my zine collection

Illustration for the cover of my upcoming zine, Specimens, Collections and Curiosities II. It’s like a sequel to my first zine, but it has more witchy things! I’ll have them in my shop at the end of the month, AND I’ll have them at my table at MoCCA in NYC on April 1 and 2nd. It’ll be my first time back in the city so please come say hi!

as you know I’m taking an indefinite break from my writing activities and i was scrolling through twitter when i found this thread that reflects on how zine culture is growing to become something borderline unhealthy (as in making smaller creators feel unwelcome). the author also made it available to read on google docs in case that’s better for you.

if you are a small artist or author like myself i strongly recommend reading it, this really helped me see beyond the “i didn’t get accepted because i’m not good enough at what i do”.

l.s. | UNSENT LETTERS: to our younger selves © 2017

i want to tell you you’ve always been beautiful but you’d think it’s a lie and i’m you so a part of me thinks it’s a lie too.

i want to tell you you’re strong, and at least this i can half believe, spin a spider’s web, echoes in the silk of a girl who laid down the knife.

i want to tell you that you’re still young, there’s still time. that the sun always rises and even when it has to set the stars will be waiting-

-but i know you better than you know me and better than anyone i know there is little i could tell you that we’d both believe.

so i won’t tell you you’re young- you’d scoff and roll your eyes, assume i’m just another grown up who thinks they know better. i won’t tell you you’re strong because i know that our strength grew and the you that is you and not yet me might only carry the seed, still just kindling to be coaxed. i won’t tell you you’re beautiful but i hope ten years down the line there’s another us who knows better. maybe she’ll write us both a letter.

instead, i’ll tell you i love you because even if you don’t believe it it’s still true and i know you need to hear it because i do too. i love you.

one day you’ll learn to love you too.


so i finally finished that persona 4 wip i posted like way back in dec… for the persona zine which is? on hiatus right now? but as soon as the organization gets going again, i’m gonna post another preview!

thanks all for being patient with me even though i don’t draw that much cries;; i know my art is boring but i’m trying my hand at more bgs and painting these days – gotta work hard and push myself!! ><)9


AHH my @furyozine arrived safely in the mail today!! It is so beautiful, the book itself is gorgeous, and all of the illustrations are a joy to gaze upon, it was absolutely worth the wait for this gem. And I adore the bonus postcard! 😄😊 THANK YOU SO MUCH for everyone on the furyozine team and the participating artists for all your hard work producing such an awesome project! 💖 I’m going to spend all night flipping through it! 📖 (after I grease up my pomp first…✨)


I wanted to take pictures, because this is the first time I have participated in a zine and it made me so happy!! Thank you for making me participate in this zine! I do not know how you found me, and I’m not a great artist, but I did my best. I realized that I could do some things and I beat this battle with my anxiety this time. This zine motivated me and encouraged, it was a very beautiful experience! Thank you very much @otayuriwczine!!


Selfie of your cute self, a little memo about your cute self, and something Noragami related you want to show/talk about! Tag #noragami selfie 2

HI I WAS TAGGED BY @yatorihell and @paperypiper FOR THIS LOVELY THING! 

This isn’t all my Noragami stuff (most are keychains I have strung on various objects + posters/prints I have around the room) but here’s the Noragami Zine and my manga collection and a gorgeous kazubisha charm by the amazing @seisugi! Also a Hiyori my brother brought me back from Japan. :D

I tag: @tamar-kir-bataar, @shadownightes, @yukineyyy, @sunflower-yukine, @cynfuldarling, and anyone else who’d like to do it! <3

On today’s episode of “If Rae could write Symmrat fanfic worth a damn”

A small Overwatch mission in Paris wraps up well after the midnight hours and is one of the first times the team can take a breather before going back to Gibraltar. On their way back to the rendezvous, Junkrat notices that Symmetra is distracted by some signage near one of the country’s many museums. He learns that shes a huge art nerd and one of her favorite artists had an exhibition that wrapped up earlier that day. This was the last time the art would be on exhibition to the public and after tonight, will be put away to a private collection for good.

Amused and amazed by her passion for art and through a FAIR amount of coaxing, Junkrat convinces her to let him take her on a mini break-in of the museum in order to see the art before its shipped off (”For the third time, love, I ain’t gonna pocket anything! Promise! Won’t even harm a hair on anyone’s head”).

After a exhausting yet thrilling night of close-calls with guards and being able to take a quiet moment to enjoy some of the museum’s sights, Symmetra comments on how impressed she is that Junkrat can be subtle when he wants to be. She offers to return the favor somehow, someway, if they keep this little detour field trip a secret.

Meanwhile Junkrat waves it off, citing that seeing her be so passionate and feisty for things as well as showing a bit of recklessness was a treat itself, much to her chagrin.


Today’s International Zine Month ‘challenge’ was to take a photo of yourself either with your zine, or your zine collection. I couldn’t decide which one to do, so I did both.

top photo: (part of) my zine collection. Far left: zine-related books. Next to that: Some of my favorite zines. (Featured: zines I’ve recently received that I haven’t had a chance to read yet.) To the right of the doll: zines and books I have published in the past 15 years, as well as other zines/mags/papers that I have contributed to or that have reviewed my zines. (Featured: Lost & found & ten years down, from 2009, which I have recently realized is probably the best zine I have ever done/will ever do.) Not pictured: zines I made prior to 1999, and the rest of my zine collection - those are all in boxes in my basement.

bottom photo: me, with Reckless Chants #20, the most recent zine I’ve published.

Thirty-Six Snapshots, by Kat Case.

Even more than Doris, even more than any other zine ever, this one could have been written by me and I wish it was. I have read it over and over and underlined so many passages and dogeared every other page. For a while, Kat Case had a column in Maximum Rocknroll, but that’s been a while, too, and I’ve tried and tried to find new stuff of hers since then and I’ve come up short. I just - this zine still says most things I’ve ever wanted to say, but better than (I think) I could ever say them.

The only thing I don’t agree with - upon rereading it now - is the anti-childrearing thing. I could go on a rant about this, but I’ll try to say it briefly: look, I know having and raising children isn’t for everyone. And I get that some of the whole feminist/activist/queer/punk pushback against having kids is because mainstream society tries to tell us that everyone (especially every woman) should want kids and if we don’t there’s something wrong with us. But the pushback has gone too far the other way, and I think it’s really shitty that people with kids are sort of pushed out of punk and activist circles, and that a lot of punx and activists and what-have-you automatically give the side-eye to anyone who actively chooses to have children. There was a time in my life when I said I didn’t ever want to have children, but what I really meant was “I don’t want to be like my parents,” and that is a whole different thing.

Okay, that’s over with. Other than the anti-child-having things in this zine, it all still rings true. Being a fucked-up punk rock queer girl who drinks too much? Being bitter but still romanticizing fucking everything, even the most fucked up things? Yes, and yes.

(More Kat Case on my blog: I went out last night… Joey Ramone is dead… I feel so far outside of most people’s gender norms…)