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Full disclosure I’m still loopey from being sedated for a root canal, but What The Ever Loving F*ck?!? *sorry* The only thing getting me through today is the Valium and the possible chance that they just had a fight and are trying to make each other jealous by out stupiding each other. 😡

Welcome to the Evanstan fanfic! Grab some popcorn and just let it wash over you lol

If it’s any consolation I really do believe Chris and Lily is a work thing and there’s nothing romantic going on there. But the timing is…well, interesting to say the least. Yesterday we were all “well thank god Chris would never!” and yet here we are, again surprised by the clusterfuck that is 2020.

Maybe it’s a good thing you’re still a little sedated! ;)



Timothée Chalamet at the Haider Ackermann show as part of the Paris Fashion Week

Alphinaud has grown on me due to the fact that he’s such a hustler? 

Like, I respect it so much? Running around in his stupid ice skating boots in all Eorzea and Ishgard, hustling to meet new powerful people, gather alliances, giving out business cards with ‘Crystal commander Leveilleur’ written on it. The boy’s a full on enterpreneur 



Timothée Chalamet at the Little Women world premiere

Justin vs. BTS

I see all the comments and reblogs on this video and y'all are really killing me 😂
and I shake my phone at the end of the video bc I waS SHOOK AND I ended up screaming and I thought I’d save ur poor ears from that