Let me just talk about Javi (er) Fernández

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This beautiful man right here has just made history yoi by winning the first Olympic medal in figure skating for Spain. 

But let me just talk some more because we don’t deserve this man.

Spain does not have an ice-skating tradition, and therefore it’s very difficult to train (and for figure skating figures to appear). So, yeah, basically dreamer against all odds

Picture it, a Spanish boy which wants to skate (WhAt?!), family must be like: okay, just a few years and the kid will forget. 

How about NO

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Damn the boy is good, but if he  wants to get better he has to go somewhere else because we don't have ice ranks here.

He goes to freaking Canada and spends most of his life there, which you would imagine, is awfully hard because, hello? family and friends maybe 12h away???

In fact in an interview he said“Es un deporte que desgasta mucho físicamente y en mi caso también el estar fuera de casa y alejado de los míos es un aspecto que con el paso de los años hay que tener en cuenta”

“(Ice-skating) is a sport which wears you away physically, and in my case, being far from home and away from my family is an aspect which -with the years- should be taken into account too” 

(I love him please send him home)

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Also, he’s almost 27, which as many of you know is ‘old’ for figure skating as the damage their bodies suffer is so brutal that someone in their twenties is considered old.

This is one of the reasons as to why he was so eager to win the medal, because, unlike other skaters, it may be his last chance to do so

(look at my boy, aggressively spanish) 

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It’s not his first time at the Olympics, in 2014 he was left at the doors of the podium (4th place) because he failed a triple Salchow, which he has said has been in his conscience ever since.

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And last but not least, you know this boy  angel   my son right?

Double Gold medal, Yuzuru Hanyu 

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Well, Yuzuru and Javi train together in Canada and have become best friends (Javi calls Yuzuru his skating wife)  

Javier has said the following:

“With Yuzu, we are everything, we are friends, we are teammates, at some point we have to be rivals. (…) When we are on the ice we are competing against each other but when the competition is done, we are friends again and we work together again.”

In fact, Yuzuru said this after having won:

“Without Javi I wouldn’t have gone to Canada, I wouldn’t have been able to endure the hardships of training either”


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(If you want to see more about this bromance http://time.com/5162460/olympics-2018-yuzuru-hanyu-javier-fernandez-bromance/ ))


I’m so grateful and thankful for everything SHINee has done for us and shared with us. They could have left us in the dark but instead, they took our hands and lead us back into the light. They let us grieve with them and they let us heal with them. I’m so proud to be apart of SHINee World and I will love these five shining stars until the day I die.

I miss my boys so much 😭😭😭

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