Alright you sons of bitches. Strap in.

NV did have a (lover)master. His name is Radon. As the character sheet describes, he is an exiled sun deity from the Andromeda Galaxy. This guy ate his own kind due to his insatiable gluttony and asinine attempts to become the most powerful god. In his youth, he was obsessed with chasing power. An actual SOCIOPATH.

Anyways, the higher ups looked at him, looked at their desecrated planets and the damage he’s created, and exiled him to our galaxy, the Milky Way. Now, this bitch calmed down SIGNIFICANTLY because he has an Acquired Taste™ for his own kind’s ‘blood and flesh’, so he’s very harmless in this smaller galaxy. The bloodthirst never goes away though, and he’s always scheming to go back and gobble up Andromeda. 

He’s built quite the reputation in the few millions of years he was floating around and developed a sort of cult following. He was worshipped and was the spearhead to various planetary developments. Does this excuse the mass genocide and all the families he’s killed/devoured? No. But we can appreciate a God making good use of his time. 

Despite many organisms throwing themselves at his feet, he never really took on a ‘servant’ or ‘apprentice’. At least, that’s until he was guided to one of the largest intergalactic trafficking rings in the galaxy, and he sees NV all chained up and being auctioned to the highest bidder. Radon was actually undercover and was going to shut down the operation, but our Sunny Cannibal did save NV first before having a large sector of the black market get shut down. 

Indebted, NV becomes his servant and learns as much as he can from Radon. 

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Any more random facts about Auralius?

Random fact #1: Auralius can and has sat on the kitchen counter at 3:00am and eaten a whole string cheese one giant bite at a time.

Random fact #2: He hates wearing clothes. He finds that they restrict his quirk as well as restricting movement. He would do everything nude if it didn’t get him arrested.

Random fact #3: On average he spends anywhere between 5-18 hours sunbathing.

Random fact #4: Auralius is hard of hearing in his left ear. He and his friends were goofing around one night back home in Ireland and one of them set off a firework right by his ear.

Random fact #5: Sweet dumb boy that he is, Auralius gets a ton of love confessions from girls and boys but he never actually realizes that they are love confessions. He just thinks people in Japan are super friendly.

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Todd, max and mikey with s/o who draws on themselves whenever theyre upset?

Here you go!!! Sorry this is short


Max Thompson Jr. | The Hillbilly:

  • The first time Max sees the drawings and patterns on your body, he’s mesmerized by them! He’s never seen anything quite like it before, and unless you tell him not to, he’s going to be staring at them every chance he gets.
  • Once he finds out why you draw on yourself, though, he feels a bit differently. While he’s glad you chose that as a coping mechanism, he can’t help but worry whenever he sees new drawings on your body. Max can actually, surprisingly, be incredibly empathetic when it comes to you; the thought of you struggling and being upset hurts his heart. 
  • If you let him, Max would love to watch you draw on yourself. Not only does he find the “art” pretty, but knowing that you trust him enough to let him in on something so personal means a lot to him. 
  • In rough, shaky words he’d ask if you could come to him whenever you felt upset, too. He’s more than fine with you drawing on yourself, of course! but at the same time, he wants to be there for you and help you. 

Michael Myers:

  • The tilt of his head as he pointed to your recently inked skin gave away his confusion - you had forgotten that in the several months of your relationship, Michael had never actually seen your arms.
  • You couldn’t help but feel a bit embarrassed; in the past you’ve been laughed at - asked with a subtle jeer why you felt the need to draw on yourself. While you’d never heard Michael laugh (or really make any noise at all), you couldn’t help but worry that he may react in a similar way. 
  • He doesn’t, though. While it’s next to impossible to tell what Michael is thinking, you know him well enough to read his body language to see that he isn’t judging your choice of coping mechanism. As long as you’re alright and not hurting yourself, Michael is fine with whatever you chose to do. 
  • A gentle brush of his hand against your forearm, your thigh, wherever you draw, is his way of asking if you’re doing alright. Whenever he felt particularly affectionate, if you two were cuddling you’d be able to catch him lightly running his fingers over any of the drawings on your skin; he much prefers you drawing on yourself rather than harming yourself. 


  • Todd’s a bit confused when he first sees you drawing on yourself; his hand coming to his forehead then down to sign “why?”. Drawing on yourself whenever you were upset had become almost like a second nature to you, so it took you a second to realize what he was asking.
  • Once he understands, though, by all means - keep it up. Whenever he finds you drawing on yourself, Todd will secretly watch from over your shoulder as you carry on. He finds himself debating if he should check on you or if he should just let you carry on, seeing that you seem perfectly content. 
  • By no means is Todd good at properly communicating, so don’t be surprised or upset if you suddenly find him gripping your arm, especially if any new drawings were gracing your body. He’s terrible at expressing concern and approaching people, so his sudden hand around your wrist and his eyes locked onto your own is his weird way of trying to get you to talk to him.
  • All in all, Todd’s content with you drawing on yourself when you’re upset - he’d rather something as harmless as that be your go-to for coping with stress and emotions than anything else.