Money is a little tight right now for us leading up to AUSA next month, so I am opening art commissions for Fall 2018 to help us along for the big trip!

Prices are as follows:

  • •b&w/limited: $30
  • •color: $35
  • •add. character: +$5
  • •b&w/limited: $40
  • •color: $45
  • •add. character: +$10

“Limited” refers to a monochromatic scheme or one color used for light/emphasis (examples above). .

Payment is accepted via PayPal and Venmo. Payment is due at time of agreement. DM me to request!

Any questions, just ask! I’m very thankful for all of your support on my art thus far, and I am excited to be opening this up officially.




-I will do fan art and OC’s.             -I will not do anything NSFW or gory.
-Please provide references/visuals if possible and a good description so I have a good idea of what you want me to draw.
-Payments will be made through paypal. Once everything has been discussed I will send you an invoice. I will only start working on the commission when I have been paid.
-email me at olivia_joy@hotmail.co.uk
-I will be doing 3 slots at a time
If for whatever reason I can refuse to do a commission
Additional info:
If you do decide to commission me for a traditional drawing then you can have it posted to you, however this will mean extra charges. Postal charges completely depend on where you’re from. (this is optional)

reblogs are appreciated thank you


Finally breaking out of my art block with a Monster!Gabe design I got commissioned to work on. I had a lot of artistic freedom with this so it was a pleasure, but caused some serious cramping on my ‘I NEED TO DO THIS RIGHT!!’ muscle. But I finally worked out my flaws, repainted, and loved the final result. The commissioner did too!

Plus, tis the season now, right?? Gotta love that Falltime Monster!Gabe.