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Since requests are open again could you please draw summer rose hugging her daughters ruby and yang who are all grown up and telling them how proud she is that they grew up so beautifully and all that mushy stuff. I also wanted to say I love your art it's very nice.

I hope we learn what clothes Summer wore because I want to draw her so bad but all I know is white cape

There are some questions my friend ask for me and I try to translate>< sorry my English is not very well!!!m- -m

Do Faith know the existence of creator?
I don’t want to set a “me” to create Faith, I am tend to be a recorder of Faith, so Faith know me but I am not a creator but a partner. And he know other creators, because sometimes creators are also the people who Faith will contact.

Will Faith die when he be attacked?

Faith’s body will be smashed to petals when he accidently be hit, but his soul is made up by dark, the strong conscious makes his soul be shine, if Faith keep the strong conscious, he will recover very fast. It is to say that if Faith lost his meaning of existence, he may disappear.

Faith don’t have any feel when he in the state of false death, how does he wake up?
The time will depend on how strong the dark he solves before he sleep.

Where does Faith sleep?
The original place, the waste pile (old sofa or the big Teddy bear at the background)
But sometimes he is too tired will also casually lays down.

Do Faith have some special attack or way to defense?
Besides the attacks I mention before, I still not draw the fourth capability of Faith- He can transport the dark to other people(He use this rarely). And I don’t set any way to defense for Faith, although he can’t teleport but he has absolute concentration. And there is an important point that Faith only against the dark of mind, so if the people or other creatures want to attack him, he will be very harassed.    

Does Faith know the existence of Sans and other AUs?
Yes he know, there also a part of his soul is the dark of Sans, and Faith can receive not only us but also the messages from any characters (also animals’

Can he get to other AUs?
Basically, he gets into the world of other’s mind. That is everyone’s conscious.

Only Faith can see the butterfly?
No, everyone can see the butterflies, but to others, they will think those are butterflies, to Faith, those are messages, Faith doesn’t think those are butterflies.

Will Faith feel tired?
Yes, he will, sometimes he will face to someone who always can’t overcome their dark, Faith will keep on prevent the dark from swallow they, he will pep talk to they while attacking, Faith will not press others to brace up quickly, he know that take time so he will just do his best. Faith’s help will also be changed from the outside condition, Faith will not success every time, he may fail too, he may cry and be into the state of false death, and when he wakes next time, he will wish to be more well.


what program app I use:
Autodesk Sketchbook

what type of phone I have:
I have an “LG Stylus 2”

How I draw on my phone:
I sometimes use the one to draw when coloring but most of the times when I have to do lines and shading I do my fingers.

How can I draw on my phone:
well it all started off when I had a tablet and really wanted to draw on digital. I didn’t have a tablet(ex: samsung tablet) that had a stylus, so I bought a stylus with the ball tip and started digital. the first app I bought to draw digital was “Autodesk Sketchbook”. at first once u get the app. it doesn’t have good art tool paints u can use to draw. but then after some time I bought the pro tools that was “5$”, which gives twice as much tools and paints to be able to draw such as changing your tool size and etc. sometimes my stylus pens would break so I would draw good, so I would try to draw with my fingers and after some time I started to adapt being able to draw with my fingers, and its kind off easier when drawing lines and outlines, and shading.
, and after some time later I broke my tablet, so I had to use my normal “htc” phone I had back then, it was a bit broken but after some time later I also broke that one , so now I have this phone “LG Stylus 2” because my mom knew that I wanted a stylus phone for awhile so i would be able to draw better. and thats what I have now, so I use my stylus pens sometimes and mostly my fingers to draw most of the things that are in this blog.

Do I use my phone to draw:
yes. :33

-so there’s your awnser, now u know I draw on my phone. and what app program I use and how I draw.

hope this helps for any of u that wants to draw on phones.