Mono: The Album with the Truest Truth

I get nervous about posting sometimes cause I always have a hard time translating my thoughts to words. But I’m going to try my best to speak with my heart and say what I want to say and not what I need to say.

Mono has given me a lot of emotions to feel.

I’m confused, sometimes his lyrics make sense and sometimes they don’t. I try my best to understand it, but at the end of the day, I think we just have to go by our own interpretation of things. I was not just confused about the lyrics, but I was confused because I kept thinking, is this really happening right now?

Because I’ve never experienced such truth, such raw emotion from an album. The last time that happened was LY: Answer. But this feels like a continuation of Answer, a raw honest dark and a little hopeful continuation of Answer, but through the mind of RM.

I am shocked on how much depth and how much truth comes out of his album. It’s depressing but it’s real. It’s shocking how relatable it is. I’m scared of how real his words were. It terrifies me. Because these words are what we think and feel and maybe want to avoid but voicing them out loud is a whole different story because we realize, I realize, how real they are. It hurts but it makes sense

Life is not easy. We all know that. We all suffer, some more than others. But we are all the same, and Kim Namjoon is no different.

Namjoon became my bias for a variety of reasons, but one of the biggest reasons was due to his words. The way he was able to connect with people, to let people know they matter, that they have a voice, that he cared about our voice, and that we are important.

His words are showcased beautifully in his album not just because of how raw, emotional, scary, dark, crazy they are, but because they are relatable AF.

Don’t tell me you don’t want people to care about you. Don’t tell me you never felt like it’s hard to go on. Don’t tell me that you never wanted that emotional boost from someone. Don’t tell me that you’ve never felt good about yourself (even if it’s not often). Don’t tell me you never hated or loved the place you live. Don’t tell me you never struggled with being yourself. Don’t tell me you never dealt with trying to find yourself. Don’t tell me your still not trying to find yourself.

Kim Namjoon has voiced every hard truth into this album and it’s so heartbreakingly good that someone can relate to us and voice our struggles with us, and still manage to tell us, that it’s gonna be hard but it’s slowly slowly going to be manageable and maybe one day okay.

I’m still shocked after listening to the album. I don’t know when the shock will wear off, if it will wear off. What I do know is that Kim Namjoon is our angel. His voice and his thoughts can help guide us to understanding our darkness and helping us find our light in this world.

Thank you Kim Namjoon for sharing this raw darkness with us. Thank you for sharing your deepest thoughts, your twisted of minds (mine is twisted as well), and most importantly your love, your truth, and yourself. Because sharing that can help me and many ARMYs understand our truths and ourselves.

I love you.

  • My bias: *exists*