my boy is growing up so fast

  • Tony: Peter's at a school dance.
  • Steve: ..?
  • Tony: With a date.
  • Sam: My boy!
  • Natasha: They grow up so fast.
  • Tony: *tearing up* I know.
  • Bucky: It feels like just yesterday he caught my metal arm.
  • Clint: *cries in the corner*

The assassins through my eyes

Bayek: Pure, trustworthy, honest. Will take care of your dog if you go out on vacation. Does nice things out of the goodness of his heart.

Altair: Sly and conniving eagle. Has good intentions but sometimes fucks it up but its okay bc we love him dearly. Malik keeps him happy and makes sure he relaxes once in a while.

Ezio: Flirtatious womanizer who’s looks could save all of Italy. Can’t climb trees but we don’t talk about that. Every man and woman has their eyes on that great ass but he’s only focused on a certain blonde painter.

Connor: An actual giant. Probably gives great hugs if you can get within 2 feet of him without getting stabbed. Forever asking the question of the century (“WHERE IS CHARLES LEE”). Definitely has a heart of gold.

Edward: A grown adult child. Drinking, killing and getting booty (ass and treasure) is 99% of the reason he’s a pirate. A VERY fun person and doesnt give a flying fuck.

Arno: oui oui croissant. The most handsome boy i have ever seen in my life. Had to grow up too fast :“) but the glo up was perfect 👌🏽.

Desmond: The most perfect person in the entire world. Sacrificed so much and all he wanted was a normal life. He still here somewhere i’ll never stop looking.

Jacob frye: the rOOKS. A walking catastrophe and the trouble maker of the group. Somehow can get away with everything he does bc he is a sly boi

Evie Frye: The Mom friend. Complains about having to look after Jacob but will kill anyone who even thinks about hurting him. Her and Henry are a precious couple.


hum hallelujah // fall out boy



anonymous asked:

Heyyyy welcome back to tumblr, can u write something about reddie? Literally anything, my days kinda sad

Aw no, I hope your day gets better! Here, have the most ridiculous idea I could think of:

  • So you know those lame Home Ec classes? Where you get a robot babydoll and you have to take care of it for a week to simulate parent hood?
  • Yeah
  • Eddie is absent that day they get the assignment, so guess who he gets stuck with, AKA the only kid in class who didn’t get a partner because everyone wants to actually PASS?
  • I’ll give you a hint
  • Richie kicks down Eddie’s front door, the baby’s head sticking out of his backpack
  • “HONEY I’M HOMO! Come meet your son!”
  • The baby is screaming
  • So is Eddie
  • Eddie snatches it from Richie, convinced that he’s going to be a single father for the next week
  • “What’s its name?”
  • “Eddie 2, because he has your eyes!”
  • “You’re a fucking moron.”
  • “EDWARD, please! Don’t use that kind of language around our son!!”
  • Eddie has an existential crisis in the middle of his kitchen because he’s holding a baby while the trashmouth is telling him not to swear
  • Trying to astral project himself back in time to punch Past Eddie in the face for missing class for a Doctor’s appointment 
  • But as it turns out, Richie is all in on this assignment
  • He macgyvers a way to turn his hoodie into a sling so he can do his homework without leaving the baby alone
  • They take turns with who gets the baby during the school day, and Richie thinks its the sweetest damn thing that Eddie keeps sending him texts asking how things are going
  • “Little E2 is great!”
  • “That’s not his name
  • It is his name, Richie already made a fake birth certificate and got a Doctor’s signature (Dr. B Hascom, MD) 
  • He gets extra credit for it too
  • They spend the weekend together, needing to write a paper about the assignment anyway
  • Richie accidentally falls asleep on the couch with the baby cradled to his chest, and Eddie just stares for a while before taking a picture so he can have the image forever
  • But then the baby starts crying, waking Richie up with a groan
  • “Eddie, I decided…I can’t handle being a teen dad. We should have used protection.”
  • Anddddd the soft moment is over just the like that
  • Eddie snatches away the baby from a smirking Richie, regretting every life choice all over again
  • He has the baby in one arm while he makes breakfast the next morning, and Richie teases him for talking to the baby like he’s real
  • “Let me bond with my son, Richie.”
  • Eddie and Richie fight over who has to get up in the middle of the night when the baby starts crying at 2 am, resulting in them both getting pillows to the face
  • “Ugh, et tu, E2? I can’t deal with TWO people trying to get my attention!”
  • “You’re a nerd Richie.”
  • They’re actually really sad when they have to give the baby back, and Richie makes a big show of pretending to cry
  • “They grow up so fast! Our little boy! Can you believe it Eds?”
  • Eddie rolls his eyes, but he can’t help but grin at seeing Richie act so responsible and soft for the last week
  • “No, I can’t believe it at all”

*feel free to add on!*