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Wanna watch something about depression and suicide so you can relate, but don’t want to watch something that glorifies suicide like 13 Reasons Why?

I suggest In The Flesh! It’s on netflix (last I checked, it may be gone now), it’s super easy to look up episodes to watch free online, and has two seasons with a total of 9 episodes.

“This drama centers on teenage zombie Kieren Walker, who returns home after his death in 2009 to a less-than-warm welcome. He’s part of a zombie group that has been reanimated and treated for PDS (Partially Deceased Syndrome), but the zombie-hating Human Volunteer Force, which is backed by local churchman Vicar Oddie, is adamant in its stance against rotters despite the government’s agenda of acceptance and tolerance. Kieren must confront the community that rejected him and deal with haunting flashbacks of what he did in his untreated state.”

The show handles mental illness, suicide, and queerness wonderfully. The zombie ‘sickness’ is used as a metaphor for mental illness and queerness, but the show also explicitly deals with both those issues. I first watched it four years ago and I still remember a heartbreaking scene between Kieren and his Dad.

The plot is wonderfully done, the effects are incredible, and it handles difficult topics without glorifying suicide or condemning Kieren as evil or cruel for his actions. For a show about zombies it feels incredibly real and down to earth.

So yeah, if you want to watch a show about mental illness and suicide I highly recommend In The Flesh instead of 13 Reasons Why Suicide Fixes Your Life.

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Day 12 is definitely my favorite one so far !!

His name is Sherlie, a lonely little undead boy that practices necromancy and wields his modified gravestone as deadly weapon (as well as sharpened bones). He lives in an enormous graveyard and makes sure all the flowers don’t die and is basically it’s guardian and caretaker.

He unintentionally scares away anyone that sees him, and believes hes doomed to be alone forever unless he can bring himself from undeath :c


Tron (1982)

FEED - Page 2


Synopsis: FEED features a troublesome trio who don’t get along so well. As the three travel to find a place to stay longer than a single night, they soon realize someone is following them, stealing their supplies, and tainting any safe path which makes them turn on one another. They aim to figure out the problem, which reveals a much bigger surprise than they “signed up for”.

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