8.5" x 5.5" Perfect bound, full color, 60 pages 
PLUS ULTRA! Bundle includes additional 4 random prints (4x6″) + 5 button set

SUN FOR ALL ☼ is a charity BNHA (My Hero Academia) fanzine featuring the teachers and students of U.A. High and their summertime activities! From class outings to summer jobs to camping out at the beach, take a look at what our young heroes have been up to under the sun ☼

All proceeds after printing & shipping will be donated to Association to Benefit Children towards their Camp Calvin program ( 

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Featuring 54 artists:

20pi | Abigail Bullock | alex p. perkins | Alice Lo | Allyson Gonzalez | Andrew Kim | Angela Hsieh | Aquacrown | Breanne (Pue) | Bronzeyolk | Christina Qi | Christopher Marks | CJ (feastevil) | Claire Vitus | Cosu | Courtney Brendle | Cynthia Yuan Cheng | Danika Catchpole | Donald Kirby (dkirbyj) | DOXOlove | Droseattack | Ellen Shi | endspire | Esther Lui | Eve/Lou H. | fishuu | flare | fuchi | Ham Firouzan | Hanromi | Isa Enriquez | Jennifer Bouché | Junehwa | Jununy | Kelly Lawrence | Kiwifie | laughingbear | Leiana Nitura | Myra | Nancy/roisale | Nay | Noxmoony | ocean | Olivia F | Pixie! | Pizzazlemanda | prince | rollround | S Tindaan | six | Sleepy | tako | Tea | Vincent

My gift for @kalikatze

As a way to thank people who have contributed to my gofundme, I entered their names into a random sorter to win a drawing of their choice.  The request this time was Emperor Hux with a submissive Kylo.

I have a little bit farther to go to reach my funding goal, so I am offering a second drawing.  Anyone who donates now will be entered to win it.

Thank you to everyone for your support!

45/100 days of productivity + SAT 9.24.16 // 3:48pm

theme of the week: claude monet. september artist (4/4);;;; finishing off this month’s artist theme with monet’s pretty color palletes +++ got evaluated on taking vitals last week;;; will be evaluated on intraoral and extraoral exams + chair set-up and clean-up next week! work those gloves  ಥ⌣ಥ

anonymous asked:

i reaaally hope chloe gets a redemption arc, because the level of evil her character is at right now is really one-dimensional and honestly more cliche and overdone than anything else in the show :/ ml can pull off the other adorable tropes, but not this onea

I hope so too!  I really want Chloe to be more than just a troublemaker for the sake of being a troublemaker! 

(This was my first time doodling Chloe; it was surprisingly fun!)