No wonder he never suspected anything when Jack jumped over snow banks to invite him over. He assumed Jack was excited to go check out the new book arrivals, which to be fair Jack was.

Do they have authors coming to book sign? How many times has Nursey hid in the bathroom to hide how not chill he is after getting his poetry book signed????

How many poor baristas have had to deal with an influx of students pouring in because the hockey bros are at the library?

How many books about sharks have Chowder bought on impulse? The answer is all of them.

How often has Bitty leafed through a baking book and almost accidentally walked out nose deep while talking to himself about the recipe, often enough Jack opened him a tab. He’s the only one with a tab.