my cockles fic au


*I will write this fic (other Destiel or Cockles) when I’m done with a few others, but for now here’s an excerpt from my head (I already have the name too)*


An almost inaudible knock on the door and his bedtime prayers were effortlessly disrupted. Not that he had been fervently praying; his mind had been wandering to forbidden places. Places where God turned his face from him and he took a juicy apple from a vibrant green serpent. He rose to his feet and fixed his habit; the collar an acid imbued hangman’s noose reminding him of his duties.

When he opened the door his breath caught in his throat; was God testing him?

“What are you doing here so late Father Dean (Jensen)?”

“Can I come in Father Castiel (Misha)? I need to talk to you.”

He hesitated a moment, but then stepped aside. “Of course, please come in.”

Once the door was closed Castiel (Misha) found himself against the door’s cool wood, Father Winchester’s (Ackles’) burning body pressed against his equally flaming one, almost rutting against his crotch. A chocked groan wrenched free from his throat and his eyes shut close with surprise, whilst his hands fought to coil around sinful hips undulating intemperate. The quiet moans and whines parting pretty plump lips were digging deep inside his body, dulling his senses and tempting his manhood.

“Castiel, Cas (Misha, Mish) mmm, so good,” such cries should repel him, should make him push this demon away from him, but he couldn’t—no, it wasn’t that— he didn’t want to do it.

The heavenly lord help him, because if the devil was in the form of this gorgeous man he couldn’t deny him. Yet his bows resonated deafening inside his mind.

“Stop, Father Dean (Jensen), please stop. This is wrong, a sin; the devil has taken a hold of your soul. Come back to your senses.” It was a desperate plea, more to himself than to the man driving him mad with passion.

A dark chuckle and then, ‘You speak of the devil possessing me, when I know you feel like me, you are like me. I haven’t missed the lust ridden look veiling your eyes as they rake my body from head to toe. I have noticed how you gasp every time I bent down to pick up something. You want me; you want to do impure things to me ‘Cas’ (Mish). I want you to do indecent things to me. Let’s dirty each other.“

Lucifer was speaking through father Dean (Jensen), saying everything he wanted to hear, everything he has dreamt about since arriving to this church and meeting this green-eyed temptress.

‘Cas’ (Mish), that nickname sounded holy and devilish rolling from that wicked tongue. What would become of him if he succumbs to this desire? And the worse part was that it wasn’t just carnal thoughts that harrowed him; it was something more profound. And it terrified him; it shook his very soul. Because he wasn’t supposed to love anyone else more than God.

That’s just a little tease, thoughts?

What do you prefer, Cockles or Destiel for this fic?

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