Sudden Pegasus

Context: We’re all new players and we pretty much failed at keeping a group of bandits from robbing a carriage. Our mage is stuck straddled between the backs of the two horses that pulled it and are coming up to a log in the middle of the road. The DM rolls a 2 for one horse and a Nat 20 for the other.

DM: Okay the horse on the left completely wipes out on the log, but the other clears it. Roll for dexterity to determine which horse you end up on.

Mage (OOC): 14 So I stay on the Right one.

Me/Rogue (OOC): Wait a minute, a Nat 20? That’s like if it just sprouted wings and becomes a pegasus or something.

DM: *pauses* Sure okay I’ll roll for it. If I get exactly a 12 on this d20, it’s a Pegasus.

All: Wait, WHAT?

DM: *rolls* …. Okay so the horse leaps majestically into the air where the sunlight glistens off it’s pure white wings. 

Can’t remember exactly how it went, but the Mage managed to navigate the Pegasus to the ground without killing either of them.

Me/Rogue (OOC): Okay we need to keep him. Anyone have any skill in Animal Handling?

Party (OOC): Nope.

Me/Rogue (OOC): Damn. Is the Pegasus intelligent enough for Persuasion?

DM: I mean, I guess?

Me/Rogue (Terrible at thinking on the fly): Okay buddy, you got a choice. You can just fly around purposelessly all day OR you can have this carrot I have. And you’ll get another carrot each day you stay with us. AND if you’re good I’ll throw in a sugar cube each week.

Me/Rogue (OOC): Okay I roll an 18

DM: Well somehow that worked. The Pegasus, majestic mythologicial being is swayed by the promise of a simple carrot and sugar cube. What do you name h-

Paladin (OOC): CHESTER

Mage (OOC): Oh yes! We should get him sunglasses at the next town!

Me/Rogue (OOC): Sunglasses? Really?

Mage (OOC): What? Protection against bright lights!

The Fitz in the Framework realizing he’s in the Framework and needs to get to Real!Jemma gif:

And then one day…it’s like he’s seeing a life he never knew he wanted. She’s real, he feels her presence in every fiber of his being. It doesn’t matter that he hardly knows her, deep in his bones, as if it’s ready to burst out of him, he knows that Jemma Simmons is real and that she’s out there, looking for him…fighting for him.

And goddammit, he’s going to fight for her too.

Because some things are inevitable.

(Based off of this wonderful post - thanks @fitzsimmmonsy​​ & @0hcicero​​ for the original bits that inspired this)

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My internet went out trying to post this and that was a journey

So @tinkerinks bought this lad off of me as well, and hes an archaeologist/excavator in Egypt, which unfortunately got him roped into things he really shouldn’t have messed with…

anonymous asked:

why are you always hating on agent carter, despite not having a lot of poc shes still the best written woman in marvel, she's the most three dimensional mcu character, the avengers exist bc of her, steve is cap bc of her, also if you like gabe jones and jason so much why would you want them to be second fiddle to the love of peggy's life, steve was her soulmate, no one knows steve better than her, shes the most important person in his life; doesnt matter cause she's coming back anyway

look at this dickhead

i hate her show, not her, the two are not one in the same. i actually really love peggy but since you wanna eat a dick today, i’ll have to drag the both of you

“she’s still the best written woman in marvel” 

Originally posted by kylos

“she’s the most three dimensional mcu character” no, she’s probably the most consistent, but steve has her beat in the three-dimensional department. as do most other characters

“the avengers exist bc of her” uh…. director fury but okay

“steve is cap bc of her” uh… dr. erskine but okay

“the love of peggy’s life” we don’t know that he was for sure lmao

“soulmate” girl, i guess

“no one knows steve better than her” tbh no one really “knows” steve, idek if steve knows steve, poor thing

“she’s the most important person in his life” in the forties? he’s frozen. in the 2010s? she’s dead

“she’s coming back” ZOMBIE PEGGY???

anyway honey, when you’re done exploring every inch of peggy’s asshole, please, do feel free to return